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“Tower of Saviors” 16.0 Version Updates on “The Apocalyptic Sanskrit”


“Tower of Saviors” 16.0 Version Updates on “The Apocalyptic Sanskrit

  1. New Monsters

– 58 new Monsters and various new Skills, a total of 1875 Monsters available.

– 16 new Titles

– New Limited Seal “Seven Chakras”, including 8 Monsters of the “Hindu Gods” series.


  1. Main Missions of “The 10th Seal”

– Summoners, who have passed the 9th Seal, can go deep underground to the 10th Seal ahead. Its region is mainly divided into 4 areas, where are guarded by different keepers. Summoner has to pass through various obstacles before challenging the 10 sealed lord – “Apocalyptic Rebirth – Shamash”.


  1. Virtual Rebirth of “Major Gods of Babylon” Series

Virtual Rebirth of “Major Gods of Babylon” Series will be available at 4:00 pm, 27 Aug (Mon). Come to meet their new forms and stronger abilities.


  1. New Dragonic Compulsion Mode – “Bubble of Mirror”

New challenging yet fun mode “Bubble of Mirror” debuts. Tap on any repeated runestones on screen to dissolve it! If enchanted runestones are dissolved, you can get extra scores!


  1. Optimization of the User Interface and the Game

– Skill Buff of Some Characters

– Machina Essence added

– “Collect All” & “Filter” function for Gift Packs added

– “Copy” function for Leader Board Teams added

– Automatically Sign in when entering “Accumulated Sign In Counts” for the first time every day

Grade List of Arena Trials added

– Combo count for the first batch and max damage added in battles


“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 16.00/16.01 Version Fixed Issues
Android & iOS :


– After finishing the tutorial of dragonic craft, Glauox still remains on screen

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 18.5:9, leaving the battle in the setting may pop out reward window

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 18.5:9, there may be a graphic error in the main page of Coliseum

– The battle scene “Underpass” may lead to display error in enemy icons

– The scrolling speed of some lists is too fast

– The numbers of score displayed on the upper left corner of Arena are overlapped

– In the Battle Preparation page of Joint Operation, an error may occur in editing team under specific circumstances

– When viewing cards/stage details in guild chatroom, the windows will not disappear together after closing the chatroom

– After completing Joint Operation/Coliseum event that exceeds time limit, the diamond/coin display will not refresh

– While playing the CV of a character, it may cause the voice button to stop working if you hit the “Switching” button

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 4:3, there may be a graphic error when levelling up skills

– During loading screen (eg. levelling up or entering or ending of a stage), opening up the guild chatroom may lead to error or game crash

– There is a display error in the AME stages of some characters

– There is a display error in viewing player’s team in Leader Board

– There is a display error at the bottom when entering card description via player’s team in Leader Board

– The battle round display after completing the horror stage occurred an error. If there is no dissolving of any Runestones after you touch them, such Round will not be counted

– The name of the Leader Skill of “Synergy of Qilin – Copper Bullet” is not correct

– The name of “Trade Fortress” is not correct

–  Rebinding accounts cannot use the function of “Sync with Facebook Friend List”

– During redemption of rewards in the “Tournament of Duels”, Points will not be updated after bulk purchase

– There is an animation display error after drawing couple cards at one time

– After completing AME mission of Yusuke, when players enter the Joint Operation from Community, Mercenaries & Seek Ally options disappear

– There is a position error in text dialogues of Glauox in Void of the Realm

– There are link errors in Community, Team Checkup and Comeback Guide


【Monster Skills】

– If you activate the Active Skill of “Ancestral Follower – Seth” when facing the enemies who can change their own attributes, it will lead to game crash after you activate “Switching”

– After activating the Active Skill of “Unbegotten Source – Ubbo”, it doesn’t revive HP when the enemy is defeated

– When activating the Active Skill of “Moonlight Guardian – Chang’e” & “Fiend of Destruction – Azathoth” in order, the water and heart runestones dropped are not enchanted

– The Enchanted Human Runestone icon generated by the Team Skill of “Kurapika” may remain in the battle

