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Tower of Saviors Power Release of Eight Sealed Lord “Yog-Sothoth”! Nightmare Stage “Manipulate the Flow of Elements”! “Trials of Keepers” Restriction Challenges Coming Soon!


Upon the 5th week of TOS version 15.1, Power Release of the Eight Sealed Lord “Yog-Sothoth” will be available soon. Let’s get prepared for her nightmare stage challenge! Monsters from “Keepers of Worlds” are creating “Trials of Keepers” with certain restrictions to test Summoner’s skills. Besides, brand new drawing machine “Collector’s Deck” debuts to bring you rare characters.


 Nightmare Stage “Manipulate the Flow of Elements”: Deadly Maze



Eight Seal Lord “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” will appear in the Nightmare Stage “Manipulate the Flow of Elements” on 6 Apr (Fri) with “Dream Gobbler – Ghroth” & “Caller of Sinfulness – Yibb”, trying to trap you in her void and drain your elemental power bit by bit! Summoner must have unshakable will to get rid of the maze and recruit “Yog-Sothoth” in your team!


 Power Release of “Yog-Sothoth”! Witness Her Strong Power!



After getting the “Key of Void”, “Yog-Sothoth” will be pushing her power to the limit to become “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” with a great boost in her skill and attack.


 Elemental Aggression” UP – Team Attack x 36


Upon Power Release, the Leader Skill of “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” will be upgraded to “Elemental Aggression – EX”. The more Attributes of Runestones dissolved, the higher the Team Attack. If 6 types of Runestones are dissolved, Team Attack x 6. Using “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” as dual leaders can lead to Team Attack x36 to the maximum!



 Dual Skills – “Mastery of Elements” & “Pledge of Life”


“Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” possess two skills – “Mastery of Elements – EX” & “Pledge of Life”. The former can be activated upon 10CD: Turn 24 random Runestones into fixed numbers of Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark and Heart Runestones.  All Attributive Runestones also possess the effects of other Attributive Runestones for 1 Round. With this skill, attack will be boosted greatly and you can fulfill the condition of Leader Skill (dissolving 6 types of Runestones) easily.


“Pledge of Life” can be activated upon 6CD: The Skill can be activated only when Team HP ≥ 50%.  The Monster’s Attack x 2.5; if there is an additional effect in play, the Attack multiplier increases to x 5.  The Skill stays in play until Team HP < 50%. Use it wisely to increase your attack!



 Join the Team of “Lord of All Gods – Khaos” to obtain “Mastery of Elements – Enchantment”


With Lord of All Gods – Khaos as dual leaders, the Active Skill will be change from “Mastery of Elements – EX” to “Mastery of Elements – Enchantment”:

For 1 Round, turn all Runestones into fixed numbers of Enchanted Water, Enchanted Fire, Enchanted Earth, Enchanted Light, Enchanted Dark and Enchanted Heart Runestones; all Attributive Runestones also possess the effect of other Attributive Runestones.

With “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” as Dual Leaders, Team Skill will be strengthened!



 Trials of Keepers” – 7 Challenges with Certain Restrictions



Challenges from “Triumphant Will” have not settled yet. Summoner will be facing “Trials of Keepers” established by “Keepers of Worlds”! Breakthrough the restrictions in “Lost Relic”, defeat the bosses and claim your rewards.


 Once Again – The Challenges



The “Trials of Keepers” will be available next Monday, lasting two weeks. Summoner is required to complete the event floor by floor.  There are different enemies in each challenge, eg. “Wings of Chaos – Lucifer” & “Wings of Galaxies – Metatron” and so on. You must have strong techniques and perseverance to overcome the trials.




1st floor /
2nd floor Cost: 100 or below
3rd floor Demons Only
4th floor Cost: 50 or below
5th floor Designated Team
6th floor Member Number
7th floor Rounds



Complete specific floors of “Trials of Keepers” to obtain Harpy, The Heartless Umpire, Silver Pattern, etc.


● Brand New Drawing Machine “Collector’s Deck” – Get the Rare Characters



Brand New “Collector’s Deck” is coming out next week, lasting 7 days. “Collector’s Deck” includes 30 rare Monsters (Some of them are more than 1). Each time you draw a card from it, you will get a random Monster, and the total Monster number in the deck will reduce 1 accordingly, until no Monster left in the deck. By then, the “Collector’s Deck” will be reset automatically (or you can manually reset once every day). In other words, drawing cards from the deck 30 times (provided that no manual reset was conducted before) guarantees you to get all the 30 Monsters into your Inventory.


● Grand Prize, Second Prize & Third Prize!


In “Collector’s Deck”, you may have a chance to get “Emblem of Triumph – Swegde (All Max)”; “Hideyoshi the Insatiable Greed (Max Lv & Max Skill Lv), 7-star Water, Fire, Earth “Egyptian Gods” (Max Skill Lv), etc!




●  New Outfit of “Hideyoshi”



New Outfit “Noble Plutocrat – Hideyoshi” will be available on 2 Apr (Mon)! Complete the one-off stage “A Hearty Welcome” to get it!




●  “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” – Power Release Demo



The demo introduces the stage of “The Knight’s Lance – Nightmare”. “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” will team up with Fire Machina & Demon to defeat “Gungnir – Odin the Allfather” with her new skills.


  Team Member

  • 8* Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth Lv 99
  • 6* Mech Smilodon Lv 99
  • 6* Crimson Falcon – Agnesi Lv 99
  • 6* Dream Gobbler – Ghroth Lv 99
  • 6* Achilles the Hero of Kleos Lv 99



  • 8* Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth Lv 99



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