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Tower of Saviors 4th Anniversary Thanks-Giving Rewards Details

★ 3rd Event: Tower of Saviors 4th Anniversary Thanks-Giving Rewards Details
Time: Jan 27 (Fri)

Log in on Jan 27 (Fri), which is Tower of Saviors’ birthday, and share our joy and gratefulness! The details of the Rewards are as follows.

1. 5 Diamonds

2. 1 Million Coins

3. Stamina Refill x1

4. Special Card Draw Opportunity x1 (The Monster drawn here will be a new Monster that has never been owned by Summoner)

1. The award will only be distributed to Summoners who are at least LV 10 by Jan 27 23:59.
2. Summoner’s Index will be used to determine which monster can be summoned from this Opportunity.
3. If Summoner has collected all Cards, Summoner will be awarded a random monster.
4. The Card Pool of the Special Card Draw Opportunity is different from the normal Diamond Seal.
5. The event will not be affected by other Diamond Seal Card Draw Event.
6. The Card Pool of the Special Card Draw Opportunity includes the following Series

Chinese Gods Norse Gods Investiture of the Gods Crimson Grace Fallen Halos
Origin of Demons Valkyries of Divine Wine Fairytales Untold 12 Zodiacs (Chapter 1) Imperial Warlords
Greek Gods Descendants of the North Druids of Nature 12 Zodiacs (Chapter 2) Ethereal Dragons
Prime Greek Gods Companions of Mystical Beasts Minds of the Fray Dragons from Sepulchre Keepers of Worlds
Major Gods of Babylon Egyptian Gods Immortal Heroes Cyborg Scholars Hyakki Yagyō – Curse
Revolutionary Heroes The Witches Servant of Dragons Toy Pixies