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Tower of Saviors Goddess Eris Guild Mission! Dolls Collection Roll Out Next Week!


With the ongoing crossover with KonoSuba, next week goddess Eris will bring you the guild mission “Calling On Eris”. This time is about doll collection! Besides, bi-weekly character “Winter Shogun” will also send you chill on next monday!

  •  Spooky Dolls Lurk Around Halloween


As Halloween is coming, “Mischievous Goddess – Eris” saw lots of bizarre yet interesting dolls on the street! From 8 Oct (Mon) – 14 Oct (Sun), as soon as you collect enough dolls, you can get Eris into your team!


  • “Giant Toads” Come Out!


During the event “Calling On Eris”, Goddess Eris has attracted a group of Giant Toads! Adding 1 “Giant Toad” when leveling up characters can get 100,000 EXP; For characters of KonoSuba, you can get 150,000 EXP! So, don’t let them hop away!


  • Raiding Monsters “Headless Horseman – Dullahan”, “1030cc Motorbike Rider – Black Cat”


In the stage “Moment of Terminal Lucidity”, Summoner may have a chance to meet “Headless Horseman – Dullahan” or “1030cc Motorbike Rider – Black Cat”. Once you encounter each of them, the character is guaranteed to drop!

  • Active Skill “Secret Promise” – Life Saving


“Mischievous Goddess – Eris” can activate “Secret Promise” upon 10 CD:

When the Team includes only Humans and Gods, the next Damage received will not lead to your defeat; HP will be fully recovered at the end of the Round.

  • Collect Dolls to Get Guild Scores

Summoner can get different dolls during the guild mission. Collect all 12 to showcase them in the showroom of “Spooky Dollhouse”!


Each doll can be exchanged into specific guild score. With rare dolls you can even get 200 scores. Collect specific dolls, reach certain personal and guild scores, and you’ll be rewarded with wonderful rewards! Summoners who collect a set of 12 dolls will receive a limited title!


Obtain specific doll for the first time & get according rewards
Doll Reward
Midnight Blue Infant Gleaming Cyan Carp x1
Braided Maiden Pumpkin Trio x1
Umbrella of Bloody Tears Baby Harpy x2
Guinevere the Uncaged Butterfly Rhinobeetle Samurai x1
Noah Dagger Wielder x1
Rose Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder x1
Clown Statue Baby Harpy x2
Morris the Teddy Bear Madhead x1
Andromeda 300 Souls
Elf Summoner – Princess Woodbury Diamond x1
Twilight Flylady – Beelzebub 6,500,000 Coins
Satan Diamond x1




  •  Guild Mission Character for Non-Crossover Regions


Summoners of non-crossover regions can also participate in the guild mission, but some stages or rewards related to crossover event will be adjusted. Instead of “Eris”, Summoner can get the new character “Tobey the Doll Mistress” instead, and her skill is just as same as “Eris”!

  •   “Winter Shogun” Debuts!


Here comes the second bi-weekly stage character “Winter Shogun” next monday! Water Demon “Winter Shogun” can activate “Demonic Runestones – Enchanted” upon 7CD, which can turn all Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.


* All relevant events & rewards of KonoSuba are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.