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Response to EMFHK 2018

Concerning the event arrangement and follow-up action of ICBC (Asia) e-Sports and Music Festival Hong Kong 2018 (EMFHK), we have the following response after a detailed conversation:


First, in terms of campaign “Jumbo Lucky Draw”, from the experience of previous events, the measure we took this time aimed to reduce players’ queuing time and improve security. During the event, players can only participate once in “Jumbo Lucky Draw”, and there was a significant improvement with regard to queuing time and drawing procedure. In search of greater player interaction, we have spent more time on preparing stage campaigns such as “Camp Battle”, “Mini Games” and “Lucky Wheel”. We hope that players would come and join the stage campaigns after they have completed “Jumbo Lucky Draw”. Although there was improvement in queuing experience in general, we understand some players thought that there was a difference from their expectation in terms of rewards and prize given re-queuing was not allowed. After a thorough conversation, we decided to provide the following compensation solution (details as follow).


Next, we realized that players thought we were too late in making announcement about the lucky draw details. The reason behind is that it’s necessary for us to acquire relevant approval and authorization before we further announce the campaign details and prize.  Plus, we have added a more complicated “Lucky Wheel” campaign which made the time required even longer. That was why players were not able to notice the campaign arrangement in advance. We will pay more attention to this matter for any other lucky draw campaign in future.


Moreover, some players felt that the content of the promotional posts concerning the lucky draw campaign were vague. We feel sorry about that as well. Despite the fact that we have mentioned “Each UID can participate only once in “Jumbo Lucky Draw”” every time we made a new promotional post, we were unable to make clear notice about the changing of previous rules, and many players were unsure about the new rules. We understand that players may have certain level of expectation from previous events, and it is usual for them to make comparison. We sincerely apologize again for not making detailed announcement in time, and we promise we will learn from this lesson.


Additionally, the purpose of the campaign is to bring joyous experience to participants and return with souvenirs and prizes. Therefore, for those who participated in the campaign and already redeemed the reward of Jumbo Lucky Draw of EMFHK, we decided to provide an extra  “Jumbo Lucky Draw (EX)” and “Draw Giveaway (Choose 1 from 3)” (See (Note)) as a compensation. As setting up the compensation website takes time, please stay tuned for the news on our official facebook page. We will continue collecting your opinions for fostering a better queuing arrangement and diversity of rewards next time. For those who haven’t redeemed the reward of Jumbo Lucky Draw, please redeem it on or before 26 September.


Last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude towards all players, especially those who supported us in all 3 days and actively took part in the stage event. Thanks to you, we feel like TOS is a big family. Thank you for your valuable feedback and we do hope that everyone will be satisfied in the next campaign.



“Draw Giveaway (Choose 1 from 3)”


Solution 1:

Player may keep the character received in the Draw Giveaway in EMFHK while obtain an extra “Jumbo Lucky Draw (EX)”


Solution 2:

If player chooses to give up the character received in the Draw Giveaway in EMFHK, we will withdraw the character from your Inventory. Player will be given an extra chance of “Draw Giveaway (Choose 1 from 3)”, details of which will be announced later, and extra “Jumbo Lucky Draw (EX)”.