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Tower of Saviors “Sensui” Nightmare Stage Arrives! The Veil of “the 10th Seal” Will Be Uncovered in Ver 16.0! Dragonware of “Paladins” Debuts!



Stepping into the next week of our crossover with “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho”, we will continue to test your skills through Sensui’s Nightmare Stage “Cleansing the Vice”! Starting from next week, all of the Summoners can choose an ALL MAX of VR “Greek Gods”, and get 10 Free random draws of the specific series by joining the “TOS Reward Rush”! Besides, the mystery of the 10th seal will be disclosed in version 16.0!

  • Nightmare Stage “Cleansing the Vice”




“Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui”, who is resentful at humans, will bring you a massacre in the nightmare stage for cleansing this sinful world. Let’s challenge him at 10:00 pm, 2 Aug (Thur) to save the mankind.

  •  “Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui” —— Clearing All Additional Effects & Damge Reduction




With the leader skill “Release of Light”, “Minoru Sensui” can activate “Crimson Ball Wave” upon CD6. He can switch into the form of “Sacred Energy Armor” upon CD8:

Clear all additional effects in play. For 1 Round, Damage received -25% for each effect cancelled, to the max -100%.


“Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui” has 10 EP upon Switching

  •  “Release of Light – Protection” —— Attack Up & Damage Reduction




With the leader skill of “Release of Light – Protection”, “Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui” can receive much less damage after Switching! Using “Minoru Sensui” or “Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui” as Leader & Ally will extend your runestone moving time by 1 second!

  •  Switching Skill 1 “Violet Blaze Shots” —— Turning into Light Enchanted Human Runestones & Bringing More Extra Attacks




“Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui” can activate “Violet Blaze Shots” upon 6EP:

Turn Light Runestones into Enchanted Human Runestones. For 1 Round, by dissolving 6 or more Light or Dark Runestones in total, the Monster launches 5 extra Dark attacks as much as 2x the Monster’s Attack; 50% of Damage dealt to an enemy will be diffused to other enemies.

  •  Switching Skill 2 “Twisted Twister” —— Damage Reduction & Dealing 250,000 Damage at the End of Each Round


“Sacred Energy Shinobu Sensui” can activate “Twisted Twister” upon 5EP:

Damage received -20%. Deal 250,000 Light Damage to all enemies at the end of each Round (dissolving Runestones is necessary). The Skill stays in play within the Wave.

** All relevant events & rewards of “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only

  • TOS Reward Rush! Choose an ALL MAX Greek God (VR) for Free!


Good News! Good News! To celebrate TOS release over 2000 days, from 30 Jul (Mon), if you reach 150 Lv, you can get ALL MAX Greek God (VR) x1 instantly! You can choose whatever you like in this series, “Fading Light – Apollo”, “The Starry Crescent – Artemis”, etc!

  • What’s More ? Get 10 Draws for Free!!




Apart from VR Greek God, from 30 Jul (Mon), we’ll give away some attractive rewards every day during the event period! Each day you can have a free draw of 2 specific series, so it will be 10 draws in total for 5 days. The only condition is you just need to reach Lv 10 to get it! Don’t miss it!!

Additional Rewards

1 Free Draw of Specific Series

From 30 Jul (Mon) 5* “Primal Greek Gods”
5* “Valkyries of Divine Wine”
From 31 Jul (Tue) 5* “Companions of Mystical Beasts”
5* “Descendants of the North”
From 1 Aug (Wed) 6* “Mechanical Life”
5* “The Witches”
From 2 Aug (Thur) 5* “Origin of Demons”
5* “Keepers of Worlds”
From 3 Aug (Fri) 6* “Revolutionary Heroes”
6* “Sindhu”
Note: The 10 draws above are Max Lv & Skill Lv 7!
  • The 10th Seal is Buried Underground —— Reshape the Order of Elemental Power


Break the 9th seal & prepare for the 10th!

The design work of the 10th seal is on going! Upon 16.0 version update, Summoner will step on the journey to a brand new area after completing the 9th seal.


Summoner and 12 Zodiac revealed the conspiracy of gods and broke the device that absorbed the elemental power, which results in its backflow to the realm! The surge of elemental power has caused the chaotic land to crack. To stop the realm from destruction, Summoner goes deep underground to find a solution.

  • New Bi-weekly Stage – The Survivor of Oroz


To welcome the 10 Seal, new bi-weekly stage will be released on 6 Aug (Mon)! “Delta the Vow Protector” will be there as your first opponent.


“Delta the Vow Protector”, Fire Machina, can activate “Imminent Danger” upon CD 6:
Team HP will be depleted to 1, adding the deducted HP to the Monster’s Attack (no sharing to other Team Members).

  • Dragonware of “Paladins” Series




Dragonware of “Paladins” series will be available on 30 Jul (Mon) at noon! 6* “Paladins” who equip their own Dragonware can enhance its HP & Recovery by 1.1, runestone moving time and attack.


  • “Tempering of Chivalry” ── Challenge for Humans




“Paladins” Series will set up “Tempering of Chivalry” on 30 Jul (mon). Summoner needs to form human team for battle! Claim rewards like Madhead & Harpy by overcoming the challenges.

Stage Info


Last 2 Floor of Enemy Skills

Protection of Water Paladin Queen – 5-Combo Shield, Non-Fire Weakening, Poisoning
– Initial Shield
Pride of Fire Paladin King -Crescendo
– Counterstrike (5000 Each)
Awareness of Earth Paladin King – Electrified Runestones, 6-Combo Shield
– Lost Sands of Time, 9-Combo Shield, Uncontrollability
Divinity of Light Paladin King – Purifying, Combo Nullifying – Earth, Masked Path
– Ambush, Masked Path, Lock-for-Recovery Runestones – Light, Counterstrike, Defense Collapse
Hatred of Dark Paladin King – 20-time attack shield, Counterstrike, Uncontrollability
– Invisible, Skill Lock, Poison (70%)
  • Skill Demo of “Sensui”


  The demo will showcase the Skills of “Sensui” before and after Switching!