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Tower of Saviors Face-off! Ice-cream VS Soy Pudding! “Infinite Extremes” Attribute Challenge Debuts!

Tower of Saviors

Face-off! Ice-cream VS Soy Pudding!

“Infinite Extremes” Attribute Challenge Debuts!


In this hot summer, the Guild mission “Face-off! Ice-cream VS Soy Pudding” will be set up for you! Starting from next Thursday, “Infinite Extremes” will come into the Lost Relic to bring Summoners tough challenges!



“Melting Delight – Ice cream” will join the realm in the guild mission “Face-off! Ice-cream VS Soy Pudding”  to offer you a cooling week! She will be making various flavours of ☆ice-cream☆. If you collect enough  ☆ice-cream☆, you’ll be recognized with fabulous rewards.


  • “Silky Smooth – Soy Pudding” Debuts!



During the guild event period, each time you pass the stage “Layers of Sweetness” or “Chilling Savour” 8 times, extra floor “Soy Pudding Please!” will be unlocked once. Each time when you pass this extra floor, you’ll get “Silky Smooth – Soy Pudding” x1 (Skill Lv.8)!


  •  Raiding Monsters “Shakuro” or “Siuming”


In the stage “Operation Dessert”, Summoner may have chance to encounter raiding monsters “Nocturnal Brilliance ‧ Shakuro” or “Freedom Seeker – Siuming”. In the extra floor “Soy Pudding Please!”, one of the raiding monsters is guaranteed to appear. And they’re guaranteed to drop too!

  • Team Skill of Ice cream & Soy Pudding


When there are “Melting Delight – Ice cream” and “Silky Smooth – Soy Pudding” in the Team, after entering a stage, Active Skill CDs of the first “Melting Delight – Ice cream” and “Silky Smooth – Soy Pudding” from the left -6.

  • “Frozen Sweetness” ── Turning into Human Runestones; Attack & Recovery Up


Water Human “Ice cream” can activate “Frozen Sweetness” upon 6CD:


  1. Turn Water and Earth Runestones into Enchanted Human Runestones. II. For 1 Round, Human Attack & Recovery x 1.5. III. When there are 10 or more Human Runestones, the Monster’s Active Skill CD -3.


  • “Cool Freshness” ── Constant Monster’s Attack Up; Extra Attack


Earth Human “Soy Pudding” can activate “Cool Freshness” upon 6CD:


By dissolving Human Runestones, the Monster’s Attack x 1.5 and the Monster launches 3 extra attacks (one each for Water, Fire and Earth).  The Skill stays in play until no Human Runestones are dissolved.

  • Collect ☆ Ice-cream☆ Get Guild Scores


Summoner can get different ☆ice-cream☆ during the guild mission. Collect all 12 to showcase them in the showroom of “Ice-cream Truck”!


Each ☆ice-cream☆ can be exchanged into specific guild score. With rare ☆ice-cream☆ you can even get 200 scores. Collect specific ☆ice-cream☆, reach certain personal and guild scores, and you’ll be rewarded with wonderful rewards! Summoners who collect a set of 12 ☆ice-cream☆ will receive a rare title!



With 200 personal scores in the guild event, you can obtain new outfit of “John”!

  • “Infinite Extremes” ── Attribute Challenges


Since 11 Jul (Thurs), “Infinite Extremes” will appear in the Lost Relic! “Golden Prawn”, “Harpy” & “The Stone Inscripter” will take the lead to offer you attribute-restricted tests! Summoner has to complete the challenge one by one. After passing the specific stages, you can claim the new outfit “Party Sweetheart – Maya”, Madhead & Title “Attribute Conqueror”!



Complete “Extreme of Fire” to get Maya outfit!

  • Summer Sale in Soul Exchange


During the guild mission, special sales will be held in Souls Exchange. A total of 16 summer outfits will be put on sale. Harpy, The Memory Traveler & Silver Madhead will also be on the shelf in different days. Don’t miss them out!


  •  Skill Demo of “Ice cream” & “Soy Pudding”


This skill demo showcases “Aria”, “Ice cream” & “Soy Pudding” signature skills to defeat the enemies!


※ Team Members

* 7* Chalice of Eternity – Aria Lv 99

* 6* Melting Delight – Ice cream Lv 99

* 7* Refreshing Spindrift – Cassandra Lv 99

* 6* Silky Smooth – Soy Pudding Lv 99

* 7* Beauteous Allure – Medea Lv 99


※ Ally

* 7* Chalice of Eternity – Aria Lv 99