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Tower of Saviors Version 16.3 “TOS×FAIRY TAIL” Debuts Next Week! New Diamond Seal “FAIRY TAIL” Series! Ultimate Stage “Fire Dragon King – Igneel”!

Few days later we will be moving on to the version 16.3 “TOS×FAIRY TAIL”! Famous anime characters of “FAIRY TAIL” will soon step into the realm! Upon the update, the first crossover ultimate stage “Dragon Vanished on 7 July” is introduced with the strong enemy “Fire Dragon King – Igneel”!

  • FAIRY TAIL” Series Debut!


8 characters of “FAIRY TAIL” including “Natsu”, “Erza” & “Lucy” will be included in the Diamond Seal! Amelioration will be open at the same time once the characters are launched.


  • “Natsu”, “Erza” & “Lucy” !


“FAIRY TAIL” Diamond Series will dive into our world on 2 Jan (Wed) to bring a new shock to us. Among the crossover characters, “Natsu”, “Erza” & “Lucy” are the rare with outstanding abilities. Now, let me introduce one by one.

  • Natsu’s “Dragon Slayer Magic: Fire” —— Human/Elf/Dragon HP, Attack & Recovery Up


Fire Human “Natsu” has the leader skill “Dragon Slayer Magic: Fire” :

When the Team includes only Humans, Elves and Dragons, Team Attack x 5; HP & Recovery x 1.3; by dissolving 2 or more groups of Fire Runestones, Team Attack x 1.5 additionally; Damage of Members’ Attribute dealt on Dragon enemies x 2.5 additionally.

  • Team Skill —— Convert Fire Damage into HP Recovery; Drop & Turn into Enchanted Fire Runestones; Damage on Dragons Up
Team Skill
Conditions Effects
Both the Leader and Ally are Natsu
I Fire Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Fire Runestones.
II  60% of Damage received from Fire enemies will be converted to HP Recovery (Damage from Boss Skills are not counted).
III For every group of Runestones dissolved, turn 1 Runestone into Enchanted Fire Runestone at the end of the Round (non-Fire Attributive Runestones in a number of more than 3 rank first in priority), to the max 5 Runestones to be turned (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).
 Natsu as Member I Damage dealt by the Monster on Dragon enemies x 2 additionally.
Both the Leader and Ally are  Natsu, Lucy or Erza (interchangeable), with Wendy as a Team Member I Human HP, Attack & Recovery x 1.1 additionally.
  • Natsu’s Dual Skills —— “Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist” & “Fire Dragon’s Roar”


The powerful Natsu can activate his dual skills upon 6 CD & 7 CD.

“Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist”: Turn all enemies into Fire Attribute; deal Fire Damage as much as 30x the Monster’s Attack to all enemies every Round; when the effect is in play, the Monster’s Attack x 5.

“Fire Dragon’s Roar”: Explode the columns of Runestones below Fire Members or Dragons to generate Enchanted Runestones.  Deal 1.5 million Fire Damage to all enemies, regardless of Defense.  CDs of all enemies will be delayed for 1 Round.

With the increased damage on dragons as mentioned in his leader skill and team skill, it further boosts the attack of “Fire Dragon’s Roar” to the enemies.

  • Combine Skill “Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade” —— Drop 30 Enchanted Fire Runestones


When there are 2 “Natsu” (Lv. 50 or above) as team members, “Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade” can be activated to engulf the enemies with fire!

  • Lucy’s “Celestial Magic” —— Human & Elf Attack Up; Runestone Effect Possession


Water Human “Lucy” has the leader skill “Celestial Magic”:

Human Attack and Elf Attack x 4.  Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of all Attributive Runestones (effects can be superimposed).

