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[TOS Version 12.28 for iOS Mandatory Update Announcement] ( 2016 / 9 / 2 )

“Tower of Saviors” Version 12.28 for iOS has been released! To ensure smooth function of game, Summoners are advised to download the latest version and update the game immediately.

Download “Tower of Saviors” Version 12.28 for iOS –

**The mandatory update will be held on Sept 5 (Mon) at 16:00, UTC+8. Update details are as follows:
(To prevent any loss of game accounts or data, Summoners must leave all battles and log out of the game before Sept 5 (Mon) at 16:00, UTC+8.)

Fixed issues in Version 12.28 for iOS:
– Freeze problem when using “Major Gods of Babylon” as Leader and launch the Active Skill “Boundary Breaking” of “Power Release Protagonists”
– Beelzebub’s and Lady of Flies – Beelzebub’s Active Skill “Magical Stage – Beam” + Mastema’s and Heart of Wiliness – Mastema’s Active Skill “Magical Stage – Gloom” may appear abnormal (Not dropping the correct type of Runestones).


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