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Tower of Saviors New Black Gold “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir”! “Behemoth” into the Realm! “Xingtian” Ultimate Stage!

Tower of Saviors

New Black Gold “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir”!

“Behemoth” into the Realm!

“Xingtian” Ultimate Stage!




Into the 5th week of version 17.3, new black gold character from “Relics of Fantasy” — “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” will step into the realm next mon! “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth” will also be added into the Diamond Seal “Alchemist Book”! Xingtian’s Ultimate Stage appears!


  • 7-Day Limited! Fire Beast Black Gold “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” Debuts! Guardian of Mech City – “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth” Releases!




New black-gold character “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” will debut at 4pm, 15 Jul (Mon). Summoners can draw this 7-star super rare character in the drawing machine “Alchemist Book”. During the event period, “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth” will also be added into the “Alchemist Book” and “Ancient Coin Seal”! 10-seal draw option will also be available for players’ convenience.  For each 10-seal draw made in “Alchemist Book”, you can get a random PR material. 



Upon version 17.4 update, “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth” will be added into  “Seal of the Engraver – Part 1” and “Seal of the Carver – Part 2”.


  • Ancient Coin Seal” Available!




During the event period, Ancient Coin Seal will open for 7 days. This time,  “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir”, “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth”, “Frigg”, “Eve”, “Wu Zetian” and “Cleo” will be added; while “Primal Greek Gods” series and “Companions of Mystical Beasts” series will be removed!




  • Jabir’s “Core of Elements” ── Beast Attack Up; Runestone Effect Possession



Beast Top force – “Jabir” has the leader skill “Core of Elements”:


When the Team consists of only Beasts:
I. Team Attack x 5; HP & Recovery x 1.5.
II. All Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Runestones (effects can be superimposed). When using “Jabir” as Leader & Ally, the runestone effect possession will be superimposed to 100%. All Runestones will be transferred into attack & recovery!!



Decent HP!


  • Team Skill  ── Extend Moving Time by 3 sec Regardlessly; Deduct HP to Increase Attack; Turn into Beast Runestones




Both the Leader and Ally are “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir”:

I. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 3 seconds.

II. For every 0.5 seconds of Runestone-moving time used, deduct HP by 6.25% of total HP (bottom out at 1).

III. Beast Attack increases additionally in proportion to total HP deducted, to the max x 4 additionally.

IV. Turn Fire Runestones touched while moving into Beast Runestones.


Easy to dissolve; Easy to recover!


  • Jabir’s “Phenomenal Power of Steps” —— Choose Your Skill Effect


Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” can activate “Phenomenal Power of Steps” upon 6CD:

Effect 1:

For 1 Round: I. The more the steps moved while moving Runestones, the higher the Team Attack, to the max x 3 for 20 steps moved. When the Team consists of only Beasts: II. Damage dealt by Beasts can overpower the enemies.III. “Boss Skills “Burning” (excluding “Hellfire”) and “Sticky Runestones” will be nullified. IV. Runestone movement will not be stopped when an Electrified Runestone is touched. Super practical skill!




Effect 2:

I. Recover HP as much as 2x HP of Beasts in the Team.
II. For 1 Round, extend Runestone-moving time to 12 seconds.


  • Behemoth’s Team Skill




When there is “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth” in the team and the team consists of only Beasts:


I. HP, Attack & Recovery of “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth” x 1.5 additionally.

II. After entering a stage, Active Skill CD(s) of Beast(s) -2.


Regions of Pilgrimage” —— Attack & Recovery Up; Turn 23 Runestones into 5 Attributes




Light Beast “Behemoth” can activate “Regions of Pilgrimage” upon 6 CD:


I. For 1 Round, Beast Attack & Recovery x 2.3.
II. Turn 23 random Runestones into non-Enchanted Runestones of 5 Attributes (5 for Water, Fire and Earth; 4 for Light and Dark).
III. By dissolving 23 or more Runestones, the Monster’s Active Skill CD -5 (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).


  • 7 Days Login; 7 Free Draws




To celebrate the dawn of “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir”, you can login every day to get a free draw from 4pm, 15 Jul (Mon) – 21 Jul (Sun) ! If you’re lucky enough, you may get Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” or “Fallen Massacre – Behemoth”!


  • Diamond Purchase Bonus




As “Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” is coming, Diamond Purchase Bonus will be available! From 15 Jul (Mon) – 21 Jul (Sun), purchase 30 or more Diamonds with a single transaction, you’ll get extra 30 Diamonds, Madhead x1 and Gladiator Alpaca x1 (one-time purchase only)!


  • Ultimate Stage “Conceal the Conscience”




Traitor of Goodwill – Xingtian” will set up the ultimate stage “Conceal the Conscience” at 10pm, 19 Jul (Fri) waiting for your challenge!


  • Xingtian” Team Skill




When both the Leader and Ally are 6* Monsters of “Primal Deities” and there are 3 or more 6* Monsters of “Primal Deities” in the Team, with “Traitor of Goodwill – Xingtian” as a Team Member, Critical Rate of “Traitor of Goodwill – Xingtian” will synchronize with that of the Leader, with a chance of Critical Attack x 2.5.


  •   Unrest of Blaze” ── Explosion; Drop Runestones of Monster’s Attribute


Fire God “Traitor of Goodwill – Xingtian” can activate “Unrest of Blaze” upon 8 CD:

I. Explode all Runestones.
II. The first Runestone to be dropped in each column will be Fire Runestone.  If there are 3 or more Monsters of “Primal Deities” in the Team, the Runestones to be dropped will be Runestones of the Attribute of the Monster in that column.



It can solve many enemy skills (weathered, electrified) with the explosion. Dropping runestones of monster’s attributes is bringing more convenience to summoners!


  •  Beast Exclusive Craft!




  •   Po Jun” Bi-weekly Stage! 




The 3rd member of “Northern Dipper” series – “Po Jun” will be available in the bi-weekly stage “Tender-hearted Xian” next mon! Water God “Hidden Benevolence – Po Jun” can activate “Speed of Godly Power” upon 8 CD: 

For 1 Round, the more the Attributes of Gods in the Team, the higher the God Attack, to the max x 3 for 4 Attributes.




  •  Skill Demo of “Jabir”



Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir” will be landing in the realm on 15 Jul (Mon)! “Jabir” will showcase its signature skill with 15 billion damage to smash the enemies.


※ Team Member:

* 7*  Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir Lv 99

* 7* Monstrous Flames – Hou Lv 99

* 6* Ablaze Flamingo – Bi Fang Lv 99

* 6* Untraceable Moves – Ghostie Lv 99

* 6* Irresistible Cuteness – Plumpy Lv 99


※ Ally:

* 7*  Philosopher’s Legend – Jabir Lv 99