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New Arena Event "Compete for the Art Book!"

Time:Jul 24 (Mon) 1200 (GMT +8) to Jul 31 (Mon) 1159 (GMT +8)


Arena is well-known for the variety of resources and materials available! This week, there is a chance for you to claim the new Version of Tower of Saviors Art Book! Compete for the Specific Rank and bring yourself a new Art Book that will be available in late August!
There will be no Boosted Monsters in this week! Show your technique and get yourself a memory!


1. Arena Rank will be calculated on Jul 31 at 1200 (GMT +8). For those who reach Specific Rank as stated below by Calculation Time, a new Tower of Saviors Art Book will be awarded.


Details of Reward Arrangement

Specific Rank

Summoners in Rank 1 to 10

Summoners in Rank 11 , 22 , 33 , 44 , 55 , 66 , 77 , 88 , 99

Summoners in Rank 111 , 222 , 333 , 444 , 555 , 666 , 777 , 888 , 999

Lucky Draw

Summoners in Rank 127、702


2. If Summoners’ Rank are the same at the Calculation Time, Summoner whose Summoner Level is higher will receive the Reward.
3. Awardees will be contacted through Inbox.
4. The list of Awardees will be announced later.
5. Reward will be distributed in late August. Awardees will be contacted by that time.
6. Only Summoners who have challenged Arena are eligible for the Event.
7. Please contact our Customer Service Representative shall you have any questions regarding this Event
8. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Madhead App Limited shall be final.
9. In case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms, the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail.

Last Update on Jul 23 1400 (GMT +8)