– Under the combined skill of “Yusuke Urameshi” & “Toshin Raizen” may have wrong extra attacks in certain circumstances

– For the Combined Skill of Kurama & Yomi, the effect of “increase the Occurrence Rate of Earth and Heart Runestones” failed to work properly

–  In wave 28 of “The Return of Sealed Lords”, extra 4 positions will be weathered in the middle

– After activating the skill of “Au Shiau Hung Chen” to dodge the raid of the enemy, an additional tornado will occur upon Switching

– If there are race runestones converted by the active skills of characters in the battle, such characters cannot activate their skills again

– For enemy who “attacks once at the beginning of the first Round, and turns odd rows of Runestones into Fire Runestones. Fire Runestones cannot be dissolved.”, if you activate the active skill that adds 3 rows of Runestones, it will lead to game crash when you activate the team skill of “Knight of Virtuousness – Arthur” without dissolving any runestones after spinning

“- When facing the enemy with the following skill, “Stith”’s active skill may fail to function properly


“At the beginning of the first Round, all Runestones will be locked; Team Attack -20% for each Locked Runestone dissolved (triggering Dragonic Compulsion will be regarded as dissolving all present Locked Runestones). Team Recovery becomes 0.The enemy attacks regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills.”

– The attack visual effect of Pompeii may lead to game crash

– When activating “explosion” related active skills if there are locked runestones in battle, it may lead to game crash after defeating enemies

– The Active Skills of “Delta the Vow Protector” & “Body Transmutation – Biscuit” and the Active Skill of “Flame Shadow – Oda Nobunaga” can be activated at the same time

– After defeating enemies with the Active Skill of “Sniper of Patina – Lionel, Summoner still receives damages

– Earth Runestones are not locked in the first round by the enemy with “Enchanted Runestone Shield, Counterstrike & Lock-for-Recovery Runestones – Earth”

– For the skill of Dragonware of “Egyptian Gods”, the damage reduction effect did not function after Switching or Combination

– In the boss battle of “Hatred of Dark Paladin King”, there is a description error in the enemy skill “Invisible – Attack Nullifying – Poisoning”

– When encountering enemies with “Initial Shield, Tornado & Uncontrollability” skill, there is no tornado effect after enemies attack


“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 16.00/16.01 Version Known Issues

Android & iOS :


– When evolving the Monster you’ve already owned, the BGM will stop automatically

– In tutorials, the instruction icon occurs a display error

– The “confirm” button is misplaced in smartphones with screen ratio of 18.7:9

– The character icons of “Hiei” & “Kurama” occurs an error in battles

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 4:3, there is a position error in Spirit in the Joint Operation

– During battle, there is a scrolling error when opening the setting

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 4:3, there is a display error in the background of active skill CD in the card description

– For smartphones with the screen ratio of 4:3, there is a display error in the text dialogues of Void of the Realm


【Monster Skills】

– It may lead to a calculation error when the Active Skill of “Scheming Usurper – Dong Zhuo”, “Switching” & “3 rows of Runestones will be added” are activated at the same time

– When enemies revive, its effect will overlap after activating “switching” or relogin the game, and it will remain in the battle

– Wrong CVs may have played when activating the Combined Skills of character of “Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho”

– In wave 3 of “100% Mightiness”, after the enemy revives, heart runestones on screen will be removed again upon Switching

– In wave 4 of “100% Mightiness”, the enemy skill regarding HP recovery fails to function properly

– The character’s attack of “Rampage of Doomfire – Pompeii”  on the far left is displayed as 0

– The recovery increment of Leader Skills of “Yusuke”, “Hiei” & “Kurama” did not function in the first round or in the first round upon Switching. The issue is fixed after touching runestone

– Under specific situations, when facing enemies who can change its attack frequency, its effect will launch again when resume to battle

– When activating combined skills of “Hiei” & “Mukuro”, players can still move runestones

– The Active Skill of “Toshin Raizen” has turned Dark Runestones into Heart Runestones. The correct setting is to turn Dark Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones.