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Bonus Event “Embrace Alluka”

★ 11th Event: Bonus Event “Embrace Alluka”

Time: 18 Jun (Mon) – 24 Jun (Sun)
During the event period, you can get lovely Alluka through different ways!
Fulfill 3 specific wish conditions to get a drawing chance in the “Exclusive Seal”!


How to get Alluka:
1. During 18 Jun (Mon) – 24 Jun (Sat), login the game
2. During 18 Jun (Mon) – 24 Jun (Sat),, make a single purchase of 6 or more Diamonds for the first time (No matter a purchase has been made before or not)
3. During 18 Jun (Mon) – 24 Jun (Sat),, complete “Chairman×Trial×Pass” 25 times in Joint Operation (at least 1 for Extreme & Challenge)
* Each method above can obtain “Alluka” once

Fulfill wish conditions to get the draw reward:
1. During the event period, Summoner has reached Lv.100
2. During the event period, complete 5 Personal Guild Missions of the Day
3. During the event period, draw any seal once with Diamond
* The conditions above will be counted after you get the first “Alluka”
└ Fulfill 3 specific wish conditions to get a drawing chance in the “Exclusive Seal”
└ The reward of “Exclusive Seal” can be redeemed in “Community” → “Rewards” after fulfilling all the wish conditions.
└ Every Summoner may receive this reward once only.
└ The seal includes characters of HUNTER×HUNTER and other strong characters.

Exclusive Seal includes the following series:


The Fallen Halos
( only includes Abraham , Chessia and Satan)
Imperial Warlords
( only includes Cao Cao , Lü Bu and Guan Yu)
( only includes Izanagi , Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu)
Knights of the Round Table
( only includes Arthur , Lancelot and Merlin)
Sengoku Samurai
( only includes Hideyoshi , Honda and Nobunaga)
Star Burst Pulses
( only includes Andromeda, Ophiuchus and Lynx)
Elfish Perennials
( only includes Sakura , Cornflower and Rose)
Prologue of the Universe
( only includes Ghroth , Daoloth and Azathoth)
Imperial Warlords II
( only includes Xiahou Dun , Sun Ce and Zhurong)
 The Eight Xian
( only includes Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu , Mischievous Wit – Lü Dongbin and Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai)
HUNTER×HUNTER( only includes Gon , Kurapika and Killua)


Note :
1. Using “Alluka” as level up material grants you special effect!
└ When levelling up characters of HUNTER×HUNTER with “Alluka”, its skill level will
reach to the maximum directly
└ When levelling up other characters, the accumulated Battle Rounds of the target Monster
increase by 6000
2. “Alluka” will be listed into Material Inventory. You cannot use “Alluka” as a team member to fight.
3. The ways to get “Alluka” and tasks of wish conditions will be expired when the event ends, but the character and rewards which have already obtained will remain.