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TOS×FAIRY TAIL Crossover in Version 16.3! “Santa Claus” Power Release! Guild Mission “Gather under Christmas Tree”!


In version 16.3, Tower of Saviors will have a crossover event with “FAIRY TAIL” on 2 January (Wed). But before that, “Santa Claus” will achieve “Power Release” and can be evolved into “Santa Claus the Inspired Thinker”! And he’ll be with all Summoners throughout the Christmas in the Guild Mission “Gather under Christmas Tree”! Besides, new “Android” will step into the realm!

  • FAIRY TAIL Debuts


During the crossover period, 8 characters from “FAIRY TAIL” Diamond Seal will be added. You can summon the classic characters of “FAIRY TAIL” in the drawing machine. First, let me introduce you the skills of “Gray”, “Laxus” & “Mirajane”, and leave the rare “Natsu”, “Erza”, “Lucy” next week.


  •   Gray Gray’s “Ice-making Magic” ── Human Attack Up; Damage on Dragon, God & Demon Up


Water Human “Gray” has the leader skill “Ice-making Magic”:

When the Team consists of only Humans, Team Attack x 4; Water Damage dealt on Dragon, God and Demon enemies x 2.5 additionally.

  • “Dance of the Frenzied Masses” ── Enchanted Water Runestones; Extra Attacks


“Gray” can activate “Dance of the Frenzied Masses” upon 6CD:

Turn Runestones adjacent to 3 Water Runestones into Enchanted Water Runestones.  For 1 Round, the Monster launches an extra Water attack for every 3 Water Runestones dissolved, to the max 5 extra attacks to be launched.




“Dance of the Frenzied Masses”

  •   Laxus’s “Dragon Slayer Magic: Lightning” ── Human Attack Up; Runestone Effect Possession; Damage on Dragon Up


Light Human “Laxus” has the leader skill “Dragon Slayer Magic: Lightning”:

When the Team consists of only Humans, Team Attack x 3.5; Heart Runestones also possess 25% effect of Light Runestones (effects can be superimposed); Damage of Members’ Attribute dealt on Dragon enemies x 2.5 additionally. So bringing him to deal with dragon enemies is a good choice.

  • “Roaring Thunder” ── Explode to Drop Enchanted Light Human Runestones; Attack Up


“Laxus” can activate “Roaring Thunder” upon 6CD:

For 1 Round, explode Dark and Heart Runestones to generate Enchanted Light Human Runestones; the more the Runestones exploded, the higher the Monster’s Attack, to the max x 8 for 14 Runestones exploded (no sharing to other Team Members).

  • Mirajane’s “Take Over” ── Human & Demon Attack Up


Dark Human “Mirajane” has the leader skill “Take Over”:

Human Attack and Demon Attack x 4.  Everytime when a demon member activates its skill, Human Attack and Demon Attack x 1.5 additionally.

  • “Satan Soul” ── Enchanted Runestones; Immune to Poison; 15-sec Moving Time


“Mirajane” can activate “Satan Soul” upon 8CD:

For 3 Rounds, turn Dark and Heart Runestones into Enchanted Runestones; the Team will not be poisoned; extend Runestone-moving time to 15 seconds. It’s really a practical skill!

  •  Battle in the Classic Scenes!


During the crossover period, Summoner will be having fierce battles in the familiar scenes of “FAIRY TAIL” to feel the heat of their power yourself!

  • Exclusive Skill Level-up Material in Trade Fortress


Exclusive Skill Level-up Material for “FAIRY TAIL” – Happy


Upon version 16.3, 60 “Happy” will be put on sale in Trade Fortress for Summoner’s convenience to level up the skills of “FAIRY TAIL”! When leveling up the skills of the characters of “FAIRY TAIL”, their accumulated Battle Rounds will increase by 600.


During the crossover period, Summoner can use “Sphinx” in exchange for “Happy” (unlimited quota)!

* All relevant events & rewards of “FAIRY TAIL” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only


Copyright Statement:

Based on the manga “Fairy Tail” by Hiro Mashima originally serialized in the weekly Shonen Magazine published by KODANSHA LTD.

©Hiro MashimaKODANSHA/Fairy Tail projectTV TOKYO. All Rights Reserved.



  • “Santa Claus” Power Release; Guild Mission “Gather under Christmas Tree”


Alongside the Christmas, “Santa Claus the Deep Thinker” grasps the truth to awaken his power into “Santa Claus the Inspired Thinker”! “Santa Claus” will set up a Guild Mission “Gather under Christmas Tree” next monday!  You have to team up with your Guild Members to have a wonderful time with him in “Heart-warming Christmas”! The stage is divided into 5 main areas. “Nymphs”, “Pawns”, “Imperial Soldiers”, “Greek Daemons” & “Werewolves” will be scattered in different areas.