  • Lucy’s Team Skill
Team Skill
Condition Effect
Both the Leader and Ally are Lucy
I By dissolving Heart Runestones, turn the first 4 Runestones in the columns below the Leader and Ally into Heart Runestones at the end of the Round (only the first batch).
The more FAIRY TAIL Collaborative Monsters in the Team), the more of the following effects will be triggered (identical Monsters will only be counted as one):

≥1 Monsters – Extend Runestone-moving time by 1.5 seconds;

≥ 2 Monsters – HP of the Leader and Ally x 2 additionally;

≥3  Monsters – Team Attack x 1.5 additionally;

≥4 Monsters – Turn Water and Heart Runestones into Enchanted Runestones at the end of each Round;

≥5 Monsters – Active Skill CDs of FAIRY TAIL Collaborative Monsters -3

*FAIRY TAIL Collaborative Monsters = Diamond Seal of “FAIRY TAIL”,, Mavis, Makarov, Juvia & Panther Lily
Both the Leader and Ally are  Natsu, Lucy or Erza (interchangeable), with Wendy as a Team Member I Human HP, Attack & Recovery x 1.1 additionally.


  • “Gate of the Water Bearer Opening: Aquarius” —— Continuous Conversion into Enchanted Water Runestones; Attack Up; Damage Reduction


Lucy can activate “Gate of the Water Bearer Opening: Aquarius” upon 6CD:

Turn Water Runestones into Enchanted Runestones; Team Attack x 2.5; Damage received -50%.  The Skill stays in play until receiving Damage from the enemy’s attacks.

  • Erza’s “Requip” —— Human & Elf Attack Up; 50% Chance to Reduce Damage


Light Human “Erza” has the leader skill “Requip”:

When the Team consists of only Humans and Elves, Team Attack x 3.5; the more the Combos made, the higher the Team Attack increases additionally, to the max x 2.6 for 8 Combos made; by dissolving Water and Light Runestones in the same Round, there will be a 50% chance of Damage received -40% (the probability can be summed up).

  • Team Skill —— Dissolving Heart, Water & Light Runestones by Aligning 2 or More of Them;
Team Skill
Condition Effect
Both the Leader and Ally are Erza
Change the Leader Skill of the Leader from “Requip” to “Requip – EX”:
I Effect of “Requip”
II Water, Light and Heart Runestones can be dissolved by aligning 2 or more of them.  Drop rate of all Runestones will not be affected by Amelioration or Skills (including those altering the Attribute of dropping Runestones).
There are Erza and Jellal in the Team I HP, Attack & Recovery of the first Erza and Jellal from the left x 1.5 additionally
Both the Leader and Ally are  Natsu, Lucy or Erza (interchangeable), with Wendy as a Team Member I Human HP, Attack & Recovery x 1.1 additionally.
  • “Tenrin Pentagram Sword” —— Combo Count + & Extra Attacks


“Erza” can activate “Tenrin Pentagram Sword” upon CD 1:

For 1 Round, increase Combo count and launch extra Light attacks as many as the number of accumulated Rounds +1 (dissolving Runestones is necessary), to the max Combo count +5 and 5 extra Light attacks to be launched, each as much as 50% of the Monster’s attack.  Counting resets when the Skill is activated.

  • Ultimate Stage “Dragon Vanished on 7 July”


Fire Dragon “Fire Dragon King – Igneel” will be available for challenge at 22:00, 4 Jan (Fri) in the ultimate stage. This lethal stage is waiting for Summoners to defeat…

  • Fire Dragon King’s Challenge

During the 1st phase, Igneel will not receive Damage dealt by Fire attacks. Upon receiving Damage from the enemy’s attack for the first time, a random column of Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones; for the second time, a random row of Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones. The above runs as a cycle. 1 random position will be burned.  The burning area will extend to 2 adjacent positions each Round afterwards.  Every time when a burned position is touched, 20% of Summoner’s HP will be deducted.


During the 2nd phase, the enemy will not receive Damage dealt by Fire attacks. When the enemy’s HP > 1%, the next Damage dealt will not defeat the enemy (including Active Skills). When the enemy’s HP becomes 1, its HP will be fully recovered (one activation only); HP and Attack of the enemy x 2. A Damage of 3,000 will be dealt to every Member who launches an Attack. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  • Igneel’s Leader Skill —— Fire & Dragon Attack Up


Igneel has the leader skill “Fire Dragon King”:

Fire Attack and Dragon Attack x 3; Fire Dragon Attack x 9. With Igneel as Leader & Ally, Fire Dragon Attack will be x81 !

