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Patch Note – Tower of Saviors 14.2 “The Blooming Kaleidoscope”

Tower of Saviors 14.2 “The Blooming Kaleidoscope”

1. Newly Added Monsters

– 38 new Monsters and various new skills are added. Now there are 1598 Monsters in total.
– Seal Card Drawing Machine “Garden of Thorns” is available for a limited time. “Garden of Thorns” will include 8 new Characters from “Elfish Perennials”

2. Brand new “Soul Exchange” has arrived

– The new shop “Soul Exchange“ is now open in the Trade Fortress! Rare Monsters and Outfits will be available! The first batch of products include “Lotus Pond Heroine – Tefnut”.

3. Amelioration for “The King of Fighters”

– Amelioration is now available for “The King of Fighters”. Their stats will receive a nice boost as well as their core gameplay! The boost will be especially strong for “Kyo”, “Mai”, and “Iori”!

4. Optimized UI and Gameplay experience

– 11 new Achievements
– Optimized “Diamond Seal” UI
– Optimized Trade Fortress and added new products
– Optimized the scoring formula of “Opal of Shadowfall”
– Optimized certain Attack Effects


Fixed Issues in Tower of Saviors Version 14.2 for Android

– The Active Skill of “Defying Gravity – Shermie” does not work as intended. Attacks the enemies receive do not increase the Team Attack even when the Mark is in play.
– Activating “Switching” against the Boss of the Biweekly Stage “Final Impact – Yashiro Nanakase” will reduce the Boss’s CD from 2 to 1.
– The Team Skills that alter the Monsters’ Attributes will be disabled when any Members activate combination.
– The Active Skill of “Nocturnal Brilliance ‧ Shakuro” will be reset when activating “Switching”.
– The slideshow banners are blackened and cannot be viewed.
– Completing a Bi-weekly Stage between the hours of 00:00 – 00:30 (GMT+8) will not be recorded in “Personal Mission Records”.
– Runestone display errors after activating “Boundary Breaking” and “Genetic Instinct of Flames – K´” in the same Round
– The Skill of “Ice Doll of Freeze – Kula Diamond” has a chance to freeze “Uncontrollable” enemies.


Fixed Issues in Tower of Saviors Version 14.2 for iOS

– Some Amelioration effects of the King of Fighters series currently affect Human race as well.
– In Arena, sometimes the game ends without the Revive option even though BPs have not been depleted.
-The Active Skill of “The Will of Gaea – Orochi” occasionally affects the Runestone generating ability of the Leader Skills of “Mai”, “Kyo”, and “Iori”.
– Display error in “Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale”’s Active Skill icon
– The Active Skill of “Cassandra” may not function properly against the enemy “Oichi the Lunar Curse” in the Stage “Interrupted Scheme”.


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