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Tower of Saviors New Black-Gold Character “Mesopotamia”!! Kubera’s Coliseum Event “Virtue of Generosity” Begins!



After Virtual Rebirth of “Major Gods of Babylon”, new limited Earth character “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” is coming to the realm! Moreover, Coliseum boss “Wealth Pursuer – Kubera” will bring another tough trial to Summoner!

● 1 Week Limited! Earth Black-Gold Character “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia”

The first-ever human black-gold character, “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia”, will debut next monday, raising the strength of human members to the next level!

●  New Member into “Genesis” Series

Event Period: 10 Sep (Mon) – 16 Sep (Sun)
When drawing cards in the “Diamond Seal” during event period,
You’re guaranteed to get “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” with 40 draws

“Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” is a limited 7-star character. Draw in the Diamond Seal during the event “The Triumphant Heroine”, you may have a chance to get 7-star or above Mythical character and bring Mesopotamia home. Meanwhile, for every 10-Draw Diamond Seal made, you’re guaranteed to a random character in “Yummy Alpacas”!

● “Ancient Coin Seal” Also Available

During the event “The Triumphant Heroine”, “Ancient Coin Seal” drawing machine is also available for 7 days. Use 100 Ancient Coins to give it a try. The characters in “Ancient Coin Seal” are all rare!

●  “Mesopotamia” as Leader & Ally ── Earth Attack, 10-sec Moving Time, Dissolving Light & Dark Runestones by Aligning 2 of Them

When using “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” as Leader & Ally, the leader skill of the leader will be changed into “Selfless Heiress – EX”! The skill enhances the earth attack & earth human attack, extends the runestone moving time regardlessly, changes into enchanted human runestones and dissolves light or dark runestones by aligning 2 of them.

When using “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” as Leader & Ally, you don’t need to be afraid of enemy skills related to runestones moving-time reduction anymore. Just put 2 Light or Dark Runestones together and you can dissolve it, which increases your combos easily!
●  Team Skill ── Runestone Effect Possession, HP Up & CD -5

For the team skill, Light and Dark Runestones also possess 50% effect of Earth and Heart Runestones, which ensures decent team attack while recovers your HP. Besides, HP of Earth Members x 1.2 additionally. And the most amazing thing is, After entering a Stage, Active Skill CDs of the Leader & Ally -5!!! That’s really mighty!

● “Indomitable Will” ── Activate Your Skill As Soon As You Enter Battles!

“Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” can activate “Indomitable Will” upon 5CD (Both Leader & Ally (Mesopotamia) can activate at the same time) :

When 4 or more Combos are made, the Monster launches an extra Light attack and an extra Dark attack; when 6 or more Combos are made, the Monster’s Attack x 3; when 8 or more Combos are made, the Monster’s Damage will be dealt to enemies regardless of “Combo Shield”. The Skill stays in play until no more than 3 Combos are made.
* Combo Shield: “The enemy will receive Damage only when X Combo is made”

With the support of the leader skill, you can easily get 8 combos! The extra attack & self-attack up effects further boost the power to the next level! Imagine if you activate both active skills when using Mesopotamia as Leader & Ally, the attack will be astonishing! Even if you face the combo shield, you can ignore it and spin freely!

● Mono-Earth “Collector’s Deck” ── Help You Assemble Team Members of “Mesopotamia”

To celebrate the dawn of “Mesopotamia”, “The Collectibles of Earth” will be out between 17 Sep (Mon) and 23 Sep (Sun)! The “Collector’s Deck” includes 30 Earth Monsters (Some of them are more than 1). Each time you draw a card from it, you will get a random Monster, and the total Monster number in the deck will reduce 1 accordingly, until no Monster left in the deck. By then, the “Collector’s Deck” will be reset automatically (or you can manually reset once every day). In other words, drawing cards from the deck 30 times (provided that no manual reset was conducted before) guarantees you to get all the 30 Monsters into your Inventory.

● 7-Day Login, 7 Free Draws

* The free draws must be used within the event period

From 10 Sep (Mon) to 16 Sep (Sun), you can get a free draw from Diamond Seal every day after you login. Try your luck and you may get Mesopotamia for free!

● New Coliseum Event “Virtue of Generosity”

“Wealth Pursuer – Kubera” will set up the Coliseum Stage “Pleasure of Wealth” on 10 Sep (Mon)! Get the redemption coupons by beating him and redeem good stuff in the Coliseum!

In the stage “Pleasure of Wealth – Advanced”, “Wealth Pursuer – Kubera” will be waiting for Summoner’s challenge. When there are Hindu Gods in the team, Skill CD of Gods becomes 0; God Attack x 2 for 7 Rounds. Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, a random type of Runestones will be turned into Light Runestones. When a Light Combo is made, the enemy recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).
● Battle Using “Hindu Gods” & VR “Major Gods of Babylon”!

When challenging the Coliseum, if you bring the characters of “Hindu Gods” or VR“Major Gods of Babylon” in the team, you’ll get special bonus after the battle. Each 6-star character of “Hindu Gods” or VR“Major Gods of Babylon” (not including the repeated members and ally) will give 20% redemption points bonus to Summoner!

● “Kubera” Redemption! And More Old Characters For Limited Redemption!

30 points of Stamina will be consumed for entering the Advanced Stage in Coliseum once (the Basic one costs 15). Defeat the enemies to earn coupons for redeeming rare materials, including “Harpy”, “Dagger Wielder”, “Kubera” , etc.

During the event period, successfully challenge the Coliseum 15 times or more to obtain the Outfit of “Vishnu”

Use the Points to redeem the rewards you want!

Old Characters available for redemption!
Don’t miss it!

Skill level-up Materials for “Hindu Gods” – Guardians of Heaven!

● “Godly Protection” – Damage Reduction, Leader & Ally Attack Up

Light God “Wealth Pursuer – Kubera” can activate “Godly Protection” upon 8CD:

When the Team consists of only Gods, Damage received -80% and Leader & Ally Attack x 3.5 for 2 Rounds; otherwise, Damage received -50% and Leader & Ally Attack x 2 for 2 Rounds.
● “The Survivor of Oroz” – Ziz
The last character of “The Survivor of Oroz” – “Ziz the Forlorn Beast” will be coming next monday! The active skill “Call of Beasts” can be activated upon CD8:

Turn the columns of Runestones below Beasts into Beast Runestones. For 1 Round, each Beast launches an extra Light attack as much as 2.5x the Monster’s Attack.

● “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” Skill Demo

The demo introduces “True Self of the Beast” of the 10th Seal as a battle stage. “Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia” will lead the Earth members to beat “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth”!

※ Team Members:
7* Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia Lv 99
7* Withered Soul – Belle Lv 99
6* Twisted Fate – Ophiuchus Lv 99
7* Scourge of Transfiguration – Circe Lv 99
6* Drifting Petals – Sun Shangxiang Lv 99

※ Ally:
7* Glorious Amazon – Mesopotamia Lv 99