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Dear Summoner, we would like to explain some changes in the in-game system in version 17.3.

1. Game Engine Upgrade
In order to bring you more functions and performance upgrades in the coming versions, we’ve updated the game engine to the latest version.

Due to the game engine upgrade, the minimum requirement for the operating system is as follows:
iOS: 9.0 or later (iPhone 7 or later is recommended)
Android: 4.1 or later

Everytime when the engine is upgraded, part of the original functions of the old engine will be abandoned, which may result in some errors. We’ve fixed the major issues but some minor may still remain. We hope to have your understanding in such regard.

2. On demand Download System
When new users and return users install Tower of Saviors under the current setting, at least 4000 files must be downloaded before beginning the gameplay. To avoid lengthy downloading time in the future, we’re now adopting a new download system:

New system will download content on demand
Example 1: When you acquire “Molly” card for the 1st time and tap “Monster details”, the HD image of “Molly” will be downloaded automatically as the system detects the absence of the image file.
Delay may occur for the first time opening the card. During the process, there will be a “Loading” logo. If the internet connection is stable, the “Loading” logo normally will not appear.

Example 2: When you enter a stage with “Sanctuary” background for the 1st time, the system will download the content needed for the battle before entering the stage.
UI images will be downloaded on demand, including battle background, card seal machine, HD image of Dragon Craft and etc.

With the new system, the required content will be downloaded automatically before you enter different UI. If your internet connection is unstable or your data usage is limited, we suggest logging in with Wi-Fi connection. You may also download all contents in advance through “Setting” -> “Download game content”.

“Multi-threaded download function” is now available for Android users to facilitate the downloading speed.

3. Android Supports 64-bit Version
Tower of Saviors has been supporting the 32-bit system (ARMv7 & x86). Now, the processor of many mobile devices is based on 64-bit computing. Therefore, we decided to support the 64-bit system (ARMv8). Android and the game system will select which is well-suited for your mobile device automatically.

As the game engine limits the way we support the 64-bit system, we’re required to change the program setting consistent with iOS. After the change of encoding methods, the overall in-game smoothness has increased in our internal tests. We tested Samsung Galaxy S4: With the new program setting, 50-60 FPS can be maintained during battles, compared with the fact that S4 could hardly maintain at 45 FPS before the upgrade. But note that many factors can affect the in-game smoothness, and encoding setting is only one of them. Therefore, the testing environment may be different from yours in daily usage, and it will result in different outcomes.

The Google Play version of Tower of Saviors will only support ARMv7 and ARMv8 system, which have covered most of the mobile devices. The APK version will support ARMv7, ARMv8 and x86 system. We suggest that players, who fail to download Tower of Saviors from Google Play Store or encounter problems when launching the APP (e.g. stuck in “madhead” screen), can download the APK version from the official website upon update, and terminate the Google Play version. Before switching into APK version, please bind your account beforehand.

4. Facebook In-stream Reward Optimization in Version 17.3
When entering the Rewards for the first time, you will be required to login via Facebook. You have the right to refuse to login your Facebook at that time, but this may make you unable to obtain the in-stream reward. You can click the “Sync” button in TOS Express to login again anytime.

To achieve sustainable development, we’ll keep on improving and restructuring the system encoding in the future. This may give rise to some in-game issues during the process. Although we’ve fixed the major problems immediately, there may be some tiny issues affecting Summoners. Please contact CS if you have any enquiry.