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Details on Guild War “Horns of Battle”

★ 2nd Event: Guild War “Horns of Battle”

Time: 9 Apr (Mon) 16:00 – 12 Apr (Thur) 15:59
Guild War starts again! This time Prince Lanling will join the battle and witness the final winner!

All Guilds will be divided into 3 Armies to wrestle with each other.


Guild War Information & Setting

1. Consume Spirit to exchange for “War Time”. Consume Stamina to fight in Guild War within the “War Time”.
2. Consume 2 Spirit for 15 minutes of “War Point Bonus”. “War Point Bonus” may also be rewarded at random.
└ “War Points” x 1.5 for fighting in Guild War within the bonus time.
3. There are two sides in Guild War – Attack & Defense:
└ Attacking Side: Fighting in Areas except your Army’s Base. 100 “War Points” for each Battle completed. “War Points” will not be lost when you are defeated or quit the Battle.
└ Defending Side: Fighting at your Army’s Base. Starting with 500 “War Points”. “War Points” -50 for each Damage received. All “War Points” will be lost when you are defeated or quit the Battle.
4. War Points obtained will be added to your Army after the Battle. The Area will be taken by the Army with the most “War Points”.
5. If the Attacking Side is defeated or quits, Monsters used in the Battle will be forbidden. “Forbidden Monsters” cannot be reused in Guild War within the same day
6. Enemies in Guild War have special properties countering Summoners. If there are Monsters of the enemies’ Counter Attribute in the Team, the enemies’ Attack increases in proportion to the number of those Monsters present.
7. Truce : From 02:00 – 06:00, War Points obtained in each battle will reduce by 90%!
8. Area Rewards added: Different rewards will be distributed based on the Areas occupied by the Army upon conclusion of the event.
└ Sacred Area: “Bronze Madhead” x1 for each Area occupied
└ Other Army Area: “Baby Harpy” x2 for each Area occupied


Guild War Rewards

Completion Rewards:

– Soul
– Baby Harpy
– Prime Millennium Soulstone
– Soulstone
– Evolve Material
– Plump Precious Beast
– Mini Madhead

(*Each time you join the Battle, you will obtain the rewards above at random)


Personal Rewards:

Score Reward
2,000 Prime Millennium Soulstone x1 for each Attribute
4,000 Gao Changgong the Prince of Lanling (Skill Lv. 1)
6,000 Component x1 (Silver Spell)
8,000 Yummy Alpacas x1 (Random)
12,000 Madhead x1


Guild Rewards (At least 2000 Personal Scores to obtain the following rewards) :

Score Reward
20,000 Diamond x1
50,000 Component x1 (Silver Spell)
100,000 Golden Mothdrake x3
150,000 Yummy Alpacas x1 (Random)
180,000 Gao Changgong the Prince of Lanling (Skill Lv. 10)
200,000 Black Key x25
250,000  In-game Title ” Prince Never Dies “
300,000 Gao Changgong the Prince of Lanling (Skill Lv. 10)

Rewards for Guild Rank in Army:

【1st Place】 【2nd Place】 【3rd Place】
Bronze Madhead x 4Harpy x 1

Baby Harpy x 6

Bronze Madhead x 3Harpy x 1

Baby Harpy x 4

Bronze Madhead x 2Harpy x 1

Baby Harpy x 2



1. All Guilds can participate in this event.
2. Guild Score can be found in Guild Announcement.
3. The deadline of Guild Score will be 12 Apr (Thur) 15:59. Only Battles completed before the deadline are considered as valid.
4. All rewards will be given on 13 Apr (Fri). Summoners can redeem the rewards from 13 Apr 2018 00:00 to 26 Apr 2018 23:59. Re-login to obtain the rewards in “Community” → “Rewards”.
5. Rewards will only be given to Summoner who joined a Guild on or before 12 Apr (Thur) 15:59. Summoners who joined a Guild thereafter will not be entertained.
6. If any Guild Member violates the rules of the event, all scores of such Member will be forfeited once confirmed.
7. If President expels Member(s) from the Guild, all scores obtained by such Member(s) will be deducted.
8. If Member(s) quits the Guild voluntarily, the scores of such Member(s) will be retained in the Guild.
9. Regardless of any situation, if such Member(s) re-joins a Guild (including the former Guild he/she has joined before), all scores obtained in the former Guild will not be transferred into the present Guild.
10. Upon the conclusion of the event, if any Member(s) is expelled before he/she redeems the rewards, the expelled Member(s) will not be entitled to the rewards.