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Tower of Saviors “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” Into the Realm! New Ultimate Stage “The Poor Twins”! “The Howling of Beasts” 18-floor Transmigration Challenge Begins!


Version 16.0 brings you a new ultimate stage “The Poor Twins” created by “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” next week. Besides, Summoners will also be tested by “Companions of Mystical Beasts” in the transmigration challenge “The Howling of Beasts”!

● Ultimate Stage “The Poor Twins”

“Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” will be lurking in the ultimate stage “The Poor Twins” at 10:00 p.m on 7 Sep (Fri). They’re going to set a tough trap with “Chittamatra – Brahma” & “Obsessive Desire – Varuni” to dispel anyone who breaks into the stage. Summoner, do you have the guts to defeat them?

● The Deadly Twins

“Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” has been relying on each other since they were born. The power of the two is extraordinary. During the 1st phase, the enemy only receives Damage dealt by Enchanted Runestones. Runestone-moving time will be reduced to 2 seconds.The enemy receives Damage only when there is a Controlling Skill on it. Summoner can break it with “Scorpio of Agility – Alma” (Awakening Recall) or Egyptian Gods (Divergence) using their “Final Judgment” skills!


During the 2nd phase, “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” will lock the Active Skills of all Members. All Runestones will also be locked in the first Round. After that, all Heart Runestones will be locked every Round. If any Locked Runestone remains, the enemy recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round. The enemy attacks regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills. Therefore, remember to bring members with “unlocking” skills.

● Breaking Frozen & Electrified Runestones

Water Elf “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” can activate “Spirits for Elves” & “Disruption to Ice & Lightning” upon 6 CD. For “Spirits for Elves”, turn Fire Runestones into Enchanted Heart Elf Runestones. For “Disruption to Ice & Lightning”, explode Frozen and Electrified Runestones to generate Enchanted Water Runestones. Very Practical Skills aren’t they?

● Elf-Exclusive Craft!
5 (Update).jpg
Complete 3-star achievement to get “Vague Brutal Bubble” x1

●  The Howling of Beasts — 18-Floor Transmigration Challenge

After Power Release, the power of “Companions of Mystical Beasts” has greatly enhanced! They’ll be setting up an 18-floor transmigration stage “Visions of Mystical Beasts” from next monday! “Reflection of Astro Glow – Pupuro”, “Devil Purification – Suzuko” and “Wits of Unicorn – Haza” will become your opponents! Only triumphant Summoners can claim all the rewards!!

Enemy Info About the Final 5 Floors


Complete the 3rd floor to get
The cool outfit of Haza

● The Survivor of Oroz – Sonata !

“Sonata the Follower of the Diva” will debut next monday! This Water Elf is equipped with moving-time extension, attack & recovery up and runestone possession effects.

“Sonata” can activate “Blue Melancholy” upon 8CD:

For 1 Round, extend Runestone-moving time to 10 seconds; Attack & Recovery of Gods & Elves x 1.5; if there are 2 or more Elves in the Team, other Runestones also possess 50% effect of Water Runestones.

●  “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” ── Skill Demo

The demo introduces “Element-governing Goddess – Nightmare” as a battle stage. “Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi” will join “Prime Erudite – Atrahasis”, showcasing his skill to solve the frozen runestones. Let’s see how they defeat “Balance of Worldly Order – Giemsa”!

※ Team Members:

* 7* Prime Erudite – Atrahasis Lv 99
* 7* Wisdom Pursuer – Atrahasis Lv 99
* 7* Reflection of Astro Glow – Pupuro Lv 99
* 7* Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale Lv 99
* 6* Wretched Twins – Bhairava & Nandi Lv 99

※ Ally:

* 7* Prime Erudite – Atrahasis Lv 99



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