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Details of Special Event “21 Millions Celebration”

★ 1st Event: Log in Reward – 1000 Souls

Time: May 22 (Mon), May 23 (Tue)
Log in on May 22 (Mon) to collect Souls x1000.


★ 2nd Event: Log in Reward – “Wheel of Fortune” Card Draw Opportunity x1

Log in on May 23 (Tue) to collect “Wheel of Fortune” Card Draw Opportunity x1 and the Active Skill level of this character must be LV. 7.


★ 3rd Event: Special Mission “Bounties on Crafts Challenges”

Time: May 22 (Mon) – May 28 (Sun)
For the first time attaining the specific Score using the required Dragon Craft within the event period, you will receive delightful rewards for your success! The special stage, “Bounties on Crafts Challenges”, will also be available for you to complete the challenge swiftly and grab the rewards right away!


Dragon Craft Challenge Types:
“Spell of Destruction“
“Seal of Transposition”
”Opal of Shadowfall”


The rewards are as follows:
10,000 Score or above – “Souls” x100
15,000 Score or above – Baby Harpies x2
18,000 Score – Random Card from “Plump Precious Beasts” (including Gleaming Cyan Carp / Pumpkin Trio / Rhinobeetle Samurai / Dagger Wielder / Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder) x 1 (Level Max)


1. To claim the rewards, Summoner must challenge a Stage which consumes Stamina and use the required Dragon Craft. Please note that challenging the Joint Operation will not be able to participate in the event.
2. The Score will be counted only when you completed the stage. If Summoners failed to complete or quit in the middle of a challenge, the point will not be counted.
3. Summoners can collect the Stage Clearance Rewards in “Community” → “Reward” after re-logging into the game.