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[Tower of Saviors Version 12.2 “Richman Visiting the Realms” Abnormal Game Setting and Compensation Announcement] ( 2016 / 8 / 9 )

The known issues after completing “Tower of Saviors” Version 12.2 mandatory update on Aug 8 (Mon) at 19:00, UTC+8 are as follows:

– Abnormal display occurs when choosing to draw 10 cards in “Friend Point Seal”.
– New function “Collect All” did not work normally on Aug 8 evening, the problem has already been fixed on Aug 9 at 18:30.
– Abnormal setting of Seasoned Stock-player – Madam Chyan’s Leader Skill.
– Abnormal setting of Esthetician of Nakedness – Louis’ Amelioration II Enemy Skill, the problem has already been fixed on Aug 8 at 20:00.
– When using “Host of Hsihe Sword – Hsuan Hsiao” to challenge the Advanced or Extra Stage of “After the Legendary Treasure – Water”, the Enemy Skill of “Ruler of Frigid Zones – Leif” will cause Hsuan Hsiao’s Active Skill “Sky-penetrating Sword” appear abnormal.
– Wrong description of Wings of Galaxies – Metatron’s Active Skill: When 2 or more rows of Runestones are dissolved, Team Attack should be x 2.5 instead of x 2.

To compensate for the mandatory update and the impact on Summoners, all Summoners can receive Diamond x 1 when logging in to the game during Aug 10 (Wed) – Aug 15 (Mon). We apologize for the inconvenience caused and greatly appreciate your patience.

(The compensation is only applicable to Summoners of TOS English version who have reached Level 10 or above before Aug 15, 23:59)


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