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Tower of Saviors 1st “World Assembly” Event! “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” Debuts!

Tower of Saviors 1st “World Assembly” Event!

Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” Debuts!

Ultimate Stage “Condemned Fantasy – Kagamine Rin”!

Into the 3rd week of crossover event, TOS is going to hold a “World Assembly” event featuring the new character “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku”! “Condemned Fantasy – Kagamine Rin” will also set up the Ultimate Stage “Leap of Faith”!

  •  New “World Assembly” Event ── “Support of Virtual Singers”

There will be a “World Assembly” event called “Support of Virtual Singers”,  featuring the new character “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” on 24 Sep (Tue)! Let’s save the realm together with “Hatsune Miku”!


Summoner needs to consume “Spirit” to join the “World Assembly” event. Completing the stage will be given the “Hatsune Miku Stamp” as recognition. Every time you pass “Easy”, “Normal” or “Hard” stages, you may have a chance to get “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” x1! Once the world has unlocked 3,939,000 reward slots with the “Hatsune Miku Stamp”, special stage “Extreme” will be available on 26 Sep (Thur)! Each time you pass the “Extreme”, “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” will be 100% drop!


With “Hatsune Miku Stamp”, Summoner may unlock the reward with a chance to get 2-star Machina-Exclusive Dragonware ── “Clock Tune”, “Apple Tune”, “Butterfly Tune”, Plump Precious Beasts, “Dim Sum Delicacies”, Skill Level-up Materials for “Virtual Singers” or “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku”!


When using “Hatsune Miku” collaborative monsters as Leader & Ally, you can get extra “Hatsune Miku Stamp” after completing the stage of “Support of Virtual Singers”.

  •   Rock Fever – Madhead” Debuts!


Apart from the rewards above, when Summoner completes specific “pages” of rewards accumulatively, rare “Madhead” will be given! “Rock Fever – Madhead” is the brand new material released in the version! Use it to level up the characters of “Virtual Singers” and will directly get them to DUAL MAX!! For other characters, 5,000,000 EXP will be granted.


Each “page” has 20 slots of rewards in the “Support of Virtual Singers”


  •   Platinum Title for Top 100 ── Crazy Fan


Be active in this world event and reach to the top 100 players with the highest number of rewards unlocked to unlock the super rare platinum title “Crazy Fan”!

  •   Energy of Humans & Machinas”

Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” has the leader skill Energy of Humans & Machinas”:

I. Human and Machina Attack x 3.9.
II. When 5 or more Combos are made, each Human or Machina in the Team launches an extra attack as much as 39% of its attack.

  •   The Lost Singing” ── Turning into Enchanted Runestones; Clear Effects; Attack Up


Water Machina “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” can activate “The Lost Singing” upon 7CD:

I. Turn Runestones of Team Members’ Attribute into Enchanted Runestones.
II. For 1 Round: Clear all additional effect(s) in play. Attack of other Team Members x 2.
III. The more the effects cleared, the higher the Attack increases, to the max x 3.9.

  •  Ultimate Stage “Condemned Fantasy – Kagamine Rin”


Condemned Fantasy – Kagamine Rin” will set up the Ultimate Stage “Leap of Faith” at 10pm, 27 Sep (Fri)! Can you escape safe and sound?

  •  Explosive Experiment ── Disregard Initial Shield; Explosion; Turning into Enchanted Machina Runestones


Light Machina “Condemned Fantasy – Kagamine Rin” can activateExplosive Experiment” upon 8 CD:

For 1 Round:
I. Damage of Machinas will be dealt regardless of Initial Shield.
II. Explode all non-Light Runestones.
III. Deal 100,000 Light Damage to all enemies.
IV. Turn Light Runestones into Enchanted Machina Runestones.

  •  Complete 3-star Achievement to Get Rare Craft


  •  Tower of Saviors x KFC ── “Kentucky Summer” 


Tower of Saviors will have a crossover event with KFC Taiwan. There will be a crossover stage on 27 Sep (Fri). Go Visit “I Love KFC” in Lost Relic to find “Zinger” & “Kentucky Summer”! When you complete the stage, “Zinger” x4 & “Kentucky Summer” x1!

Each “Zinger” can give 150,000 EXP to Fire characters; for other attributes, 100,000 EXP will be given!


  •  Summer’s Heartbeat” 

Fire Human “Kentucky Summer” can activate “Summer’s Heartbeat” upon 5 CD!

  •   Everlasting Dreamland – Megurine Luka” into Bi-weekly Stage!

Everlasting Dreamland – Megurine Luka” will come to the bi-weekly stage on 23 Sep (Mon)! She, as a Dark Machina, can activate “Non-stop Spinning” upon 6 CD:

Upon Skill activation and at the beginning of each Round:

I. Randomly turn 5 non-Dark Runestones into Dark Machina Runestones.
II. Machina Attack continues to increase, to the max x 2.4.

For every 15 Runestones dissolved, increase of Machina Attack speeds up.

The Skill stays in play until no groups of 5 or more Dark Runestones are dissolved.


  •  Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” Skill Demo

New World Assembly event will debut on 24 Sep (Tue)! “Hues of Saviors – Hatsune Miku” will join “Einstein” in the Water Machina team to show you her skill!TEAM.PNG

* All relevant events & rewards of “Hatsune Miku” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only