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Tower of Saviors The Advent of Smilodon! 5-star Difficulty Horror Stage Is Coming After You! “Stith” Shows Up in Additional Stage of Age of Black Iron!

Tower of Saviors version 15.1 is entering the second week since its launch. With the advent of Smilodon, Summoner has to be well prepared to tame this beast! Further,  there will be an additional challenge stage in the Age of Black Iron.  Those who successfully passed it can get “Stith” in the inventory!


●  Horror Stage – “Mech Smilodon” Debuts!



New Machina “Mech Smilodon” debuts!  The beast will team up with “Berserk Metallic Lion”, “Predatory Metallic Leopard” and “Automated Fort – Stirling” to bring you the Horror Stage “At Lightning Speed”. This stage has a grade system, so let’s compete for the highest grade in “The Power of Speed – Horror”! You can complete “The Power of Speed – Beginner” 5 times to get “Mech Smilodon” x1 (Skill Lv5)!


While challenging “The Power of Speed”,

you may have a chance to get “Berserk Metallic Lion”, “Predatory Metallic Leopard” & “Automated Fort – Stirling”




● “The Power of Speed – Horror” – Recognition of Your Strength



In the Stage of “The Power of Speed – Horror”, Summoner is required to beat the stage with the fewest round number, shortest combat time, highest combos and highest attack damage so as to get the top rank! Score 7000, 12000, 18000, 22000 to receive different rewards!


●  “Machinery Support” – Teaming Up with “Metazord”



The Leader Skill “Machinery Support” of Fire Machina “Mech Smilodon” is as follows:

Team Attack x 3.  When the Team consists of only 2 Fire Monsters (without other members), Team Attack x 5 and HP x 2. Teaming up with “Metazord” as dual leaders, Team Attack, HP & Recovery will be increased!


When you set “Mech Smilodon” as member and the team consists of only 2 Fire Monsters, all Members (2 Fire Monsters) randomly launch 1 to 6 extra Fire attack(s) as much as 10% of its attack every Round.


●  “Red Reinforcements” – Attack Up & Runestones be turned into Enchanted Runestones




The Active Skill “Red Reinforcements” (6CD) of “Mech Smilodon” can increase the attack of itself and its neighbouring (left) Fire member. When 4 or more Combos are made, Attack of the Monster and the neighboring (left) Fire Member x 2.5 (the Skill stays in play until deactivation or defeated). This Skill can be deactivated anytime. Upon deactivation of the Skill, turn all Runestones into Enchanted Runestones, which is effective to take down enemies with Enchanted Runestone Shield.


● ”Stith” Addtional Stage in Age of Black Iron


Open Tuesdays from 13 March!

Completing the stage each time can get “Stith” x1 !



“Stith” will show up in the Age of Black Iron on 13 March! This melancholy girl has set up the stage “The Murmur of White-haired Girl” in the “Age of Black Iron” with other Toy Pixies like “Morris the Bearer of Ambition” & “Soul-awakened Doll – Matryoshka”! Only those Summoners who passed “Blessings from Toys” are qualified to challenge her!


Are you ready?



●  “Deep Blue Feelings” – For Water Gods & Water Elves



Leader Skill “Deep Blue Feelings” of Water God “Stith” is helpful to Water Gods and Water Elves:

Water Attack x 3 & Water God Attack x 4.5; Elf HP, Attack & Recovery x 1.5 additionally.


When there are “Stith” and 2 or more 7* Monsters “Toy Pixies – Power Releases” in the Team, Attack of “Stith” and 7* Monsters of “Toy Pixies – Power Release” x 2 additionally.


● “Summon of Gods & Elves” – More God & Elf Runestones, Team Attack Up & Extra Attack




The Active Skill Summon of Gods & Elves” (CD 8) of “Stith” can turn runestones into God & Elf runestones and boost Team Attack. The skill description is as follows:

Turn the columns of Runestones below Gods and Elves into Runestones of the Race of the Monster in that column. For 1 Round, by dissolving God Runestones, Team Attack x 2; by dissolving Elf Runestones, each Elf in the Team launches an extra attack of its Attribute.


  ●  “Mech Smilodon” x “Metazord”


The demo introduces the stage of “To Be With You – Elite”. “Mech Smilodon” & “Metazord” will show their united power to take down “The Last Shine – Hula”!


※ Team Member:


  • 7* Metazord Lv 99


※ Ally:


  • 6*  Mech Smilodon Lv 99