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Tower of Saviors “Kundalini Awakening” Kicks Off! “Shatarupa” Joint Operation Debuts! “Douman Ashiya” Available for Power Release!


Coming to the fourth week of version 16.2, “State of Purusha – Shatarupa” will be arriving at the Joint Operation “Without Form”! “Douman Ashiya” will be available for Power Release soon, bringing “Evil’s Temptation” to every summoners!

  • New Joint Operation: “Transcend All Forms”

New Joint Operation “Transcend All Forms” will be opening for challenge on 10th December (Monday). “State of Purusha – Shatarupa” will battle with summoners. Gather your Guild mates and take her down!

“State of Purusha – Shatarupa” will make her grand entrance at the stage “Without From”. The enemy weakens all non-light attributive attacks, locks all the Light Runestones in play and turns them into Weakened Runestones. Also, Attack and Recovery can only be triggered when summoners start moving Runestones from the specific position and ends at the specific position. Summoners better clear Weakened Runestones first then take “Shatarupa” down with a hardcore Light attributive attack!

Clear Joint Operation (at least once for both Challenge & Extreme)
to get the new outfit “Warlord of Deceased – Todd”

  • Power of Anatta: “The Witch” of Dark Attribute!?

“State of Purusha – Shatarupa”, an apprentice same as “Brahma”, can activate Skill “Power of Anatta” in 6 CD, boosting the attack of other team members by 2 times. If there is no “Chittamatra – Brahma” in the Team, Damage received multiplied by 1.5 times. The Skill stays in play until reactivation of the Skill or defeated.

  • New Item In-stock: Brand New Dragon Craft

In the meantime, a rare item will also be arriving at Trade Fortress──Wooded Alteration Opal! This unique Dragonic Craft is a must-have item for sure!


  • “Douman Ashiya” Available for PR

The strength of “Douman Ashiya” is drastically enhanced after preying on Xians. The power of “Six-eyed Centipede” even advanced the monster to Power Release form “Devoid of Senses – Douman Ashiya”! The PR “Douman Ashiya” will be setting a Terror Stage “Evil’s Temptation” at 22:00, 14th December (Friday), to prey on the power of summoners!


Info on Terror Stage “Evil’s Temptation”

Enemy Wave Attack Skill Note
Rook of Draconic Frost
15000+ Turning Runestones into Water attributive
Guard of Stern Shield 15000+ Turning Runestones into Earth attributive
Tsathoggua the Toad-like Gargoyle 2 8000+ Asleep state ‧ Locked Runestone that recovers Enemy’s HP‧ Uncontrollability 2 Runestones
Zashiki Warashi
Amewarashi 15000+ Minions Summoning ‧ Lost Sands of Time
Zashiki Warashi 7000+
Princess of Blizzard – Yuki-onna
1st Phase 16000+ All Frozen Runestones ‧ 8M Damage Shield
2nd Phase 12000+ Weaken Attack ‧ Crescendo ‧ Dragon-hunt
Howl of Raging Storm – Ootengu 5 14000+ Ambush ‧ Weathered Runestone ‧ 7 Combo Shield ‧ Uncontrollability Enemy will attack first
Weather 4 Water Runestones
Devoid of Senses – Douman Ashiya
1st Phase 20000+ Enchanted Quintet Elemental Shield ‧ Runestone Purification ‧ Turning Runestones into Water attributive Return Runestones to normal stateTurning the outermost Runestones into Water Runestones
2nd Phase 17000+ Changing enemy’s CD ‧ Initial Shield ‧ Enemy recovers HP when a Water Combo is made – Damage Reflect ‧
Turning Runestones into Water attributive ‧ Uncontrollability
Six-eyed Centipede 7


  • “Massacre Stance – EX”: Attack Booster for Self & Neighboring Members

The Active Skill “Massacre Stance – EX” of “Devoid of Senses – Douman Ashiya” can be activated in 7 CD, boosting Attack of the Monster and the neighboring Members by 2.5 times; If the neighboring Members are also Demons or Water Monsters, their Attack will be multiplied by 5!

  • “Versatile Stratagem – Tristan” from the Triplets Debuts!

The last Biweekly series of “The Triplets” is revealed to be “Versatile Stratagem – Tristan”! This Earth Beast possesses the Leader Skill “Elements of Beasts – EX” same as “Twinkle”. It’s Active Skill “Leafy Strikes” can be activated in 5 CD. For 1 Round, the Monster launches 2 extra Earth attacks as much as 3 times of its Attack; if there are Beast Runestones present upon Skill activation, the effect stays in play for 3 Rounds!


  • Skill Demo of “State of Purusha – Shatarupa”

The demo introduces the 5th Floor of “Pyramid of the Ancient Monarch” as a battleground. “State of Purusha – Shatarupa” & “Chittamatra – Brahma” will join hands with each other to take down “Narmer the Pharaoh”!

※ Team Members:
* 6* Chittamatra – Brahma Lv99
* 7* State of Purusha – Shatarupa Lv99
* 7* Rhythm of Blazing Flames – Yan Lv99
* 8* Wings of Chaos – Lucifer Lv99
* 7* Sagacious Sage – Sun Wukong Lv99

※ Ally:
* 6* Chittamatra – Brahma Lv99