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Tower of Saviors New Ultimate Stage “Flow of Chakras”! “Chinese Mythological Beasts” Power Release!



Stepping into the 5th week of the version 16.0, we’re here to bring you new Machina PR Form of “Chinese Mythological Beasts” next week! The 10th Seal “Ritual Ruins” will unlock with a new adventure! To celebrate the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, a special event “30 Riddles in Full Moon” will be brought to the realm. Can you solve the challenge set up by “Dumuzi” & “Inanna”? Last, a tough challenge is ahead as “Chakra Epiphany – Indra” is going to be your opponent in the ultimate stage “Flow of Chakras”.

  • Ultimate Stage “Flow of Chakras” 


Chakra Guru “Indra” creates an ultimate stage “Flow of Chakras” at 10:00 p.m. on 21 Sep (Fri). He, together with “Maheśvara – Shiva” & “Lust for Blood – Varuna”, will set up tough puzzles to test your skills! Only by beating the stage can bring Indra to your inventory!

  •  The Trials of Indra

Summoners, be ready for the powerful challenge of Indra! When facing the boss battle:

At the beginning of the first Round, Skill CDs and accumulated Rounds of non-Gods will be reset. Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, 3 random Runestones will be electrified.  The enemy receives Damage only when 7 or more Combos are made.  If not, the enemy will launch a number of attacks to the Summoner.  The number equals the difference between 7 and the number of Combos made.


During the 2nd phase of the boss battle, the following conditions must be fulfilled to deal Damage to Indra: 1) 30 or more Light Runestones are dissolved cumulatively. If the above condition is fulfilled, the enemy will reset the number of Runestones accumulated when its CD reaches 0; if not, the enemy will attack; 2) No Water, Fire, Earth or Dark Runestones are dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  • “Guru of Chakra” — Turning into Light God Runestones & Synchronizing God & Demon Attack


Light God “Chakra Epiphany – Indra” can activate “Guru of Chakra” upon 6 CD:

Turn Runestones at 7 fixed positions into Light God Runestones.  Synchronize the Attack of all Gods and Demons as the greatest God or Demon Attack launched for 1 Round. Make use of the skill to give enemies a deadly blow!

  •  Light Exclusive Bubble Craft Debuts!


Complete 3-star achievement to get the rare “Glittering Pique Bubble” x1!

  • New PR Forms for 5-star “Chinese Mythological Beasts”


5-star “Chinese Mythological Beasts” can obtain a new power at 4 p.m., 17 Sep (Mon) with the new Machina power release form! If you want to form some cool Machina teams, don’t miss it!

  • “Assault of Machinas” ── Machina & Dragon Attack Up


Machina “Mech Azure Dragon – Qinglong” has a leader skill that:

When the Team consists of only Machinas and Dragons, Attack x 4.5 and Attack +300; by dissolving a group of 3 or more Runestones in the column below a Machina, the Monster’s Attack x 1.5 additionally.

  • “Giant Waterspout” ── Turning into Enchanted Water Runestones; Leader & Ally Attack Up


“Mech Azure Dragon – Qinglong” can activate “Giant Waterspout” upon 5 CD:

Turn the columns of Runestones below 2 Machinas into Enchanted Water Runestones.  If the Leader and Ally are Machinas, Leader & Ally Attack x 2.5 for 1 Round.

  • “Phoenix from the Ashes” ── HP Depletion; Fire Attack


Fire Machina “Mech Vermilion Bird – Zhuque” can activate “Phoenix from the Ashes” upon 6 CD:

Team HP will be depleted to 1 (this Skill cannot be activated when Team HP is 1).   For 1 Round, if a group of 5 or more Runestones are dissolved in a column, 4 Enchanted Fire Runestones will be generated in that column; if a group of 5 or more Runestones are dissolved in 2 or more columns, HP will be fully recovered (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

  • “Sylvan Spirits” ── Turning into Enchanted Heart Runestones; Heart & Earth Runestone Possession Effect


“Mech Emerald Tortoise – Xuanwu” can activate “Sylvan Spirits” upon 6CD:


Turn 5 Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones (Light and Dark Runestones rank first in priority).  Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Earth Runestones for 1 Round; the effect +50% for every extra Earth Machina present in the Team, to the max 300%.

