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Details of "Novice’s Package"

A new offer is now available! Get the starter pack and make your Norse God ready for battle!
After Version 13.2 is launched, Summoners can purchase the package at the price of HKD 38! This event can only be purchased once but it will never expire!
The package includes the following items:
– Giallar the Hornist x2
– Prime Millennium Soulstones x2 for each Attribute (A total of 10)
– Inventory x5
– Friend Limit x5
– 1 Million Coins
– 1000 Souls
1. Purchasing this Package can trigger the Purchase Reward “Buy 6 Get 1 Draw”, which costs the same.
2. All the rewards must be claimed within 30 days. Expired items cannot be redeemed and we will not provide any compensation.


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