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Tower of Saviors New Series “Surreal Blossom” Debut!! “Yanxi” into Collector’s Deck!

Tower of Saviors

New Series “Surreal Blossom” Debut!!

“Yanxi” into Collector’s Deck!


Next week it’s all about “Glory of Stars & Bloom”! Our famous Taiwanese celebrity Michelle Chen will jump into the Collector’s Deck as “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” & “Chic Charisma – Yanxi”! 

Besides, “Hermit in Haze – Yanxi” will set up the stage “Misty Refraction”!

  • Collector’s Deck ── “Surreal Blossom”!


Graceful Silhouette” drawing event will be available during the period from 26 Aug (Mon) – 8 Sep (Sun)! The deck includes the brand new series “Surreal Blossom” will new characters “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” & “Chic Charisma – Yanxi”! Of course there will be other existing Light and Dark God characters too! This time certain rewards will also be given after you reach specific draw times! Reward for 5th Draw will be “Priest Alpaca” x1; Reward for 10th Draw will be “Quintet Madheads” x1; Reward for 15th Draw will be “Neon Crow” x1. Within 30 draws, you’re guaranteed to get the 2 new Yanxi characters (Dual Max) in your inventory!


Reward for Accumulative Draws will be reset together if the Deck is reset!



  •  Yanxi Team Skills
Team Skill
Condition Effect
Both the Leader and Ally are “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” and “Chic Charisma – Yanxi
God HP and Recovery x 1.3
Active Skill CD of the Leader and the Ally -5
At the beginning of each Round, randomly turn Runestones (one each for Water, Fire, Earth, Light and Dark) into Enchanted Runestones


  • Leader Skills of “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” & “Chic Charisma – Yanxi”


Light God “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” & Dark God “Chic Charisma – Yanxi” have the leader skills “Shines of the Moon” & “Shadows of the Moon” respectively:

I. God Attack x 4.5.
II. When the Team consists of only Light and Dark Members, Team Attack x 2.5 additionally; Runestone Effects Possession ; By dissolving Enchanted Runestones, Damage received -20%.


  •   Bows of Gods” ── Attack & Recovery Up; Turning into Enchanted God Runestones


Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” can activate “Bows of Gods” upon 8CD:

I. God Attack & Recovery x 1.6.
II. At the beginning of each Round, turn Light and Dark Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones. The Skill stays in play until deactivation or defeated.
Upon deactivation of the Skill: III. Clear all additional effect(s) in play. ➭ Skill CDs of Gods -2 for each effect cleared.IV. Explode all Runestones.

  •  Illusion of Gods” ── Turning into Enchanted God Runestones; Regardless of “Initial Shield” & Enemy Defense


Chic Charisma – Yanxi” can activate “Illusion of Gods” upon 5CD:

I. Turn Water Runestones into Enchanted Light God Runestones.
II. Turn Fire Runestones into Enchanted Dark God Runestones.
III. Turn Earth Runestones into Enchanted Heart God Runestones.
IV. For 1 Round, Damage of Gods will be dealt on enemies regardless of enemies’ Defense and  “Initial Shield”.

  •  Natural Blossom” Series – “Hermit in Haze – Yanxi” Debut!


Apart from “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” & “Chic Charisma – Yanxi”, another stunning character “Hermit in Haze – Yanxi” will go into the realm!! Water Human “Hermit in Haze – Yanxi” can activate “Pureness of Water” upon 6CD:

I. Turn Heart Runestones into Enchanted Water Human Runestones.
For 1 Round: II. The Monster launches 5 extra Water attacks.
III. There is a 50% chance of dodging the enemy’s attacks.


  •  Diamond Purchase Bonus


  To celebrate the new “Yanxi”, Diamond Shop will have a limited bonus for you! From 26 Aug (Mon) – 8 Sep (Sun), when you make a single purchase of 15 or more Diamonds, you will have extra 15 Diamonds free!!

  •   “Yanxi” Returns to Join Summoner!


Bi-weekly stage “Songstress of the Stars” will go into L.R Pass until 12 Jan 2020 (Sun)

During the event “Graceful Silhouette”, the bi-weekly stages and ultimate stages of “Yanxi” will return to the realm! 


  •  Bi-weekly Stage: Northern Dipper “Blazing Kindness – Lian Zhen”


Blazing Kindness – Lian Zhen” from Northern Dipper” series will debut next week! Fire God “Blazing Kindness – Lian Zhen” can activate “Sparks of Fire” upon 6 CD:

The more the types of Runestones dissolved, the higher the Fire Attack.  Attack x 1.5 for 2 types, to the max x 2 for 4 types. The Skill stays in play until Heart Runestones are dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).


  •  Surreal Blossom” Skill Demo! 

“Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” & “Chic Charisma – Yanxi” will come to “Collector’s Deck” soon! This demo shows you the new “Yanxi” to defeat enemies with the skills “Bows of Gods” & “Illusion of Gods” with Light & Dark Gods!!

※ Team Member:

* 7* Chic Charisma – Yanxi Lv 99

* 7* Narmer the Pharaoh Lv 99

* 7* Primitive Creator – Pangu Lv 99

* 6* Sun Chaser – Kuafu Lv 99

* 7* Halos of Blessing – Yanxi Lv 99

※ Ally:

* 7* Halos of Blessing – Yanxi  Lv 99