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Recording Function Tutorial

When you finally reached Boss Battle of the 9th Seal and wanted to record the moment you defeat Khaos, but you realised there was no application that could help…. Don’t worry! In the latest version of Tower of Saviours, the in-game recording function will help you record every historic moment! How to use this function? Simply follow the following steps and your fight will be remembered!


Let’s start!


(1) Enter the game and click the top-right corner “Gear” to enter “Others”

(2) Scroll down and click “Recording”

(3) Make sure the device has sufficient storage space to store the video.
Click “Start Recording” when you are ready!

(4) As some devices do not support the Recording function, which may
result in the application quitting unexpectedly, please ensure that
the device you are using is capable. Click “Confirm” to continue.

(5) The system will remind you the maximum recording duration based on
the detected storage space. Click “Confirm” to start the recording. Once started,
there will be a red light blinking at the top right corner. Time to battle!

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(6) When you have finished the recording, simply click
the “Gear” -> “Recording” and you will see the button “Stop Recording”.

(7) No more content to include? Click “Confirm” stop recording.

(8) One more “Confirm” and the video recording is officially ended.

(9) Once recording is finished, you can review the video
and do some basic editings. You can also upload the video to
different platforms by clicking “Share” at the top right corner.

(10) You can choose the platform, including everyplay, Youtube, Twitter
and Facebook, that you would like to use. Please be reminded that
an everyplay account and logging in is required for uploading the video to the platform.

(11) Apart from uploading the video to different websites,
Summoners with Android devices can also choose to save the video
in your device! (Please note that Save Video function is only available on
Android system; currently it is not available for iOS system!)
To do so, simply click “Save Video”.

(12) After clicking the “Save Video” button,
click “Confirm” and the video is ready!

(13) The location of the video will be shown after it is saved.
Follow the instruction and you will be able to locate your own video!

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(14) To view the video, you can follow the following steps to reach it! First, click “My Files”.

(15) Afterwards, click “All Files”.

(16) Finally, click “Download”.

(17) Here you go! In this folder you will be able to locate your own video!

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Hope you all find this article useful and helpful! Record more videos and share your moment playing Tower of Saviors with us! Let us learn more about you and your game playing experience!


**Something important to be noted
NOT ALL devices will support the Recording function. Unexpected game quitting could be experienced if the device cannot support the function.
Only one video can be stored in game. Recording a new video will result in the loss of the previous video. Please ensure that you have shared or saved the precious video that you have recorded before recording a new one!