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Tower of Saviors “Artistic Scalping – Xi Shi” into Ultimate Stage! Power Release of “Revolutionary Heroes”!


Into the 3rd week of version 17.1, “Artistic Scalping – Xi Shi” will set up the ultimate stage “Bloodlust Under the Skin”! And Power Release of “Revolutionary Heroes” will soon be available with their new forms!!

  •  Ultimate stage “Bloodlust Under the Skin”


“Artistic Scalping – Xi Shi”, who loves collecting human skins, will bring you an ultimate challenge “Bloodlust Under the Skin” at 22:00, 12 Apr (Fri)! She is gonna join hands with “Flowery Embroidery – Diaochan” & “Spider Demon the Silk Cave Mistress” to scalp the skin of Summoners for her collection!

  •  Xi Shi’s Enemy Skill

During the 1st phase, “Artistic Scalping – Xi Shi” raids once at the beginning of the first Round.  Summoner receives a Damage of 1000 for every step moved while moving Runestones for 5 Rounds. Heart Runestones will be turned into Runestones of the enemy’s Attribute each Round.\nDamage dealt to the enemy by Dark attacks will be lowered to 5%.


During the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 2. All effects in play will be cancelled by the enemy at the beginning of the first Round; CD of the cancelled Skills will be reset. In the first Round, the enemy explodes all Dark Runestones to decrease its Damage received onwards. 100% of Summoner‘s HP will be deducted when the enemy attacks (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills).

  • “Legend of the Beauty” ── 5 Combo; Turning into Enchanted Runestones of 5 Attributes


Dark Elf “Artistic Scalping – Xi Shi” can activate “Legend of the Beauty” upon 7 CD:

Turn the 3 columns of Runestones on the left into Enchanted Water, Enchanted Fire, Enchanted Earth, Enchanted Light and Enchanted Dark Runestones of fixed numbers and fixed positions.  If the Team consists of only Elves, the Monster’s Active Skill CD -2. Use it to break the Enchanted Quintet Shield!


  • Complete 3-star Achievement to Get Rare Craft


  •  Power Release of “Revolutionary Heroes”


The heroes are gonna step on a revolutionary journey with new power to change the world! Through obstacles ahead, they begin to know their own mission as a hero…


Power Release of “Revolutionary Heroes” will be available at 16:00, 8 Apr! Upon PR, they’ll be given a new form with buffed power! Let me introduce to you one by one.

  •  Leader Skill ── Mono Human Attack x6


7-star “Revolutionary Heroes” has the leader skill that attack of the leader’s attribute x4 & human attack x1.5; human attack of leader’s attribute x6!

  •  Switching ── HP Recovery; CD Reduction; Turning into Human Runestones


Before switching, 7-star “Revolutionary Heroes” can activate “Runestone Assimilation” upon 3CD that turn runestones into enchanted runestones of monster’s attribute; when “Switching” upon 8CD, recover 20000 HP.  Active Skill CDs of other Water Members -1 and turn Runestones into Human Runestones.

Active Skill 1 Active Skill 2
Streamy Sworder – Florice Randomly turn 3 to 5 Runestones into Enchanted Runestones of Monster’s attribute (Heart Runestones rank first in priority).


If Team HP is full upon Skill activation, the Skill may be ready for reactivation immediately.


Recover 20000 HP.

Active Skill CDs of other Members with same attribute as Monster -1.  Turn Runestones of Monster’s attribute into Human Runestones

Rebel Igniter – Rococo
Berserk Medic – Crescent
Mind Expansion – Morse
Corrupted Somberness – Yocto


  •   EP Maximize EP; Store EP Much Easier


Upon switching, EP of 7-star “Revolutionary Heroes” will increase from 10 to 12! When dissolving 3 or more runestones of monster’s attribute in 1 round, 1 EP will be saved.

  •  EP Skill “Runestone Assimilation” ── Turning into Enchanted Runestones; Human Runestones

Dual EP skills will be granted for 7-star “Revolutionary Heroes” upon switching. “Runestone Assimilation” can be activated upon 4 EP:

Randomly turn 4 to 6 Runestones into Enchanted Runestones of Monster’s attribute (Runestones of weakness attribute rank first in priority).  If Team HP is full upon Skill activation, the Runestones turned will become Human Runestones.

  •  EP Skill 2 of 7-star “Revolutionary Heroes”


For 7 runestones turned, max attack x8;

For 10 runestones turned, recover 100% HP


  • Bi-weekly Character “Superficial Admirer – Wei Zhongxian” Debuts!


“Superficial Admirer – Wei Zhongxian” will set up the bi-weekly stage on 8 Apr (Mon)! Earth Human “Wei Zhongxian” can activate “Spell of Pricking Thorns – EX” upon 3 CD:

Randomly turn 4 to 8 random Runestones into Enchanted Earth Runestones (Light and Dark Runestones rank first in priority).


  •  Craft Master Challenge” ── Craft Challenge (Part 2)


“Craft Master Challenge” (Part 2) will begin on 9 Apr. Summoner can use the designated crafts (Pattern of Connection, Amulet of Reflection & Blade of Slashing” to beat the stage. Reach specific scores to get attractive rewards, including up to 600 Souls, Baby Harpy x9, Black Key x60 & Yummy Alpaca x3!


  • PR Revolutionary Heroes Skill Demo

Wanna know more about the strength of PR Revolutionary? Check the skill demo below!