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Tower of Saviors “Pyramid of the Ancient Monarch” Debuts! “Awakening Recall” Available for “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse” “Cats’ Endless Battle with Great Thief” Opens for Challenge!

Special event “Pyramid of the Ancient Monarch” is debuting next Tuesday. Summoner will have to clear the challenging stage with their techniques and the strength of the Monsters in Inventory. “Awakening Recall” will soon be available for “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse” characters. “Cats’ Endless Battle with Great Thief” is about to start between the Cathieves and summoners.

● 10 Waves for “Pyramid of the Ancient Monarch”

“Narmer the Pharaoh”, the leading character of “Imperiality of Egypt” series, will be joining force with “Anubis the Jackal of Life & Death” to build a trial of 10 Waves at “Lost Relic”. Summoners will be awarded for the “Ancient Monarch” title and other rewards if they can conquer all the challenges and defeat “Anubis” at 10th Wave!
● A Challenge to Strength and Techniques

Brand new limited stage “Pyramid of the Ancient Monarch” is debuting next Tuesday. Summoners will be required to clear a Wave of challenge in order to unlock the next Wave, conquering the quest step-by-step. Enemies will be waiting at the Waves, including “Death Redemption – Osiris” , “Anubis the Jackal of Life & Death”, etc. Not only powerful monsters but perseverance is needed for the summoners to conquer the quest!

●  Guaranteed Dropping of “Narmer the Pharaoh” for Clearance of 10th Wave
To award the excellent summoners, a “Narmer the Pharaoh” (Skill Level 1) will be awarded for every clearance of 10th Wave. Summoners who clear 5th Wave for the first time will also be awarded with a “Narmer the Pharaoh” (Skill Level 5).

● ”Hieroglyphic Runes” of Pharaoh: Conversion into Light, Dark and Heart Runestones, HP Recovery


The Active Skill “Hieroglyphic Runes” of “Narmer the Pharaoh”, the Dark God, can be activated upon 6 CD, turning Runestones into Light, Dark and Heart Runestones; If an enemy is defeated upon the Round of Skill activation, HP will be fully recovered at the end of the Round.




4 Combos upon activating the skill
More movement time for other Runestones


Summoners who clear designated Waves will be awarded with PR Materials and rare materials like “Harpy”!

*Reference only. Not the official animated outfit


● New “Awakening Recall” for “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse”


Awakening Recall will be available for “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse” at 4 P.M. on 26 Nov (Mon). The function will be open when the following conditions are fulfilled: Level up the Power Released “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse” characters to All Max, clear the Extra floor of the relevant Story Mode and collect all the required pieces. The AR Monsters will have a stat increase and a new Passive Skill!

● Yuki-onna: Attributive Bonus for Runestones, Attack Boost

For AR “Princess of Blizzard – Yuki-onna”, Heart Runetones will possess the effect of Water Runestones upon the Round of activation of the Monster’s Skill. The Monster’s attack will be boosted by 5 times when 9 or more Heart Runetones are dissolved.

● Shuten-dōji: CD Decrease

The current skill CD of AR “Chief of Infernal Blaze – Shuten-dōji” will be decreased by 3 for each enemy defeated.

● Ootengu: Attack Boost, Recovery Boost

The Attack and Recovery of AR “Howl of Raging Storm – Ootengu” will be boosted by 4 times when there is any additional effect in play.

● Kejourou: 3 Light Runestones at Stage Entrance, , 1 Enchanted Light Demon Runestone at Every Wave Entrance

For AR Kejourou, 3 random Runestones will be turned into Light Runestones after entering the Stage, 1 random Runestone will be turned into Enchanted Light Demon Runestone every Wave.

● Tuchigumo: CD Decrease, Demons’ Attack Booster

The current CD of AR “Five Elements of Onmyō – Tuchigumo” will be decreased by 6 upon the entrance of a stage. When the Team consists of only Demons, Attack of each Demon increases by 500.

● Brand New 18 Waves of “Cats’ Endless Battle with Great Thief”


Brand new Transmigration of Infinity “Cats’ Endless Battle with Great Thief” is debuting next Monday. Summoners will be battling the Cathieves at different Waves. The leader “Ali Baba” will be waiting at the last Wave! Enormous amount of prizes will be awarded for Summoners who clear designated waves.

Get rewards by clearing designated Waves

Brand new outfit for “Pupuro”

● Debut of the Triplets “Pure Eataholic – Twinkle”


The biweekly mission “Dream Job” of “Pure Eataholic – Twinkle”, the second born of the Triplets, is debuting next week. The Active Skill “Gourmet Record” of this Fire Beast can be activated upon 5 CD, turning Heart Runestones into Enchanted Runestones and Water, Fire and Earth Runestones into Beast Runestones. For 1 Round, all Water, Fire and Earth Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Beast Runestones.

● Skill Demo of Narmer

The demo introduces the Elite stage of “Pure Eataholic – Twinkle” as a battleground. “Narmer the Pharaoh” will be joining the team of “God of Diseases – Namtar” to defeat the boss!

※ Team Members:
* 7* God of Diseases – Namtar Lv 99
* 6* Narmer the Pharaoh Lv 99
* 7* Judge of the Dead – Osiris Lv 99
* 7* Anubis the Jackal of Life & Death Lv 99
* 6* Reincarnated Warlord – Lü Bu Lv 99

※ Ally:
* 7* God of Diseases – Namtar Lv 99