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Tower of Saviors “Crime Inducer – Ouroboros” Coliseum Event! New Mission “Craft Master Challenge” Debuts!


As version 17.1 has been released, new coliseum event “Invitation to Fruit Tasting” will be featuring “Crime Inducer – Ouroboros” next week! Besides, “Craft Master Challenge” is going to test your craft skill!

  • New Coliseum Event: “Invitation to Fruit Tasting”


“Crime Inducer – Ouroboros” will set up the stage “Hidden Agenda” in the Coliseum on 1 Apr (Mon). Beat the stage to collect more redeemable points for bringing goodies home.


In the stage “Hidden Agenda – Advanced”, a random type of Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones in the first Round. When a Fire Combo is made, attacks of the Team will be nullified.  The more Fire Combos made, the more times the enemy attacks in the Round.  Only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  •  Bring Designated Demons to the Stage to Get Bonus Points


With 6-star Monsters of “Unearthly Charms”, specific Demons or Elves, Summoners can get special bonus upon stage completion in the Coliseum. Each monster of the above (repeated monsters/Ally don’t count) can bring 20% bonus points to you!

  •  Ouroboros” Redemption! And More Old Characters For Limited Redemption! 

30 points of Stamina will be consumed for entering the Advanced Stage in Coliseum once (the Basic one costs 15). Defeat the enemies to earn coupons for redeeming rare materials, including “Harpy”, “Pumpkin Trio”, “Crime Inducer – Ouroboros” , etc. During the event period, challenge the coliseum event 15 times or more and you’ll be rewarded with “The Heartless Umpire” x1!


Redeem Your Favorite Rewards!


Old Characters Return for a Limited Time Only!


  •   The Devil’s Plot ── Confusion; Basic Value Synchronization; Extra Attack


Fire Demon “Crime Inducer – Ouroboros” can activate “The Devil’s Plot” upon 8 CD:

For 1 Round, the enemies attack themselves or each other; the Monster’s Attack will synchronize with that of the Leader; the Monster launches 5 extra attacks (one Attribute each). This makes it a decent member in Eve’s team.

  •  Craft Mission ── “Craft Master Challenge”


New challenge mission “Craft Master Challenge” will begin on 2 Apr (Tue)! Summoner is required to use 4 designated crafts (Bubble of Mirror, Spell of Destruction, Seal of Transposition & Opal of Shadowfall) to challenge corresponding stages. Complete them by reaching specific scores to get the rewards, including Souls, Baby Harpy, Black Key & Yummy Alpacas!


  •  Skill Demo of “Crime Inducer – Ouroboros”


The demo introduces “The Ultraforce Kongo” as a battle stage. Ouroboros will join “Eve” to defeat the enemies with its skill!


※ Team Member:

* 6* Origin of All Sins – Eve Lv 99

* 6* Mass Extermination – Bao Si Lv 99

* 7* Crime Inducer – Ouroboros Lv 99

* 8* Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth Lv 99

* 7* Chief of Infernal Blaze – Shuten-dōji Lv 99


※ Ally:

* 6* Origin of All Sins – Eve Lv 99