  • “Fire Dragon King’s Roar” —— 12-sec Runestone-moving Time; Explosion; Drop Enchanted Fire Runestones; Regardless of Defense


Igneel can activate “Fire Dragon King’s Roar” upon 7CD:

For 1 Round, extend Runestone-moving time to 12 seconds; explode the columns of Runestones below the Leader and Ally to generate Enchanted Fire Runestones; deal 2 million Fire Damage to all enemies, regardless of Defense. Really a practical skill!

  • Fire Dragon Exclusive Craft; CD Reduction; Attack Up; HP Recovery


  • Arena Redemption: “Panther Lily” , “Carla” & Outfit of “Belle”


Upon version update, “Panther Lily”, “Carla” & Outfit of “Advancing Commander – Belle” will be available for redemption with your Prize Points!


  • Panther Lily’s “Bustermarm” —— Turning into Enchanted Earth Runestones; Attack All Enemies; Monster’s Attack Up


Earth Elf “Panther Lily” can activate “Bustermarm” upon 7CD:

Turn the top row of Runestones into Enchanted Earth Runestones.  For 1 Round, Single Attack becomes Full Attack; by dissolving Runestones of 3 or more Attributes, the Monster’s Attack x 8 (no sharing to other Team Members).

  • Carla —— Level-up Material for Characters of “FAIRY TAIL”


When adding “Carla” as a level-up material for characters of “FAIRY TAIL”, you can get 600,000 Exp! Summoners can use Prize Points to redeem it in Arena!

  • Bi-Weekly Series “The Crew of Wizards”


Bi-weekly character “Juvia” will be launched during version 16.3. Challenging her stage by bringing FAIRY TAIL Collaborative Monsters will grant you access to the Extra Wave of “Mavis”!


  • Juvia’s “Water Magic” —— Water Attack Up; Turning into Water Runestones


Juvia’s “Water Magic” has the leader skill “Water Magic”:

Water Attack x 3.  Turn Runestones adjacent to 2 Enchanted Water Runestones into Water Runestones at the end of each Round.

  • “Water Nebula” —— Explosion; Dropping Enchanted Water Runestones; Water Droprate Up


“Juvia” can activate “Water Nebula” upon 6 CD:

Explode Dark Runestones to generate Enchanted Water Runestones.  For 1 Round, drop rate of Dark Runestones will be transferred to that of Water Runestones.

  • Combine Skill of “Juvia” & “Gray” —— Turning into Enchanted Water Runestones & Heart Runestones


“Juvia” & “Gray” (Lv. 50 or above) can activate the combine skill “Unison Raid” to turn all Runestones into Heart and Enchanted Water Runestones of fixed numbers and fixed positions.  For 1 Round, Heart Runestones also possess the effect of Water Runestones.

  • Mavis’s “Fairy Tactician” —— Elf HP, Attack & Recovery Up


Light Elf “Mavis” has the leader skill “Fairy Tactician”:

Elf HP, Attack & Recovery x 2; by dissolving Elf Runestones, Elf Attack x 2 additionally.

  • Mavis’s Team Skill —— Monster’s CD Reduction


If there are 2 “Mavis” & 4 other “FAIRY TAIL Collaborative Monsters” in the team, Active Skill CDs of each “Mavis” will be reduced by 10 after entering a stage.

  • “Fairy Tactician’s Tactics” —— Turning into Elf Runestones for 5 Rounds; Attack Up


Mavis can activate “Fairy Tactician’s Tactics” upon 10 CD:

For 5 Rounds, turn Light Runestones into Elf Runestones; Team Attack x 1.5; for FAIRY TAIL Collaborative Monsters (including those in the Seal “Fairy’s Light”, Mavis, Makarov, Juvia & Panther Lily), the Attack multiplier increases to x 2.25.



* All relevant events & rewards of FAIRY TAIL are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.


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