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Tower of Saviors Coliseum Event “Jiutian Xuannü”! Selena’s Ultimate Stage “Beauty in Strangling”! New Series “Gifted Scientists” Coming Soon!


  •   New Coliseum Event: Heaven’s Top Perfume Maker


“Exquisite Perfumer – Jiutian Xuannü” will set up the coliseum event “The Disastrous Aroma” on 4 Feb (Mon)! Let’s grab attractive rewards back by completing the event!


In the stage “The Disastrous Aroma”, Jiutian Xuannü is waiting in an advanced stage for Summoners! The enemy receives no Damage, regardless of all Controlling Skills, and will deplete 100% of its HP in the next Round. God Attack x 2 for 7 Round.

  •  Bring Designated Demons to the Stage to Get Bonus Points


With 6-star & 8-star Monsters of “Sindhu”, “Chinese Gods Reborn – Divergence” or “Majesty of Millennium – Ying Zheng”, Summoners can get special bonus upon stage completion in the Coliseum. Each monster of the above (repeated monsters/Ally don’t count) can bring 20% bonus points to you!

  •  Jiutian Xuannü” Redemption! And More Old Characters For Limited Redemption! 

30 points of Stamina will be consumed for entering the Advanced Stage in Coliseum once (the Basic one costs 15). Defeat the enemies to earn coupons for redeeming rare materials, including “Harpy”, “Dagger Wielder”, “Exquisite Perfumer – Jiutian Xuannü” , etc.


During the event period, successfully challenge the Coliseum 15 times or more to obtain the Outfit of “Galio”


Use the Points to redeem the rewards you want!


  • “Feathers of Fairy” ── Turning into Enchanted Light, Dark & Heart God Runestones; Combo Count +9


Light God “Exquisite Perfumer – Jiutian Xuannü” can activate “Feathers of Fairy” upon 7CD:

Turn 9 random Runestones into 3 Enchanted Light God, 3 Enchanted Dark God and 3 Enchanted Heart God Runestones.  Combo count +9 for 1 Round..

  •  Ultimate Stage “Beauty in Strangling”


“Dancer of Execution – Selena” will be in the ultimate stage “Beauty in Strangling” at 10:00 pm, 8 Feb! “Clown Statue” & “Withered Soul – Belle” are going to join her to strangle every Summoner passing through her turd.

  • Selena’s Enemy Skill

During the 1st phase, “Dancer of Execution – Selena” receives Damage if 50 or more Fire Runestones are dissolved cumulatively.  If the above condition is fulfilled, the enemy will reset the number of Runestones accumulated when its CD reaches 0; if not, the enemy will attack. Fire Runestone position(s) will become sticky and Fire Runestones will be turned into Earth Runestones each Round.  By touching a sticky position, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.


During the 2nd phase, CD of the Selena’s first attack will be 1. Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, all Earth Runestones will be weathered.  If any Weathered Runestone is touched, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately and a Damage of 15,000 will be dealt to Summoner. When an Earth Combo is made, attacks of the Team will be nullified.  The more Earth Combos made, the more times the enemy attacks in the Round.  Only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  • “Hanging Execution” —— Continuous Attack Up


The more groups of runestones dissolved, the higher the Team Attack

Earth Elf “Dancer of Execution – Selena” can activate “Hanging Execution” upon 6CD:

By dissolving a group of 5 or more Runestones, Team Attack increases for the Round; the more the groups dissolved, the higher the Team Attack, to the max x 2.6 for 3 groups dissolved in the same Round.  The Skill stays in play within the Wave.

  • Earth Exclusive Craft


  •  Arena “Novice Sage – Roger” into Light Attribute!


Here comes the Arena Trials again! Summoner who reached a specific ranking in Arena can participate in the Trials and get the character “Novice Sage – Roger” (Skill Lv 10) x1! Starting from 12:00 pm on 4 Feb (Mon), “Novice Sage – Roger” can be evolved into light attribute “Deed of Sacred – Roger”! You’ll need  “Novice Sage – Roger” in order to get the character evolved, which can be redeemed in Arena with Prize Points once (Skill Lv.1).


Starting at 12:00, 4 Feb (Mon), in “Legend” & “King” Arena, using specific monsters as defense or challenging designated monsters will have prize point bonus!


  • “Sorcery of Dual Force” ── Human Attack Up; Light & Dark Damage Reduction


“Deed of Sacred – Roger” has the leader skill “Sorcery of Dual Force”:

Human Attack x 3.5; by dissolving 6 or more Light or Dark Runestones in total, Human Attack x 1.5 additionally.  Light & Dark Damage received -30%.

If you put “Deed of Sacred – Roger” in mono-light human team, HP will be x2!

  • “Utmost Glory” ── Damage Reduction; Turning into Enchanted Light Human Runestones


“Deed of Sacred – Roger” can activate “Utmost Glory” upon 5CD:

For 1 Round, no attacks could be launched by the Monster; Damage received -60%; turn Runestones of 2 Attributes that are the most in number into Enchanted Light Human Runestones at the end of the Round.

  • “Gifted Scientists” Series Coming Soon!


As Gods return to heaven, Demons begin to rage the human world.  To survive, humans established a science organization “Lomond Manor” for a ray of hope.  Therefore, they’re recruiting talents in the realm. With the mix of technology and element, new possibilities are born.

  • “Gifted Scientists” Character Skills!


In mid Feb upon version update, summoners can summon the characters of “Gifted Scientists” in the diamond seal “Wheel of Science” ! First, we’ll introduce the skills of “Laws of Nature – Newton”, “Brain Teaser – Edison” & “Return of Halley – Nicole”! For rare characters, stay tuned next week!

  • Newton’s Active Skill ── Dropping Enchanted Fire Runestones


“Laws of Nature – Newton” can activate his active skill upon 7CD:

For 1 Round, the first batch of 15 Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Fire Runestones; all dropping Fire Runestones will be adjacent.

  • Edison’s Active Skill ── Turning into Enchanted Runestones of the Race of the Monster


“Brain Teaser – Edison” can activate his active skill upon 6CD:

Turn the columns of Runestones below 2 random Members into Enchanted Runestones of the Race of the Monster in that column; when there are 2 or more Races in the Team, turn all Runestones into Enchanted Runestones of the Race of the Monster in that column. Bring Edison in PR Tang Sanzang’s team to maximize his strength.

  • Nicole’s Active Skill ── Restoring to Present Distribution


“Return of Halley – Nicole” can activate her active skill upon 8 CD:

For 2 Rounds, Runestones will be restored to the present distribution upon Skill activation at the beginning of each Round (the effects of Enchanted Runestones and Race Runestones apply).

  •  Jiutian Xuannü’s Skill Demo

This demo introduce “Stars in the Sky” as a battle stage. “Exquisite Perfumer – Jiutian Xuannü” will join hands with “Moon of Pureness – Inanna” to fight the enemies!

※ Team Members:

* 7-star Moon of Pureness – Inanna Lv 99

* 8-star Wings of Chaos – Lucifer Lv 99

* 7-star Jiutian Xuannü Lv 99

* 7-star Soaring Sacredness – Horus Lv 99

* 7-star Maya the Calendar Creator Lv 99


※ Ally:

* 7-star Moon of Pureness – Inanna Lv 99


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