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Fans Gathering 2019 (Thailand) – 2nd Round Result of Selected Applicants


Fans Gathering 2019 (Thailand) – 2nd Round Result of Selected Applicants

– For those who failed to purchase the fans gathering gift pack by 3pm, 19 May (Sun) (GMT+7) in the 1st round, the representative and his/her team are disqualified.

– To be eligible, selected participants of the 2nd round are required to purchase the in-game Fans Gathering 2019 Gift Pack before 3pm, 24 May 2019 (Fri) (GMT+7).

– For group application, the Fans Gathering 2019 Gift Pack must be purchased by your “Representative” (who was named in the application form). Other members of the group are NOT required to purchase the gift pack.

– Upon purchase, participants will be notified via in-game & SMS messages.

– Late payment will be disqualified.

– Unselected participants will be put into the waiting list. If any participant is disqualified or gives up the eligibility in the 2nd round, we’ll announce the result of the 3rd round on Facebook & official website on 27 May (Mon) (GMT+7) at the earliest.

Participant’s Representative Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4
77558909 40268048