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Tower of Saviors Ultimate Boss“Perillos” Reveals! Brand New Series “The Master Cathieves” Debut! First Peep at Our New Characters!

Close to the end of the version 16.1, “Perillos the Brazen Bull” will unveil the finale to bring Summoners the ultimate stage “Insanely High Temperature”! Arena Character “Novice Sage – Roger” will soon be available for evolving into the water attribute “Frozen Glamour – Roger”! Besides, new characters “The Master Cathieves” will debut in version 16.2!

  •  Ultimate Stage “Insanely High Temperature”



“Perillos” the brazen bull is going to turn you into his cuisine at 10:00 pm, 9 Nov (Fri) in the ultimate stage. Teaming up with “Braided Maiden” & “The Combustor of Life Jackie”, Perillos is ready for searching for more fresh human meat…

  •   Perillos Torture

“Perillos” who has a quirk of listening the painful screams of humans will test your strength in his turd.  During the 1st phase:

The enemy only receives Damage if 50 or more Water Runestones are dissolved cumulatively (regardless of Attribute-altering Skills).  If the above condition is fulfilled, the enemy will reset the number of Runestones accumulated when its CD reaches 0; if not, the enemy will attack. Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, Water Runestone position(s) will be burned; Water Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones.  Every time when a burned position is touched, 20% of Summoner’s HP will be deducted. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.


During the second phase:

At the beginning of the first Round, the enemy raids and deducts 99% of Summoner’s current HP (Damage-reducing or increasing effects apply). Summoner’s Attack becomes 0 for 3 Rounds. 50% of Summoner‘s HP will be deducted when the enemy attacks (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills); the more number of Damage the Summoner received, the more the enemy’s Attack will increase. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  • “Melody of Scorching Screams” ── Turning into Enchanted Fire Runestones, Beast Runestones


Fire Beast “Perillos” can activate “Melody of Scorching Screams” upon CD 5:

For 2 Rounds, turn 3 random Runestones into Enchanted Fire Runestones; turn all Fire Runestones touched while moving into Beast Runestones.

  •  Fire Exclusive Opal : Snipe, Attack Up, Delay Enemies Action


Complete 3-star achievement to get “Molten Cannon Opal” x1!

  •   “Novice Sage – Roger” into Water Attribute


Arena Trial is here again!  Reach specific ranking to get rare character “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv. 10) x1!


From 12 pm, 5 Nov (Mon), “Novice Sage – Roger” can be evolved into Water Attribute “Frozen Glamour – Roger”. “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv.1) is one of the evolve materials that you can redeem with Prize Points once in the Arena!

  • “Sorcery of Watery Moon” ── Human Attack Up; Water & Earth Damage Reduction

“Frozen Glamour – Roger” has a leader skill “Sorcery of Watery Moon”:

Human Attack x 3.5; by dissolving 6 or more Water or Earth Runestones in total, Human Attack x 1.5 additionally.  Water & Earth Damage received -30%.


If you bring “Frozen Glamour – Roger” into Mono Water Human Team, the HP of “Frozen Glamour – Roger” will be double!

  • “Sorcery of Ice” ── Damage Reduction, Runestone Effect Possession


“Frozen Glamour – Roger” can activate “Sorcery of Ice” upon 6CD:

For 1 Round, no attacks could be launched by the Monster; Damage received -60%.  For the next Round, other types of Runestones also possess 150% effect of Water Runestones.

  • “The Master Cathieves” Coming Soon!


Ali Baba’s famous, adorable cat thieves are taking the lead to reveal their true power to fight against the unscrupulous tycoon in the realm, saving people in need.  As a cat lover, it’s time for you to swear an oath of loyalty to the master cats!


*  Use 3-star “Werewolves” to level up the skill of 5-star characters of “The Master Cathieves”

  • Skill info of “The Master Cathieves”


In the Diamond Seal of “Calling of Cathieves”, Summoners can draw the characters of “The Master Cathieves” Series for helping you through battles ahead. We’ll first introduce you the skills of “Bon Appétit – Choux”, “Tactful Illusionist – Copperfield” & “Astute Lockpicker – Wimpy”! The rare characters will be announced next week!

  •   “Feast of Beam – Beasts” ── Beast Attack Up


“Bon Appétit – Choux” Leader Skill:

When the Team consists of only Beasts, Team Attack x 4.5; by dissolving 6 or more Light Runestones, Team Attack x 1.8 additionally.

  • Choux’s Active Skill ── Explosion; Dropping of Enchanted Runestones


“Bon Appétit – Choux” can activate her active skill upon 6 CD:

Explode the column of runestones below Beast Members to generate Enchanted Runestones;

For 1 Round, when dissolving Light & Dark Runestones, Monster will deal an extra Light damage; if it’s the first active skill activated in the Round, Monster’s CDs -3.

  •   “Tricks of Flames – Beasts” ── Beast Attack Up


“Tactful Illusionist – Copperfield” leader skill:

When the Team consists of only Beasts, Team Attack x 4.5; by dissolving 6 or more Fire Runestones, Team Attack x 1.8 additionally.

  • Copperfield’s Active Skill ── Turning into Fire Runestones; Monster’s Attack x8


“Tactful Illusionist – Copperfield” can activate his active skill upon 8 CD with heavy damage! If the skill the last active skill used in a Round, the CDs will reduce 3.


    Behind the Device – Beasts” ── Beast Attack Up; Increased Damage Dealt on Machina


“Astute Lockpicker – Wimpy” leader skill:

When the Team consists of only Beasts, Team Attack x 3; Damage dealt on Machinas by Beasts x 2 additionally.

  • Wimpy’s Active Skill ── Unlock; Turning into Enchanted Runestones


“Astute Lockpicker – Wimpy”  can activate his active skill upon 6 CD. Beasts and Machinas will be free from locking!

  •   New Story Mode “Tales of the Nile”


New story mode “Tales of the Nile” is coming in version 16.2! Five characters of “Imperiality of Egypt”, including “Solemn Commitment – Sobek”, “Twisted Obsession – Khepri” & “Honourable Dedication – Serket”, will bring a fresh adventure to all Summoners.


Click “The Traveler’s Memories” at the upper right of the main map to enter the  “Tales of the Nile”! Gather “Sceptres” to challenge Extra Stage!


  • Skill Demo of “Perillos the Brazen Bull”

The demo introduces “Melancholy Under the Veil – Ultimate” as a battle stage. “Perillos the Brazen Bull” will join “Devil Purification – Suzuko” to beat “Guinevere the Uncaged Butterfly”!

※ Team Members:

* 7* Devil Purification – Suzuko Lv 99

* 7* Boyciana the Fire-controlling Stork Lv 99

* 6* Perillos the Brazen Bull Lv 99

* 6* Garuda the Eagle of Flames Lv 99

* 6* Fiery Dance – Martial Master Lv 99

※ Ally:

* 7* Devil Purification – Suzuko Lv 99