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[Untraceable Abduction]

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: Jul 11 (Mon) – Jul 15 (Fri)
1 Diamond would be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!


★ 2nd Event: Ultimate Stage “Legend of the Slender Figure”

Time: Jul 15 (Fri) 22:00 – Jul 17 (Sun) 23:59
A myth has been spread recently, would Summoner be dared to verify it?


★ 3rd Event: Source of Victory

Time: Jul 16 (Sat)
Log in on the day to receive Stamina Refill x 1!
*Important: the Stamina Refill must be used by 23:59 of the day.


★ 4th Event: Special Event “Scholars’ Support”

Time: Jul 11 (Mon) – Jul 17 (Sun)
*Summoner will receive a random “Craft Core” of 1★ or 2★ after completing the last battle! Chances of receiving a 2★ “Craft Core” have also been increased!


★ 5th Event: Black Hole Stage Special Event “Gate to the Aperture – Baby Harpy”

Time: Jul 11 (Mon) – Jul 17 (Sun)
Time for a hunt! The Stage is only opened for a limited time with guaranteed drop of “Baby Harpy”!


★ 6th Event: Occurrence of “Arcane Luster”

Time: Jul 16 (Sat) – Jul 17 (Sun)
During the event period, “Arcane Lustre” will raid in and increase to 100% drop rate in “Days of Souls”.
* This Event is not applicable to the final battle of “Days of Souls”.


★ 7th Event: Increased Item Drop Rate in “Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom”

Time: Jul 11 (Mon) – Jul 17 (Sun)
During the event, the item drop rate in all stages of “Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom” will be increased.


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