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“Rakshasa” & “Tang Sanzang” Returns with 5 New “Sindhu” Characters! Chinese New Year Guild Mission “Grace of the Deities” Is Coming Soon!


With “TOS” version 15.0 entering the 4th week, New Characters in “Sindhu” series will be available soon!  The return of “Princess Iron Fan – Rakshasa” & “Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang” is limited, so don’t miss it! The Dragonware of Chinese Gods can be forged to boost its power. Tying in with Chinese New Year, let’s greet “Blessings of the Deities – Fu Lu Shou” and accomplish the Guild Mission “Grace of the Deities” to get some goodies!



● Limited Return of “Rakshasa” & “Tang Sanzang” with New “Sindhu” Characters!





“A Journey to Tianzhu”: 15 Feb (Thur) 11:00 – 21 Feb (Wed) 23:59


7-Star Limited “Princess Iron Fan – Rakshasa” & “Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang” will be back to the Realm from 15 Feb (Thur) 11:00 to 21 Feb (Wed) 23:59. Summoner can draw a Diamond Seal during the event period of “A Journey to Tianzhu” and have an opportunity to obtain these 7-star Mythical Black-gold cards. 



● One or more 6-Star “Sindhu” Characters for every “10-Seal Card Draw”



Drawing Diamond Seal can obtain the Outfit of Tang Sanzang” & Rakshasa” during the event period!

 * You can still get 6-star “Sindhu” Characters through Diamond Seal upon the conclusion of the event


Apart from the popular “Tang Sanzang” and “Rakshasa”, “Sha Seng”, “Zhu Bajie” and 3 other  “Sindhu” Characters will show up too.  For every “10-Seal Card Draw” through Diamond Seal during the event “A Journey to Tianzhu”, Summoner can definitely get 1 or more 6-star  “Sindhu” Characters!


● Story Mode of “The Summit of Tianzhu” Rolls Out

      Skills of New “Sindhu” Characters Reveal!



New “Sindhu” Characters will meet you in the story mode “The Summit of Tianzhu” starting from 14 Feb. By collecting “Gourds”, Summoner can experience a new adventure! Now, let’s take a glance at the superb skills of “Sha Seng” and “Zhu Bajie”, as well as the team skills with  “Tang Sanzang”!












The max skill Lv of 6-star “Sindhu” Characters is 10!


● Dragonware of Chinese Gods Is Out



The Dragonware of well-received “Chinese Gods” will be available for forging at 11:00 from 15 Feb (Thur)! The 7-star “Chinese Gods” Characters who equipped the Dragonware can boost their HP, Attack and Recovery x 1.1; reduce Active Skills CD and gain extra attack!


Effect I

Effect II

Effect III

7* “Ao Guang” Active Skill of the Character CD-1 +1s moving time Upon the Round of activation of the Active Skill, Attributive Attack ↑ 15%
7* “Nezha”
7* “Bull King”
7*“Sun Wukong”
7* “Su Daji”


● “Ancient Coin Trading” Available for Limited Time

    Get Chinese Gods You’ve Owned Before  



During the event “A Journey to Tianzhu”, Summoner can draw a card in “Ancient Coin Seal” with 100 Ancient Coins, or conduct “Ancient Coin Trading” with 150 Ancient Coins.  The “Ancient Coin Trading” allows you to redeem a 5-Star “Chinese Gods” you have owned before. Each attribute of “Chinese Gods” can only be redeemed once. The 5-Star  “Chinese Gods” are also the essential materials for forging their Dragonware.


●  Diamond Purchase Bonus



To celebrate the new members adding into the “Sindhu”  series, there will be a purchase bonus for Diamonds. From 15 Feb (Thur) to 21 Feb (Wed), a single purchase of 30 or more Diamonds will immediately give you 30 Diamonds, Madhead x1 & “Cyborg Scholars” Redemption Coupon x1!


● Guild Mission ”Grace of the Deities” with 20000 Scores to obtain “Fu Lu Shou” (Max Skill LV)



“Fu Lu Shou” will be bringing blessings to all of you in the Chinese New Year. Summoner can complete the “Prosperity & Longevity” with the Guild. The stage will be divided into 4 main areas. Apart from “Imperial Soldiers”, “Adherents of Heresies”, “Fortress Troop”, “Missionaries” and “Guardians of Heaven” will scatter in different places.


● The Drop of “Yuanshi Tianzun” or “Keeper of Festivals – Nian”






In the stage of “Prosperity & Longevity”, if you encounter “Celestial Divinity – Yuanshi Tianzun” or “Keeper of Festivals – Nian”, the clear score will be increased to 200, and the drop of the above-mentioned Characters is guaranteed.


● Getting Rich with the Skill “Promise of Luxuriance – Wood”



The Leader Skill of “Blessings of the Deities – Fu Lu Shou” – “Promise of Luxuriance – Wood”:

Earth Attack x 3; Coins obtained from Battles increase by 75% (effects can be superimposed).

Using “Fu Lu Shou” as Leader in “Day of Gold” & “Day of Greed” can get you more Coins!


●  “Blessed Power of Peaches”-Human & God Attack Increase





“Blessed Power of Peaches” of “Fu Lu Shou” (CD7):  Human & God Attack x 1.5; the more Coins obtained, the higher the Attack, to the max x 2.5 for 40000 Coins!


● Join Hands to Get Abundant Rewards



In the “Grace of the Deities”, Summoner can obtain great rewards by completing 5 missions of each “column”, “row” or “diagonal”. A gold title will be granted to Summoner who accomplished 12 lines of missions with Personal Event Scores of 200!





Score more with Guild Members in the “Grace of the Deities” to get more goodies!




You’ll receive specific scores by challenging the “Grace of the Deities”. Redeem the rewards with your Personal Scores!





● New President’s Rewards with “Red Pockets”



There is a ceiling on the number of “Red Packets” for each Guild and Guild Member


Upon the conclusion of “Grace of the Deities”, “Red Packets” will be distributed to President based on the accumulated Event Scores of a Guild. Each “Red Packet” has 100,000 Coins.  The President can give it to members at will.

● “Tang Sanzang” & Disciples VS Lady White Bones


The clip introduces a stage “Opening A Clinic” in the story mode of “The Summit of Tianzhu”. “Tang Sanzang” is leading “Zhu Bajie”, “Sha Seng” and “Sun Wukong” to battle with “ Lady White Bones” 4 times.


※ Team Member:


  • 7* Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang  Lv 99
  • 6* Sha Seng the Sand Fiend Lv 99
  • 6* Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal Lv 99
  • 7* Sagacious Sage – Sun Wukong Lv 99
  • 6* Spread of Silver Wings – Colin  Lv 99


※ Ally:


  • 7* Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang Lv 99


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