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Tower of Saviors Nightmare Stage “Pangu” Debuts! “Kuafu” Tournament of Duels Spark Off!


Stepping into the 3rd week of the version 17.3, Nightmare Stage of “Primitive Creator – Pangu” will be coming! Next week, the 3rd Tournament of Duels will be available for you to challenge “Sun Chaser – Kuafu”!


  •  Nightmare Stage “Pride of Genius”

The arts prodigy “Primitive Creator – Pangu” will be online at 10 p.m, 4 Jul (Thurs). He is chasing after “Fuxi” to stir up a great battle in the realm. Only you may defeat the genius “Pangu” in the nightmare stage!

  •  Team Skill ── Critical Rate Sync with “Primal Deities” Leader


When both the Leader and Ally are 6* Monsters of “Primal Deities”; and there are 3 or more 6* Monsters of “Primal Deities” in the Team, with “Mastery of Herbs – Shennong”, “Traitor of Goodwill – Xingtian” or “Primitive Creator – Pangu” as a Team Member, Critical Rate of “Primitive Creator – Pangu” will synchronize with that of the Leader, with a chance of Critical Attack x 2.5.

  • “Division of Heaven & Earth” ── Unlimited Runestone movement & Turning into Enchanted Runestones


Dark God “Primitive Creator – Pangu” can activate “Division of Heaven & Earth” upon CD 9:

Unlimited Runestone movement within 12 seconds.  Turn Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Runestones of the type picked up to start moving. No Runestones will be dissolved by the movement and this will not be counted as 1 Round. Make good use of this skill to easily achieve 10 Combos and even solve 30-Runestones/Heart Runestones Shield, Enchanted Shield, Weakend Runestones, Lock-for-Recovery Runestones and many more enemy skills


Activate “Division of Heaven & Earth” to solve different enemy skills!

(The God Runestones in the images are not generated by this skill)


  •  Craft “Successive Timely Spell”


Complete the 3-star achievement to get the rare “Successive Timely Spell”!

  •  3rd Tournament of Duels – “Sun Chaser – Kuafu”


Tower of Saviors will organize the 3rd “Tournament of Duels” on 1 Jul (Mon), which will last 7 days. Summoner will battle with other teams starting from Round of 16! “Points” will be given based on the battle level and your performance. Earn more “Points” to get more rewards!

  •  Earn “Points” By Climbing Up to Higher Rank

Summoner can participate in a battle by consuming 2 Spirits! Use the shortest rounds and battle time to defeat the enemy! “Points” will be given based on your performance. Successful completion of “Quarter Final”, “Semi Final” & “Final” can get extra “Points” for recognition!


  •  Use “Points” to Redeem New Character “Kuafu”


Summoner can redeem various valuables with “Points”, including “Harpy”, “Silver Madhead” & the new character “Kuafu”! Besides, you can redeem “Gift of Valiancy” with 4000 Points once, and Yummy Delicacies & Shedu will also be added into it!


  •  Team Skill ── Monster’s Attack Up


When there are “Lady of the Supreme – Xiwangmu” and “Sun Chaser – Kuafu” in the Team,

Monster’s Attack of “Sun Chaser – Kuafu” x 1.8 additionally.


  • “Chasing the Sun” ── Team Attack Up; Turning into God Enchanted Runestones; CD Reduction


Light God “Kuafu” can activate “Chasing the Sun” upon 8CD:

  1. Team Attack x 1.8 for 1 Round. II. Turn 7 random Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones. III. For every God Runestone dissolved in the Round, the Monster’s current Skill CD -1 at the end of the Round, to the max CD -7.
  •  “Tan Lang” Bi-weekly Stage Debuts!


After “Zi Wei”, “Tan Lang” is the second character in the “Northern Dipper” series, which will be released in the bi-weekly stage “The Charming Xian”! Earth God “Showy Casanova – Tan Lang” can activate “Slyness of Godly Power” upon 6CD:

Explode Dark Runestones and Runestones that are the most in number. II. If 8 or more Runestones are exploded, God Attack x 2 for 1 Round.


  • Pangu Skill Demo

Nightmare stage will be coming next thurs! This skill demo of “Pangu” shows you how to use his skull to break different enemy shields in a row.


※ Team Members:

* 6* Primal Divinity – Fuxi Lv 99

* 6* Mastery of Herbs – Shennong Lv 99

* 6* Deity of Polaris – Taiyi Lv 99

* 7* Primitive Creator – Pangu Lv 99

* 7* Primitive Creator – Pangu Lv 99

※ Ally:

* 6* Ancestral Creation – Nüwa Lv 99