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Tower of Saviors “Rampage of Serpent” Event Begins! Joint Operation Boss “Mushussu” Debuts! Arena “The Magi” Series Coming Soon!



During the 5th week of version 15.1, “Raging Fangs – Mushussu” will lurk in the Joint Operation! Arena Reward “The Magi” Series is added! Most importantly, a number of characters’ skills will be buffed!

  • New Joint Operation – The Devastating Creature




New Joint Operation “The Devastating Creature” will be available on 8 Aug (Wed)! Come and meet the ferocious creature “Raging Fangs – Mushussu”! Summoner has to team up with your guild members to tackle the serpent!


In the stage “Hiss of the Serpent”, “Raging Fangs – Mushussu” is going to give Summoners a warm welcome! When Mushussu shows up, it will turn runestones into fire, but fire attack will be nullified, so you have to use water element to deal with it!


Complete the Joint Operation (Challenge & Extreme at least once),

Get the Outfit of “Refreshing Spindrift – Cassandra”!

  • “Ferocity of Fiery Beasts” – Fire Attack Up & Fire Enchanted Runestones




Fire Beast “Raging Fangs – Mushussu” can unleash Fire Attack x5 when the Team consists of only Beasts! It turns 3 Fire Runestones into Enchanted Runestones at the end of each Round.

  • “Boundless Inferno” – Constant Conversion into Fire Runestone & Extra Attack




“Raging Fangs – Mushussu” can activate “Boundless Inferno” upon 8CD:

For each Fire Combo made, the Monster launches an extra Fire attack, and turn 1 random Runestone into Fire Runestone at the beginning of next Round, to the max 4 extra attacks and 4 Runestones to be turned. The Skill stays in play until not 4 or more Fire Runestones are dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

  •  New Dark-Beast Seal Hits Trade Fortress




When the Joint Operation opens, there will be a valuable dragonary craft on sale in Trade Fortress – Aggressive Wild Seal! It’s a unique one, so do bring it into your craft box!


  •  ”The Magi” Debuts in Arena


Arena Trials will be available again on 13 Aug (Mon)! When Summoner reaches the rank “Staff Sergeant I”, you will be given a new character “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv.10) x1


In the stage of Arena, when using “The Magi” series in battles, you can get extra 5% Battle Points!

((Except during the period of Arena Trials)

  • “Prolonging Ploy” – Damage Reduction, Turning of Runestones




“Roger” can activate “Prolonging Ploy” upon 5 CD:

For 1 Round, no attacks could be launched by the Team; Damage received -20%; turn columns of Runestones below 3 Humans into Runestones of that Monster’s Attribute at the beginning of next Round. Such skill really has a great potential in the future.

  • New Chapters on Iron Age; Mystery of “Virginia” Reveals




The final region “Secluded Area” & new chapters will be available at 16:00, 14 Aug (Tue)! The story continues bringing you the adventure of Summoner in the mechanical city, which further unveils the background and intention of Virginia, and finally has a showdown with Samoy! All the mysteries will be answered in the story!


  • Characters’ Skills Buff




In the coming version, old characters’ skills will be buffed in order to make Summoner’s journey easier. The characters include those from Diamond Seal, Joint Operation and even Bi-weekly stages. The highlights of buffed characters are as follows:

  •  Team Skill, Leader Skill & Active Skill Enhanced!




After skill buff, the team skill of “Honda the Fist of Savagery” gets rid of water & light member restriction. When making 4 or more combos, it reduces damage by 35%. Furthermore, “Dauntless in Battles” can be activated upon 8CD!

When bringing all beast members, “Fatal Hunter – Lynx” can increase the total HP x1.2! By dissolving 3 types of Runestones (each type will be counted once only), Enchanted Dark Beast Runestones will be dropped! Also, CD reduction will be added to Team Skill! When using “Fatal Hunter – Lynx” as leader & ally and only dark beasts in the team, skill CD of all members -2 after entering the stage.


Besides, The active skill of “Shrunk Petals – Sakura” will turn fire & heart runestones into elf runestones at the beginning of the first round.

As for the leader skill of “Single-eyed Vanguard – Xiahou Dun”, attack multiplier will be increased from 1.5 to 1.8; Monster’s attack x 2.5 will be added into the active skill.

“Heart Runestones can be dissolved by aligning 2 or more of them” will be added into the leader skill of “Upright Utopian – Sun Ce” to enhance his recovery! For the team skill, Other Attributive Runestones also possess 35% effect of Water Runestones instead of 25%.


Easy Recovery!


The active skill of ”Shape Shifter – Lan Caihe” will turn runestones into enchanted water & light runestones.

“Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu” only requires 3 or more Monsters of “The Eight Xian” in the Team regarding her leader skill. For active skill, God Attack will be buffed from x 1.8 to x 2!

Character CD Buff in Version 16.0


Active Skill

CD Buff

Honda the Fist of Savagery Dauntless in Battles CD 9 ➭ CD 8
Inheritance – Paladin King of Earth Arrow of the General CD 10 ➭ CD 6
Inheritance – Paladin King of Light Healing Blow – Light CD 10 ➭ CD 6
Inheritance – Paladin King of Darkness Lethal Strike CD 15 ➭ CD 12
Inheritance – Paladin Overlord of Faith Pentagrammic Coherence – EX (Name to be confirmed) CD 10 ➭ CD 8
Ignorant Innocence – Delphinus Oath of the Sea CD 8 ➭ CD 5
Scarecrow the Fool Armor of Earth CD 10 ➭ CD 8
Oni the Snake Conjurer Vision of Snakes CD 15 ➭ CD 10
Var the Embodiment of Vows Pure Rage – God CD 8 ➭ CD 6
Curse of Immortality – Robert Crimson Linkage CD 12 ➭ CD 8
Weaver of Unswerving Love – Vega Affection of the Wife CD 8 ➭ CD 6
Cowherd of Undying Love – Altair Affection of the Man CD 8 ➭ CD 6
Great Onmyōji – Abe no Seimei One for All CD 10 ➭ CD 8
Devilish Coquette in Mountain – Yaoji Time Solidation – Earth CD 8 ➭ CD 6
Blazing Jail of Blood – Nome Time Solidation – Fire CD 8 ➭ CD 6
Lord of Asuras – Rahu Frantic Advance CD 10 ➭ CD 8
7009 the Invisible Killer Invisible Strike CD 12 ➭ CD 10

During Joint Operation, “Abe no Seimei” & “Yaoji” can be exchanged with “Raging Fangs

– Mushussu” in trade fortress

CDs reduction will be added into “Paladins” series in the next version! When activating the active skill of “Inheritance – Paladin Overlord of Faith”, skill CDs of “Paladins” series will -2.


  •  “Boundless Inferno” of “Raging Fangs – Mushussu” Skill Demo

The demo introduces the “Voice through the Crack” as a battlefield. “Raging Fangs – Mushussu” will team up with “Devil Purification – Suzuko” to defeat the enemies!

※ Team Allocation:

* 7* Devil Purification – Suzuko Lv 99
* 7* Raging Fangs – Mushussu Lv 99
* 7* Boyciana the Fire-controlling Stork Lv 99
* 6* Ethereal Drifter – Cerberus Lv 99
* 6* The Komainu of Combat Lv 99

※ Ally:
* 7* Devil Purification – Suzuko Lv 99