  •  Drop of Different Xmas Characters!


During the guild mission period, raiding monsters “Scrooge the Mafia”, “Snowball Quarterback – Snow Cone”, “The Antlers” & “Ridiculous Elves” will jump into the Christmas! When encountering these characters, the clear score will increase to 200, and they are guaranteed to drop when you meet them.

  •  Power of the Thinker” ── Human & Elf Attack Up


With the Power Release Material “Xmas Reindeer”, “Santa Claus” can be evolved into “Santa Claus the Inspired Thinker” with a stronger leader skill that Human & Elf attack x6!


  • “Christmas Surprise” ── 15-sec Unlimited Runestone Movement; Human & Elf Attack Up


“Santa Claus the Inspired Thinker” can activate “Christmas Surprise” upon 10CD:

Unlimited Runestone movement in 15 seconds without dissolving.  Human Attack and Elf Attack x 2 for 1 Round.


  •  Team Skill ── HP, Attack & Recovery Up; Buff Skill


With “Santa Claus the Deep Thinker” as a leader and 6* Monsters of “Protagonists – Power Release” as members, Attack, HP & Recovery of 6* Monsters of “Protagonists – Power Release” x 1.5 additionally. Their active skills will change from “Boundary Breaking” to “Sieging Force – Elements” or “Sieging Force – Protagonists”!


* With “Santa Claus the Deep Thinker” & “Floret the Christmas Miracle” in the team, when “Moment of Miracles” is triggered, the attack up and runestone explosion effect can be obtained at the same time.


  • Team Up with Guild Members to Get More Goodies


As long as you accomplish 5 missions in each column, row or diagonal line, you can get some attractive goodies! Complete 12 missions and reach 200 score to get the golden title as a recognition.


Team up with Guild Members to get abundant goodies!


  • “Profound Vision of Robot – Android” ── Give You 5,000,000 EXP


When reaching specific guild points in the guild mission, Summoner can obtain “Profound Vision of Robot – Android” x1! If you use it to level up a character, its skill level will increase by 1 and it will receive 5,000,000 EXP!


  • “Tech and Magic – Android & Molly” ── Human & Machina Attack + Recovery Up; Drop Water & Heart Runestones in 1st Batch


If your personal guild score reaches 1500, you can get “Tech and Magic – Android & Molly” (Max Skill Lv) x1! “Tech and Magic – Android & Molly” can activate “Dynamo of Watery Spirits” upon 8CD:

For 1 Round, Human Attack & Recovery x 1.6; Machina Attack & Recovery x 1.6; the first batch of 15 Runestones to be dropped will be Water and Heart Runestones.


  •   “Christmas Sock”


There is a maximum limit for “Christmas Sock” given to each Guild & Guild Member


After the event “Gather under Christmas Tree” finished, “Christmas Sock” will be given to Guild President based on the Guild Accumulated Event Score. Each “Christmas Sock” is worth 100,000 Coins. The President can give the “Christmas Sock” to Guild Members freely. So, let’s join the guild missions proactively and bring some more home.

  •  Arena “Novice Sage – Roger” Evolved into Earth Attribute


When Summoner reaches the specific rank, “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv. 10) x1 will be rewarded!


Starting at noon, 24 Dec (Mon), “Novice Sage – Roger” can be evolved into Earth Attribute “Source of Vitality – Roger”! “Novice Sage – Roger” is one of the required materials. Summoner can redeem “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv. 1) with Prize Points in Arena once only.

  • “Sorcery of Spring Leaves” ── Human Attack Up; Fire & Earth Damage Reduction


“Source of Vitality – Roger” has the leader skill “Sorcery of Spring Leaves”:

Human Attack x 3.5; by dissolving 6 or more Fire or Earth Runestones in total, Human Attack x 1.5 additionally.  Fire & Earth Damage received -30%.


If you bring “Source of Vitality – Roger” into Mono-Earth Human team, its HP will be x2.


  • “Shelter of Forest” ── Damage Reduction; Counterattack


“Source of Vitality – Roger” can activate “Shelter of Forest” upon 5CD:

For 1 Round, no attacks could be launched by the Monster; Damage received -60%; Damage received -90% in the next Round.  Launch an Earth Counterattack as much as 50x the Monster’s Attack, regardless of Defense.