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Tower of Saviors" 15.0 Version Updates on "Imperial Warlords II"

Tower of Saviors” 15.0 Version Updates on “Imperial Warlords II”


1. New Monsters

– 48 new Monsters and various new Skills, a total of 1690 Monsters available.
– New Limited Seal “Imperial Heroes”, including 8 Monsters of the “Imperial Warlords II” series.

2. Virtual Rebirth of “Greek Gods”

— Virtual Rebirth (VR) of “Greek Gods” is available. Summoner can use 3 “Giallar the Hornist” & 2 Evolve Materials, or choose any “Greek Gods” Monster with the same Attribute (not including those “Greek Gods” Monsters which have already conducted Virtual Rebirth) to proceed the VR, so as to obtain the new form and stronger power.

3. Debut of New Race “Machina”

– “Machina” debuts! Some of the existing Monsters will be added into “Machina”! Summoner can activate the unique characteristic of Machina – “Fuel” by using two or more Machina members in your team. Dissolving Runestones of Monster’s Attribute or Heart Runestones in battles can increase the Fuel of Machina. The higher the Fuel, the higher the Monster’s Attack. Upon the version update, Monsters who will be added into Machina include:
Metallic Rhincodon
Advanced Metallic Rhincodon
Mutant Metallic Rhincodon
Metallic Lion
Advanced Metallic Lion
Berserk Metallic Lion
Metallic Rhinoceros
Advanced Metallic Rhinoceros
Savage Metallic Rhinoceros
Metallic Wolf
Advanced Metallic Wolf
Armored Metallic Wolf
Metallic Leopard
Advanced Metallic Leopard
Predatory Metallic Leopard
Automated Fort – Stirling
Arms of Cinnabar – Lionel
Katana of Augite – Lionel
Dagger of Sphene – Lionel

4. Optimization of Regalia of the 8th Seal

– For the convenience of Summoners, “Regalia” which can open the second round of the stages of the 8th Seal will be dropped randomly every day (including Sat and Sun) instead of specific “Regalia” dropped on Mon to Fri. Each of the “Regalia” can only be collected 1 piece per day.

5. Optimisation of the User Interface and the Game

– 19 new Titles
– LR Pass Display Optimization
– Optimization of Enemy Skills Description
– Increase of Guild Level maximum to 20 and new feature of Emblem added
– Use of Diamond to change the Guild Name is available
– Display Optimization of “Material Redemption Coupon”
– Upward adjustment to the ability of “Celestial Master – Tongtian Jiaozhu”
Last Updated on 2018/01/22 at 20:30PM(UTC+8)


“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.0/15.01 Version Fixed Issue

– Re-login in the middle of any battle in Void of the Realm leads to game crash upon completion of a stage
– Logging in after installation or game update may result in in-game display error. Users are required to re-login the game to solve this issue
– Background music does not work as intended during Friend Point Seal
– Levelling up Guild pops up the box of “Insufficient Diamonds”
– When opening the story of “Qinglong the Prime King”, Summoner cannot scroll down to view the content
– Some Skills cannot trigger the Leader Skill of “Azazel”, “Abadon” and “Samael” (5, 6 & 7 star)
– For the “Damage received x 1.5” of the Active Skill of “Earth Clutcher – Cactus”, the effect will be influenced by enemies’ fixed damages
– In the same battle, activating the Active Skill of “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” twice or more may result in the same dropping pattern of runestones as the first time you activated, instead of randomly dropping
– There may occur abnormal description regarding the monster combination of “Immortal Heroic Spirits” series
– Under the effect of Active Skills with “unlimited movement of Runestones without dissolving”, if there is no Runestone being dissolved in the first batch, activating “X shape” explosion of the Active Skill of “Maya the Calendar Creator” will be considered as finishing the current round
– Enemies with the Skill of “Each Round while Summoner is moving Runestones, X random Runestone will be weathered” may result in receiving an extra attack after touching the Weathered Runestone(s)
– For “2.5% of Damage dealt to the enemies by Dragons will be converted to HP Recovery” of the Active Skill of “Desire of Erosion – Arwassa”, the maximum HP recovery is only 50%
– Summoner can still attack the enemies who revived after defeated by the Dark damages dealt by the Team Skill of “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth”
– When there is 00:01 left in the stage of Joint Operation or Coliseum, activating any Active Skills with unlimited movement without dissolving may result in being unable to move Runestones and Time Over
– In the floor “Apparition’s Judgement”, the display of Runestones number disappeared under the effect of the Active Skill of “Wings of Galaxies – Metatron” regarding “if 15 or more Runestones of its Weakness Attribute are dissolved cumulatively”
– Summoner can still move the Runestones after activating the Team Skill of “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” to deal Dark damages to the enemies
– In the case of a team with non-water member(s), the “recovery” effect of the Leader Skill of “Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis” can still be activated
– The Active Skill of “Copper Bullet the Bounty Hunter” can still be activated when HP is 1
– Members who possess the Team Skill of converting attributes can enter attribute-limited stages by converting into other attributes
– When enemies who have the feature of “living on each other” revive, touching a Runestone will be considered as ending one round
– The Team Skill of “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” has an error in extending Runestone-moving time
– The Active Skill of “Fox of Myriad Forms – Inari” still turns all Runestones into Beast Runestones when there is a Heart Runestone on screen
– After using “The Rising Dragonic Fist – Sie Kensou” to release the locked skills of your members, skills of non-Water members still remained locked when completing the round

 Last Updated on 2018/01/22 at 20:30PM(UTC+8)

“Tower of Saviors” Android 15.01 Version Fixed Issue

– There may occur screen error when double clicking back button in card details
– In Dragonary Crafts, clicking Details and returning with back button does not close the description box

 Last Updated on 2018/01/22 at 20:30PM(UTC+8)

“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.0/15.01 Version Known Issue

– After defeating enemies with “Quintet Element Shield”, its icon may stay in the next round
– The Skill Level of “Lionel” in the preview of Evolve is displayed as 1
– The Active Skill Icon of “Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale” has an error in display
– When members’ skills are locked after the invisible enemy attacks, releasing the locked skills may result in game crash
– When using “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” to enter any stage which blocks Heart Runestones, activating the Active Skill “Extensive Elimination” may result in game crash

 Last Updated on 2018/01/22 at 20:30PM(UTC+8)


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