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Details on Coliseum Event “The Bloodied Deadwood”

★ 2nd Event: Coliseum Event “The Bloodied Deadwood”
Time: Nov 7 (Mon) – Nov 20 (Sun)
The open of “Coliseum” is going to bring you brand new challenges and prizes! Summoners, ready for battles!

“Tower of Savior” Coliseum will open soon! Create “A Docile Slaughterer” Mission Stage in Coliseum to get Ticket points and use it to trade amazing prizes!

“Rewards Trading” details:


Required Ticket points

Rewards limits

Human Swallower – Peryton the Traveler x 1


No limit

Harpy x 1



Dagger Wielder x 1



Baby Harpy x 1


5 times

Arcane Luster x 1


10 times

Lucky Wheel

Randomly get one of the below Monsters:
Harpy x 1
Gleaming Cyan Carp x 1
Pumpkin Trio x 1
Rhinobeetle Samurai x 1
Dagger Wielder x 1
Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder x 1
Baby Harpy x 1
Prime Millennium Soulstone x 1 (Random Attribute)
Arcane Luster x 1
Essence Hunter x 1


No limit

1. Create Mission using “New” button. Once entered the stage, 30 Stamina will be consumed.
2. Time Limit for battle is 5 minutes. If Summoner close the game app in the middle of a Mission, the timer will still continue counting. If Summoner return to Mission after Time Limit ended, system will count you as completed the Stage and enters result page.
3. Stage created in this Event has no Battle wave limit, Summoners can keep challenging new wave within the Time Limit, the Monsters you encounter will get stronger as well.
4. With enough Ticket points, Summoners can trade for prizes in “Rewards” page.
5. When the Event ends, Ticket points that hasn’t been used will reset at 23:59 on Nov 27, it will not be keep for the next Coliseum Event. Summoners please make sure you’ve used your points to trade for prizes before 23:59 of Nov 27 (Sun).


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