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TOS Version 12.36 for Android Update Announcement ( 2016 / 9 / 23 )

Download “Tower of Saviors” Version 12.27 for Android –

“Tower of Saviors” Version 12.36 for Android has been released! To ensure smooth function of game, Summoners are advised to download the latest version and update the game immediately.

Fixed issues in Version 12.36 for Android:
– Abnormal display “Dark Devil the Inferno Counsellor”’s Active Skill “Nexus of Polarity”: When the Active Skill is activated, dispaly error appears when moving Runestones in the bottom left corner and bottom right corner.
– The Leader Skill of “Protector with Godly Hound – Suzuko”: ‘After entering a Stage, Active Skill CDs of all Monsters -5′ is disabled when using “Protector with Godly Hound – Suzuko” as Ally.
– Abnormal display after entering “Battle Preparation” in “League Match”. To solve this problem, Summoners need to enter any Room in “Casual Match” , go back to the page of “Multiplayer Mode’ and then re-enter the “League Match”

Tower of Saviors Version 12.35 for iOS will be launched soon. Please refer to TOS Official Facebook Fan Page and Official Website for latest information.


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