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Crossover Event Tower of Saviors & Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho Begins on Version 15.4! Guild Mission “Have Fun in Summer” is Available! “Tongtian Jiaozhu” Terror Stage Raids on the Realm!

Crossover Event

Tower of Saviors & Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho

Begins on Version 15.4!

Guild Mission “Have Fun in Summer” is Available!

“Tongtian Jiaozhu” Terror Stage Raids on the Realm!



In the coming version 15.4, popular characters from Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho, Japanese famous anime, will soon step into the realm! “Have Fun in Summer” Guild Mission is coming out next week! Gear up for the terror stage “Ink of Divinity” if you want to power release “Tongtian Jiaozhu”!


● Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho  Characters Debut Soon!

More info about “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” will be announced next week!


During version 15.4, characters from Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” will show up in the drawing machine “Block of Duels”, Coliseum, Horror Stage & Ultimate Stage respectively, including “Kurama”, “Yomi”, “Koenma”, “Botan” and so on!


Exclusive Scenes for Crossover Event!


* All relevant events & rewards of Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only


Summoner will battle with enemies in the classic scene shown in Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho”! Prepare yourself for this hot-blooded yet fierce fight in July!


Guild Mission “Have Fun in Summer”; 20000 Points to Get “Freedom Seeker – Siuming”



Summer holiday is coming! “Freedom Seeker – Siuming” will have a fun day out with Summoner in the realm! You have to team up with your Guild Members to have a wonderful summer time with “Siuming” in the stage “Happy Summer Holiday”! The stage is divided into 4 main areas. Each area has a chance to drop “Sphinx”, while “Elves”, “Imperial Soldiers”, “Demon Imbeciles” & “Tin Toys Troops” will be scattered in different areas.


Drop of “Cinderella” or “Bobo”




In the stage “Happy Summer Holiday”, when encountering “Cinderella the Festive Bartender” or “Bobo the Tamer”, the clear score will increase to 200! The above two Monsters are guaranteed to drop when you meet them.


Midsummer Flowers” – Turning into Enchanted Fire & Heart Runestones



Fire Human “Freedom Seeker – Siuming” can activate “Midsummer Flowers” upon 5 CD:

Turn 2 random columns of Runestones below Fire Monsters into 3 Enchanted Fire Runestones and 2 Enchanted Heart Runestones for each column.




Team Up with Guild Members to Get More Goodies


As long as you accomplish 5 missions in each column, row or diagonal line, you can get some attractive goodies! Complete 12 missions and reach 200 score to get the golden title as a recognition.

Team up with Guild Members to get abundant goodies!





“Smart Stamp”


There is a maximum limit for “Smart Stamp” given to each Guild & Guild Member


After the event “Have Fun in Summer” finished, “Smart Stamp” will be given to Guild President based on the Guild Accumulated Event Score. Each “Smart Stamp” is worth 100,000 Coins. The President can give the “Smart Stamp” to Guild Members freely. So, let’s join the guild missions proactively and bring some more home.


Terror Stage of “Tongtian Jiaozhu”: “Ink of Divinity”



Blessed by “Scroll of Essence – Phoenix”, Tongtian Jiaozhu” can achieve Power Release, which provides Summoner with much tougher trial in the terror stage! “Ink of Divinity” will be available on 5 July (Thurs). Let’s go for a challenge!



Team Skill – Attribute Conversion


Team Skill




“Divine Brush – Tongtian Jiaozhu” & “Cat Mercenary Commander – Felix” as Members

Attributes of “Divine Brush – Tongtian Jiaozhu” and “Cat Mercenary Commander – Felix” will synchronize with each other, following the one on the right (Attribute of only one Monster will be changed)


“Divine Brush – Tongtian Jiaozhu” and Demons in the Team

Active Skill CDs of “Divine Brush – Tongtian Jiaozhu” decreases according to the number of Demons (except itself) present in the Team


Flaming Devil Universe” – Turning into Enchanted Demon Runestones & Runestone Effect Possession



“Divine Brush – Tongtian Jiaozhu” can activate “Flaming Devil Universe” upon 8CD (Skill Lv 15):

Turn Fire Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.  Other Attributive Runestones also possess the effect of Fire Runestones for 1 Round.


● Combined Skill with “Cat Mercenary Commander – Felix”: Demonic Curse of Runestones



While using “Divine Brush – Tongtian Jiaozhu” & “Cat Mercenary Commander – Felix” (Monster Lv 50 or above) as members, it can activate the combined skill “Demonic Curse of Runestones”:

Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.  For 1 Round, all Runestones also possess the effects of other Attributive Runestones.


Tongtian Jiaozhu” Skill Demo Showcase


The demo introduces “Tongtian Jiaozhu” upon Power Release.  Showcasing the skill “Flaming Devil Universe”, he teams up with “Cat Mercenary Commander – Felix” to deal with enemies with the combined skill “Demonic Curse of Runestones”.



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