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Introduction of Battle Scene Properties

Introduction of Battle Scene Properties


Name of Boss Skill / Property Symbol Effect
Lock-for-Recovery Runestones If any Lock-for-Recovery Runestone remains, the enemy recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round.
Masked Runestones The Summoner cannot see the Runestones clearly.
Electrified Runestones If any Electrified Runestone is touched, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately; if any Electrified Runestone is not dissolved, no Damage could be dealt to the enemy that Round.
Weathered Runestones If any Weathered Runestone is touched, Runestone movement
Frozen Runestones If any Frozen Runestone remains, it cannot be dissolved in the next 3 Rounds.
Explosive Runestones If any Explosive Runestone remains, it will explode; Summoner’s HP will be deducted (no HP will be deducted if the enemy is defeated).
Stickiness By touching a sticky position, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately.
Petrified Runestones A layer of a Petrified Runestone can be unpetrified by dissolving any one of the four Runestones adjacent to it while moving Runestones (only one layer can be unpetrified in the first batch of Runestones dissolved).
Weakened Runestones Team Attack decreases for each Weakened Runestone dissolved (triggering Dragonic Compulsion will be regarded as dissolving all present Weakened Runestones).
Burning Every time when a burned position is touched, Summoner’s HP will be deducted.
Destined Beginning & End Attack and Recovery can only be triggered when Summoner starts moving Runestones from the specific position (green vortex) and ends at the specific position (red vortex).  (No Recovery can be triggered before fulfilling the condition).
Metasphere Runestones passing through the Metasphere will be changed into Runestones of that specific type.

Introduction of Battle Scene Properties


Name of Boss Skill / Property Symbol Effect
Mist The mist hinders Summoner’s sight.
Vines If any Runestone twined in vines remains, no Recovery can be triggered that Round.
Protective Bubbles If all Runestones in bubbles are dissolved, the Team can dodge all attacks of enemies in the Round.
Hellfire When a position burned with Hellfire is touched, Summoner will be defeated immediately (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills).