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Celebration Events “The Moment of Life and Death”

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: Dec 26 (Mon) – Dec 30 (Fri)
1 Diamond would be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!


★ 2nd Event: Special Event “Maze of the General”

Time: Dec 26 (Mon) – Jan 15 (Sun)
The path to success is definitely a tough one. Suffer, pain, desperation, these are those you must experience before reaching the end. Are you ready for this challenge? Breakthrough the deadlock and reach the top of the Tower!


Event Details:
1. A total of 31 Stages will be available under this Event. Summoners can proceed to next stage by completing the current stage.
2. There are Race Constraint that specific races cannot be included in the team for some Stages.
3. Rewards will be awarded to Summoners who successfully completed the following Levels.
– Stage 5 – Millennium Soulstone x 2 (Random Attribute)
– Stage 10 – “Luna of Starry Blessings” Outfit
– Stage 15 – Baby Harpy x 3 & The Stone Inscripter x 1
– Stage 20 – Madhead x 1, Black Key x 20
– Stage 26 – Gleaming Cyan Carp x 1 (Lv MAX)
– Stage 27 – Pumpkin x 1 (Lv MAX)
– Stage 28 – TrioRhinobeetle Samurai x 1 (Lv MAX)
– Stage 29 – Dagger Wielder x 1 (Lv MAX)
– Stage 30 – Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder x 1 (Lv MAX)
– Stage 31 – Harpy x 1, the Title “Ruler of All Under Heaven” & Diamond x 5


★ 3rd Event: Nightmare Stage “The Gnawer of Yggdrasil”

Time: Dec 30 (Fri) 22:00 – Jan 1 (Sun) 23:59
It’s hatred and anger that made the return seems like the end of the world. Unlock the secrets of the Undying Dragon of Poison, and its stratagem.


* The Power Release element “Ancient Wood of Resentment” for “Nidhogg, Undying Dragon of Poison” can be obtained in the stage “The Gnawer of Yggdrasil”.


★ 4th Event: Source of Victory

Time: Dec 31 (Sat) – Jan 1 (Sun)
Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x 1!


* Important:
Log in on Dec 31 (Sat) or Jan 1 (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Community” → “Reward”
The Stamina Refill must be used by 23:59 Jan 1 (Sun).


★ 5th Event: New Stages Available for the Lost Relic Permit Registry

Time: Start from Jan 1 (Sun)
Brand new Stages Purchase System is now available! All the stages available this time are valuable and will be a nice bonus to you! Check out the latest available stages!


Stages include:
“LR Pass – The Adventure of Komainus”
“LR Pass – The Seduction of Sprites”
“LR Pass – Distorted Immortality”
“LR Pass – Trial in the Wonderland”


★ 6th Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event “Determine the Draw”

Time: Dec 30 (Fri)
The time has come for you to summon the strongest warriors! A much higher chance for you to summon “Guan Yu”, “Cao Cao” and “Lü Bu” from “Heroes of the Empires” on this day! Get ready and welcome them!


★ 7th Event: Week of Gold

Time: Dec 26 (Mon) – Dec 31 (Sat)
Stage “Day of Gold” will be available from Monday to Saturday! If you are running out of coins for exchanging Power Release materials or getting ready to purchase some LR-Passes, it is definitely the best time for you to collect some coins!