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Tower of Saviors V15.2 "Crash Fever Reboot" Updates! New Diamond Seal "Ravages of Fever" Series Debut!

Here comes the update of TOS Version 15.2 “Crash Fever Reboot”. The Crossover with Crash Fever, a mobile game developed by WonderPlanet, rolls out! 9 Characters of “Ravages of Fever” Series are waiting for you in the drawing machine “Digital Hatcher”! “Wild Soul – Ame no Murakumo” will be available for redemption in Arena for a limited time!


● All Female Characters in “Ravages of Fever”




To solve the system malfunction, the heroines came to the realm and dispel the enemies with Summoners.


● The Rise of Machinas “Turing” & “Mobius”! “Faraday” Leads Light Human Teams to the Summit!


In “Ravages of Fever” series, 9 Heroines all have their own unique skills, while “Final Calculation – Turing”, “Inconceivable Wings – Mobius” & “Electrical Induction – Faraday” particularly stand out among them! Now, let me introduce them to you!


●   Turing’s “Green Means” – Machinas & Humans Attack UP




The Leader Skill “Green Means” of “Final Calculation – Turing” can make the team with only Machinas, or the team with Machinas and Humans, attack x4 & recover x1.3; Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of all Attributive Runestones (effects can be superimposed)!


● Team Skill – Attack Up & Effective to Invisible Shield


●  “Jade Thesis” – Time Extension, Explosion, Damage Reduction & Enchanted Runestones



“Turing”, Earth Machina, can activate “Jade Thesis” upon 7CD:

Turn Water and Fire Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones.  Explode all Light and Dark Runestones at the beginning of each Round to generate Enchanted Water, Enchanted Fire and Enchanted Earth Runestones.  Damage received -4% for every Runestone exploded, to the max -40% for 10 Runestones exploded (the Damage-reducing effect stays in play for 2 Rounds).  Extend Runestone-moving time to 8 seconds for 2 Rounds.


●  Mobius’s “Rainbow Chain Reaction” – Extra Attack



The Leader Skill “Rainbow Chain Reaction” of “Inconceivable Wings – Mobius” can make Machina attack x4. The Monster launches 4 extra attacks (one each for Water, Fire, Earth and Light) as much as 50% of its attack.  By dissolving 10 or more Enchanted Runestones, Team Attack x 1.5.


● Team Skill – Runestone Possession & Turning into Enchanted Runestones



● “Anti-Passive Orientation” – Turning into Enchanted Water Runestones, Attack & Recovery Up for 3 Rounds




“Mobius”, Water Machina, can activate “Anti-Passive Orientation” upon 8CD:

Randomly turn Runestones into Enchanted Water Runestones until there are 20 Enchanted Water Runestones.  Attack & Recovery of Machinas, Beasts and Demons x 2 for 3 Rounds.


●  Faraday’s “Induction of Will” – Light Humans Power



The Leader Skill “Induction of Will” of “Electrical Induction – Faraday” can make Light Human Team attack x2.5. The more the types of Runestones dissolved, the more the Attack increases additionally: x 1.5 for 2 types, to the max x 2.5 for 4 types!


● Team Skill – Time Extension, Runestone Possession & Attack Up



● “Lightning Pulse Driver” – Turning into Enchanted Light Runestones & Dropping Light Human Runestones



“Faraday”, Light Human, can activate “Lightning Pulse Driver” upon 6CD:

Turn Earth Runestones into Enchanted Light Runestones.  For 1 Round, the first batch of 15 Runestones to be dropped will be Light Human Runestones. “Faraday” can unleash light power within short CD. She is a good member in light teams.


●  Sales in Trade Fortress – Level-up Material for “Ravages of Fever”



Within the first two weeks upon 15.2 version update, 60 “Alchemy Fruit” will be available in Trade Fortress, which is helpful for Summoner to level up the Skill Lv. of characters of “Ravages of Fever”. Feed specific characters (Skill Lv1) with 5 “Alchemy Fruit” can bring their Skill Lv up to 8, and feed 24 to the Max Lv.


● Prize Points for “Wild Soul – Ame no Murakumo”




You can obtain “Wild Soul – Ame no Murakumo” using Prize Points in Arena upon version 15.2.


● “Eight Plagues” – Turning into Water Runestones & Dropping Water Human Runestones




“Wild Soul – Ame no Murakumo”, Water Human, can activate “Eight Plagues” upon 8CD:

Turn Fire and Earth Runestones into Water Runestones.  For 1 Round, the first batch of 15 Runestones to be dropped will be Water Human Runestones.


●  “Final Calculation – Turing” – “Green Means” Demo


The demo introduces the Nightmare Stage of the 7th Sealed Lord. “Final Calculation – Turing” leads Machinas & Humans to defeat “Balance of Worldly Order – Giemsa” with the Skill “Jade Thesis”!


※ Team Member:


  • 6* Final Calculation – Turing Lv 99
  • 6* Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai Lv 99
  • 6* Megabot Evolution – Mark-II Lv 99
  • 6* Rococo Lv 99
  • 6* The Inspired Touch – Chun Xiang Lv 99


※ Ally:

  • 6* Final Calculation – Turing


**  Amelioration of “Ravages of Fever” series will be available upon the 2nd week of the version update


●  “Electrical Induction – Faraday” VS “Lady of Astro – Aether”


The demo introduces the floor “Stars in the Sky” in the stage of the 9th seal. “Electrical Induction – Faraday” is leading Light Humans to battle with “Lady of Astro – Aether” with her Skill “Lightning Pulse Driver”!


※ Team Member:


  • 6* Electrical Induction – Faraday Lv 99
  • 6* Morse Lv 99
  • 6* Dutiful Loyalist – Huang Zhong Lv 99
  • 6* Nathaniel the Bright Head Boy Lv 99
  • 6* Camera of Precious Flashes Lv 99

※ Ally:

  • 6* Electrical Induction – Faraday Lv 99


** Amelioration of “Ravages of Fever” series will be available upon the 2nd week of the version update




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