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Tower of Saviors 15.3 Version Updates on "TOS×HUNTER×JOURNEY BEGINS"

“Tower of Saviors” 15.3 Version Updates on “TOS×HUNTER×JOURNEY BEGINS”

1. Newly Added Monsters

– 27 new Monsters and various new Skills, a total of 1796 Monsters available.
– New Limited Seal “Mizumishiki”, including 7 Monsters of the “HUNTER×HUNTER” series.
* All relevant events & rewards of “HUNTER×HUNTER” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only

2. Nen Power “In”, “Gyo” & “Ko”

Alongside the launch of “HUNTER×HUNTER” series, Amelioration will also be available. Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Hisoka will acquire their exclusive Nen power upon AME IV.

3. New Function “Card Zoom”

– Click the new button in card description to view the full-screen character image!

4. Optimization of the User Interface and the Game

– 6 new Titles
– Optimization of Arena UI during the event period
– “TOS Club” icon
– Special effect added when achieving specific login days

“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.3/15.31 Version Fixed Issues

Android & iOS :

– Smartphone with screen ratio 18:9 cannot scroll down to the bottom in Monster Stories
– Guild Chatroom notifications didn’t display at the top
– Guild Chatroom button cannot move to the top or the bottom
– When clicking character icon for quick search in Edit Team, the character will be blocked if it’s at the bottom
– Right alignment of some conversation dialogues
– Texts are misplaced in the descriptions of “Transposition Seal” & ”Chain of Shattering”
– Icon of TOS Express appears in UI other than main map
– In the UI of Guild Members, the list cannot be scrolled down to the bottom
– After scrolling down the subpage in Trade Fortress, the catalogue in the main page disappears when returning
– Deleting the last message in the inbox may lead to game crash
– When returning to Diamond Seal UI after drawing, it will have a flashing of Drawing Machine again
– If the attack exceeds 2.1 billion in the Arena, the number will show as 0
– For smartphones with 19.5:9 screen ratio, clicking “Switching” will cause the card to move downwards
– For smartphones with 16:10 screen ratio, the card ratio on screen occurs a display error
– For Monsters who need 2 or more repeated Materials to be evolved, the number of materials owned is shown incorrectly
– For smartphones with 19.5:9 screen ratio, when clicking a character in the inventory, it will have a flashing of personal record at the lower left corner
– Upon Awakening Recall of Investiture of the Gods, its attack & skill visual effects disappear
– When opening a story of a character, you can still click other buttons
– For smartphones with 19.5:9 screen ratio, the Army display in the map of Guild War and the refresh button disappear
– When changing the Outfit, the character ID texts disappear
– When “Rampage of Doomfire – Pompeii” Fuel reaches 100%, the bgm functioned abnormally
– The cost of “Deep Blue Elasticity – Jelly” has a wrong setting of 14
– “To Charge Up” dialogue frame doesn’t close automatically after changing pages
– The Current Record in Arena has a display error that some of the records cannot be viewed

【Monster Skills】
– Some Runestones (including Race Runestones) may exist in Coliseum. These kinds of Runestones will show up in the next round of battle, but don’t have actual effects
– When opening Guild Chatroom during battle, some Active Skills cannot be activated properly
– For the condition which triggers the Team Skill of “Lullaby of Love – Ubume”, it doesn’t calculate the monster itself when counting the number of Attributes
– In a stage which restricts the use of Fire Runestones, activating the Active Skill of “Blazing Legs – Fahrenheit” will lead to an error
– For the Active Skill of “Fortune Attractors – Canis Major & Minor”, the effect of “turn Enchanted Runestones into Beast Runestones” malfunctioned
– The defense effect of enemy Skill “Rage of Pain” increased by 20 times
– If you activate the Active Skill of “Final Calculation – Turing” under all Frozen Runestones, it will still trigger damage-reduction effect
– In the 4th wave of the stage “Sinewy Fighter”, the enemy skill “Skill & Attack Lock” doesn’t lock the Machinas
– When encountering enemies who can increase their own attack (e.g. Attack Redoubling, etc), it will lead to game crash after relogin
– The active skill of “The Lost Mad Hatter” cannot be activated (For 3 rounds, Monsters’ Active Skills will not be locked)
– When dealing with “Bounded Puzzle Shield” using the Active Skill of “Crescent of Tainted Flame – Iori Yagami”, some team members’ attacks cannot cost damage to the enemies
– After activating either one of the Active Skills of “Panda Druid – Yunyang” or “Boundless Imagination – Phi”, the other one will activate the Active Skill simultaneously.
– The active skill of “Caterpillar the Remonstrator” cannot be activated (The Team will not be affected by Poisoning Skills for 3 Rounds)

“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.3/15.31 Version Known Issue

Android & iOS :

– After defeating enemies with “Quintet Element Shield”, its icon may stay in the next round
– In some cases, locking enemies functions abnormally
– When evolving the Monster you’ve already owned, the bgm will stop automatically
– In tutorials, TOS express occurs a display error
– In tutorials, the instruction icon occurs a display error
– The icons of character dialogues are misplaced
– After finishing the tutorial of dragonic craft, Glauox still remains on screen
– If you’ve sent message via Inbox, it will trigger an error in the Request List
– After accepting the guild request, the Request List may occur a display error
– When changing daytime/nightime BGM, it will return to the top of the music list after selecting the BGM
– For smartphones with 18:9 screen ratio, when returning to battle, it may result in black screen
– Battle Scene “Underpass” may lead to display error in enemy icons
– In the reward page of Joint Operation, the reward list occurs a display error
– The attribute restriction setting in the stage of Arena Trials will affect the normal stages in Arena
– If Summoner’s name contains “~”, it may lead to game crash after entering Void of the Realm
– In tutorials, white pixels appear on the upper left corner of the card

【Monster Skills】
– When enemy with “ Invisibility – Verge of Death – Poisoning” attacks for the first time, Summoner doesn’t get any poisoning effect
– If you activate the Active Skill of “Sniper of Patina – Lionel” or the Team Skill of “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” or “Final Calculation – Turing” without launching any attack, and at the same time you trigger the Dragonic Craft, it will lead to game crash after the round ends
– In the boss battle of Ultimate Stage “I’m the First King”, enemy’s skill will prevent the Controlling Skill from launching
– In the Boss Stage of “The Epic Champion”, “Skill Lock” (1 Round) of “Ferocious Lion of Gloom – Gilgamesh” functioned abnormally, which may fail to unlock after players activate the dragonic crafts with delaying or “immune to death for 1 round” effect
– In Joint Operation, if you’re rewarded with the Skill CD reduction bonus, and the team skill of “reducing skill CD” is active, players may receive 1 extra round of CD reduction bonus

Android :

– Cannot receive game notifications


– In Guild Member UI, filtering with “Event Score” will contain some repeated members
– After changing the filter setting in Guild Member UI, some members may show in the list repeatedly
– When checking the items in Trade Fortress, the list will jump to the top after returning
– “Glauox” may block some of the texts in conversations
– The announcement position and size occur an error
– The spacing in Guild Chatroom occurs an error


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