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Tower of Saviors Feel the Heavy Punch of “Lethal Boxer – Fist”! Dragonware of “Mech Mythological Beasts” Releases!

In version 16.2, “Lethal Boxer – Fist” will bring you the ultimate stage “Fatal Steel Claws” next friday! Besides, Dragonware of “Mech Mythological Beasts” will soon be open for forging! The Beasts are going to take the lead to give you beast-exclusive challenges “Beams of Mech Mytho Beasts”! New crossover material “Source Code of Magic – Android” will dive into the realm.

  • Ultimate Stage “Fatal Steel Claws” ── Eliminate All Invaders



Muscular “Lethal Boxer – Fist” will be your opponent at 10:00 p.m, 7 Dec (Fri) in the ultimate stage! The brainwashed “Fist” has taken the order to defeat all invaders in the stage with Machinas. Traps are laid to crush Summoners all.

  • Danger of Razor-sharp Claws

During the 1st phase, Fist attacks once at the beginning of the first Round. Upon receiving Damage from the enemy’s attacks, 12 Runestones at fixed positions will be turned into Light Runestones; other Light Runestones into Water, Fire, Earth and Dark Runestones. When a Light Combo is made, attacks of the Team will be nullified.  The more Light Combos made, the more times the enemy attacks in the Round.  Only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.


During the 2nd phase, Summoner’s Attack becomes 0 for 3 Rounds. When a Water, Fire or Earth Combo is made and an attack is launched, the enemy reflects 200% of its Attack and recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). The enemy attacks regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills.

  • Tension of Muscles ── Beast Version of Azathoth?




“Lethal Boxer – Fist” can activate “Tension of Muscles” upon 8CD:

Explode all Runestones to generate Runestones of the Attribute of the Beast in the column.  For column(s) below non-Beast(s), Runestones will be dropped randomly. His skill is particularly effective against weathered runestones or X-shape burning positions.

Clear the mess with “Tension of Muscles”

  • Light Exclusive Craft Debuts!



Complete 3-star achievements to get “Glittering Barricade Pattern” x1


  •  Dragonware of “Mech Mytho Beasts”!


8 (1)

Dragonware of “Mech Mytho Beasts” & “Chinese Mytho Beasts” will be available for forging at 4pm, 3 Dec (Mon). Once the 6-star characters of the above series equip the Dragonware, its HP, Attack or Recovery will be increased, or even can obtain Monster’s attack boost effect.

Dragon Daggeraxe Wing Staff Emerald Sword Tiger Scimitar Spike Mace
Applicable for 6-stars Chinese Mytho Beasts or Mech Mytho Beasts
After Equipping Attack +10%

HP +10%

HP +10%

Recovery +10%

HP +10%

Recovery +10%

Attack +10%

HP +10%

Attack +10%

HP +10%

Dragon Daggeraxe Wing Staff Emerald Sword Tiger Scimitar Spike Mace
Dragonware Skill 1 Monster’s attack on earth target ↑ 1.2 Monster’s attack on water target ↑ 1.2 Monster’s attack on fire target ↑ 1.2 Monster’s attack on dark target ↑ 1.2 Monster’s attack on light target ↑ 1.2
Dragonware Skill 2 Upon the Round of activation of the Monster’s Active Skill,

Attack of Monster’s attribute ↑ 1.15

Craft Skill 1 For 1 Round, team attack ↑ 15%
Craft Skill 2 50% of Damage will be dealt to enemies regardless of “Initial Shield” 50% of Damage will be dealt to enemies regardless of “Puzzle Shield”
* Craft Skill will be triggered when you reach certain points in Dragonic Compulsion


  • “Beams of Mech Mytho Beasts” ── Beast Limited Challenge




“Mech Mythological Beasts” are setting up a new challenge to target all of the beasts on next monday! “Beams of Mech Mytho Beasts” require Summoners to bring beasts only, so try your best to form your most powerful team.

Each stage has 2 different enemy skills which aim at putting Summoners to test! Complete the specific stage and you’ll be rewarded with goodies like Madhead & Harpy!

Stage Enemy Skills
The Groaning Qinglong
Weakened Runestones, Attributive Combo Nullifying
The Honking Zhuque Petrified, Burning
The Roaring Xuanwu
Weathered Runestones, Puzzle Shield
The Howling Baihu
Electrifield, Laser Trap
The Growling Taotie
Masked Runestones; Combo Shield


  • “Source Code of Magic – Android” into Friend Point Seal



From 3 Dec (Mon), “Source Code of Magic – Android” will be added into Friend Point Seal (Limited). Just use friend points to draw and you may have a chance to get the material, which can give your a large amount of EXP when leveling up characters or can be decomposed for coins.


  •  Skill Demo of “Lethal Boxer – Fist”

The demo will showcase the active skill of “Lethal Boxer – Fist” to tackle “X-shape burning”, “Lock-for-Recovery runestones” and so on.