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Version 12.36 for Android: Abnormal display of Dragonary Crafts ( 2016 / 9 / 23 )

It has been found that in Version 12.36 for Android, when activating Dragonary Crafts (Pattern of Connection/Seal of Transposition/Spell of Destruction/Amulet of Reflection)in the first battle(including unfinished battles after restoring the game), abnormal display of Runestones will occur. This issue will be fixed in a later version.

To avoid the abnormal display, Summoners are advised not to activate Dragonary Crafts until the second battle.

Besides, there will be compensation later on. For more information about compensation, please visit our official website.

The team sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused and thanks all Summenors for your patience and support.


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