  • “Aggression of Machinas” ── Machina & Beast Attack Up; Runestone Possession Effect; Fuel Up; Self Attack Up


“Mech White Tiger – Baihu” & “Mech Somber Beast – Taotie” have leader skills “Aggression of Machinas” :

When the Team consists of only Machinas and Beasts, Team Attack x 5; Runestones of Monster’s Attribute also possess 50% effects of other Attributive Runestones (effects can be superimposed); when 5 or more Combos are made, Fuel of Machinas +5%; when all Machinas in the Team have 100% Fuel, the Monster’s Attack x 2.

  • “Lightning Strikes” ── Machina & Beast Attack Up; Regardless of Defense


“Mech White Tiger – Baihu” can activate “Lightning Strikes” upon 6CD:

For 1 Round, Beast & Machina Attack x 1.5; enemy Defense -80%.  If the Monster’s Fuel is 100% upon Skill activation, the Attack multiplier increases to x 2 and Damage will be dealt regardless of Defense.

  • “Darkness of Devourer” ── Turning into Enchanted Heart & Dark Runestones; Monster’s Attack Basic Value Up


“Mech Somber Beast – Taotie” can activate “Darkness of Devourer” upon CD 6:

Turn Light and Heart Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones; Water and Dark Runestones into Enchanted Dark Runestones; if HP is 1 upon Skill activation, the Monster’s Attack basic value +2000 for 1 Round (no superimposing). Bring Taotie with Schnauzer!


  • 10th Seal “Ritual Ruins” Unlocks! Be Prepared for “Resonance of the World – Zana” 


For Summoners who’ve defeated “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth”, you can go further to the next area “Ritual Ruins” which will be open at 4 p.m on 17 Sep (Mon)! The Ritual Ruins forbid Dragon & Elf to go in. So form your own winning team to challenge the guardian “Resonance of the World – Zana”!


After defeating “Zana”,

The restriction on Elf will be removed!

  •  Guardian of “Ritual Ruins” ── “Zana”

Challenging “Zana” is not an easy task. During the first phase, a random type of Runestones will be turned into Earth Runestones at the beginning of the first Round. When the enemy attacks for the first time, a random row of Runestones will be turned into Earth Runestones; for the second time, a random column of Runestones will be turned into Earth Runestones.  The above attacks run as a cycle. When an Earth Combo is made, the enemy recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). All Runestone-turning Skills will be nullified (those turning only the Race but not the Type of Runestones are not limited).


During the 2nd phase, the enemy only receives Damage dealt by Fire attacks. Runestone-moving time will be reduced to 2 seconds. The enemy receives Damage only when Enchanted Fire Runestones are dissolved according to the shape of the frame (Runestones adjacent to the frame cannot be dissolved together). So, is it challenging enough?

  •  Gather “Tunestones”; Unlock “Eternal Prison”


The release date of Eternal Prison to be announced later

Apart from defeating “Resonance of the World – Zana”, you still need to gather “Tunestones” if you want to go further into the “Eternal Prison”! While challenging the stages of “Ritual Ruins”, you can collect different kinds of “Tunestones”!

  •  Gather Tunestones to Exchange for Items


”Tunestones” will also be adding into the Trade Fortress too! Summoner can use specific number and kinds of “Tunestones” to exchange for Silver Pattern, Silver Seal, Alpacas and so on!

  • “30 Riddles in Full Moon”! Test Your Limit!


Next monday, there will be an extreme challenge “30 Riddles in Full Moon” for all summoners! You need to achieve accumulated clear times to get specific rewards! Do remember that the monsters used by the Summoner will be forbidden upon completion of every stage. The Summoner cannot use those monsters (no matter as the team leader, teammates or ally) listed on the “Forbidden Monster(s)” again for other stages.


Reach accumulated clear times to get power release material, Harpy, Title “30 Riddles in Full Moon” and the outfit “Beauteous Allure – Medea”!

** There is a “Reset” function on the Clear Record. The Summoner can reset the “Forbidden Monster(s)”, and the clear times will also be reset as 0. After “Reset”, the claimed rewards cannot be obtained again.

  • Skill Demo of “Indra”

The demo introduces “Grow Stronger As Beast – Elite” as a battle stage. “Chakra Epiphany – Indra” will join the team of “Moon of Pureness – Inanna” to defeat enemies with his skill!

※ Team Members

  • 7* Moon of Pureness – Inanna LV 99
  • 6* Chakra Epiphany – Indra Lv 99
  • 7* Righteous Executioner – Ra Lv 99
  • 8* Wings of Chaos – Lucifer Lv 99
  • 5* Noble Thief – Mammon Lv 99

※ Ally

  • 7* Moon of Pureness – Inanna LV 99