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Tower of Saviors “Chickie” Guild Mission Rolls Out Soon! Dragonware of The Norns is coming!



With the arrival of Easter, we will be launching the guild mission “Auspicious Easter Eggs” next Monday! The adorable “Chickie” is coming with you for completing the task together! Besides, “The Norns” series will soon be open for forging their “Dragonware”!


 Guild Mission “Auspicious Easter Eggs” – Reach 20000 Scores to Obtain “Chickie”



In time with Easter, “Paschal Grace – Chickie” steps into the realm to have a wonderful time with Summoner! Joining hands with your Guild Members, you can enter the Stage “Surprise! Chicks & Eggs” to meet Chickie during the festival. The stage is divided into four main areas; each area will have a chance to drop “Candigon”, while “Greek Daemons”, “Nymphs”, “Slimes” & “Imperial Soldiers” will scatter in different areas!


 100% Droprate of Raiding Monsters “Rapa Nui the Puppet on Vigil” or “Sorbian Rider Rabbit – Moai”



In the stage “Surprise! Chicks & Eggs”, when encountering “Rapa Nui the Puppet on Vigil” or “Sorbian Rider Rabbit – Moai”, the completion score will increase to 200! Also, “Rapa Nui the Puppet on Vigil” or “Sorbian Rider Rabbit – Moai” must be dropped if you see them. Let’s grab this chance to farm them!


 Blessing of the Chick” – HP Recovery & Not Leading to Your Defeat for 1 Round




“Paschal Grace – Chickie”, Light Beast, can activate the “Blessing of the Chick” upon 10CD:

HP will be fully recovered.  When the Team consists of only Beasts, for 1 Round, the next Damage received will not lead to your defeat. So, It’s a good savior!


 With Guild Members to Get Great Rewards




When joining the event “Auspicious Easter Eggs”, Summoner can obtain great rewards by completing 5 missions of each “column”, “row” or “diagonal”! A gold title will be granted to Summoner who accomplished 12 lines of missions with Personal Event Scores of 200!



Team up with Guild Members to score high in “Auspicious Easter Eggs” and snatch the goodies!


Get specific Personal Scores in “Auspicious Easter Eggs” to claim different rewards!



  President’s Rewards – “Madhead Coins”


There is a maximum limit for “Madhead Coins” given to each Guild & Guild Member


After the event “Auspicious Easter Eggs” finished, “Madhead Coins” will be given to Guild President based on the Guild Accumulated Event Score. Each “Madhead Coin” is worth 100,000 Coins. The President can give the “Madhead Coins” to Guild Members freely. So, let’s join the guild missions proactively and bring coins home.


 Dragonware of “The Norns” Available!



The dragonware of “The Norns” will be available at 12:00p.m, 26 Mar (Mon)! 6-star characters of “The Norns” who were equipped with their own dragonware can boost HP & Recover x1.1. Their attack power and recovery can be furthered enhanced when certain conditions are fulfilled.


6* “Idun”


Effect I

Effect II

6* “Urd” Dissolve 1 group of 5 or more Runestones of the Monster’s Attribute
⇨ God Attack x1.2
Dissolve 4 or more Heart Runestones

⇨ Recover HP as much as 150% Team Recovery

6* “Skuld”
6* “Verthandi”
6* “Brynhild”



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