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Tower of Saviors Horror Stage “Ranto the Castle Dragon” Rolls Out! Arena “Roger” Available for Evolution!


During the 6th week of version 16.0, “Ranto the Castle Dragon” will be coming out in the horror mission of “Reminiscence of Dragon”! Arena character “Novice Sage – Roger” can be evolved into fire attribute “Sage of Subversive Tone – Roger”!

  •  Horror Challenge —— “Reminiscence of Dragon”


Light Dragon “Ranto the Castle Dragon” debuts! This horror stage has a grade system. Challenge the stage “The Gargantuan Shadow” with your intelligence and skills! Successfully completing “The Gargantuan Shadow – Beginner” 5 times gives you “Ranto” x1 (Skill Lv.5)! Also, Withered Melog x1 is guaranteed to drop in “Horror” difficulty.

  •   “Reminiscence of Dragon”: A Recognition of Your Power


In “The Gargantuan Shadow”, Summoner has to beat the stage with the shortest number of rounds, shortest time, highest combos and highest attack to get the highest score! When you score 7000, 12000, 18000 & 22000, you can obtain specific rewards!

  •  Enemy Skills Info!


  •  Dragonic Pact” ── Turning into Enchanted Runestone; Team Attack Up; HP Recover; Regardless of Enemy Defense


“Ranto the Castle Dragon” can activate “Dragonic Pact” upon 8CD, which can gain specific effects according to the team members! Bring designated races can obtain decent effects, like turning into enchanted runestones, team attack up, HP recovery & attacking regardless of enemy defense.

  •   CD -2 Team Skill ── CD of the first “Ranto the Castle Dragon” from the left -2


When the team has 4 or more races, Active Skill CD of the first “Ranto the Castle Dragon” from the left -2. That means you can activate the skill upon 6 CD!

  •  Arena Character “Novice Sage – Roger” Available for Evolution!


Here comes the Arena Trials again! When Arena ranking reaches “Staff Sergeant I” & “Staff Sergeant III” , Summoner can obtain “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv.10) x1! When the ranking is “Sergeant Major”, a silver title “Major Sergeant Major” is rewarded!

  •  Fire Attribute “Roger”


From 24 Sep (Mon) 12:00 noon, “Novice Sage – Roger” can be evolved into “Sage of Subversive Tone – Roger”, Fire Attribute! One of the evolve materials is “Novice Sage – Roger” x1, which can be redeemed by Prize Points (once only) in the Arena.

  • “Sorcery of Fiery Shadow” ── Human Attack Up; Water & Fire Damage Reduction

Fire Attribute “Sage of Subversive Tone – Roger” has a leader skill “Sorcery of Fiery Shadow”:

Human Attack x 3.5; by dissolving 6 or more Water or Fire Runestones in total, Human Attack x 1.5 additionally.  Water & Fire Damage received -30%.


Besides, bringing “Sage of Subversive Tone – Roger” into mono fire human team, the monster’s HP will be doubled!

  •  Raging Blaze” ── Damage Reduction; Fire & Human Attack Up next round; Overpower Water enemies


“Sage of Subversive Tone – Roger” can activate “Raging Blaze” upon 5 CD:


For 1 Round, no attacks could be launched by the Monster; Damage received -60%.  For the next Round, Fire and Human Attack x 2; Fire Damages can overpower Water enemies.