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New Series “Minerelves”! Ultimate Stage “Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle”!

Tower of Saviors

New Series “Minerelves”!

Ultimate Stage “Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle”!

“Wild Shooter – Jackson” Horror Stage!

18.1 version will be available on 21 Oct (Mon). Brand new series “Minerelves” are creating a new era for elves. Before that, “Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle” is setting up the ultimate stage “Speed of Demon”! “Wild Shooter – Jackson” has also prepared a horror trial for all summoners!

  •  Ultimate Stage “Speed of Demon”


“Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle” will join the ultimate stage “Speed of Demon” at 10 p.m, 18 Oct (Fri) with “Midnight Blue Infant” & “Fabricated Euphoria – Todd”. Can you get rid of his torture?

  •  Torture of Interrogation” ── Turning into Enchanted Demon Runestones & Enchanted Heart Runestones; Attack Up; Damage Dealt on Human x 3


Dark Demon “Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle” can activate “Torture of Interrogation” upon 6 CD:

I. Turn Dark Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.
II. Turn Light and Heart Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones.
III. For 1 Round: The Monster’s Attack x 3. The Monster’s Damage dealt on Human enemies x 3 additionally.

  •  Complete 3-star Achievement to Get New Craft


  •  Horror Stage ── Arrow on Fire

Light Elf “Wild Shooter – Jackson” will debut on 14 Oct (Mon)! This horror stage has a grade system. Challenge the stage “Legendary Elf Shooter” with your intelligence and skills! Successfully completing “Legendary Elf Shooter – Beginner” 5 times gives you “Wild Shooter – Jackson” x1 (Skill Lv.5)!

  • Horror Stage Legendary Elf Shooter”: A Recognition of Your Power


In “Legendary Elf Shooter”, Summoner has to beat the stage with the shortest number of rounds, shortest time, highest combos and highest attack to get the highest score! When you score 10000 , 30000, 50000 & 70000, you can obtain specific attractive rewards!

  •  Accuracy of Arrows” ── Extra Attacks


“Wild Shooter – Jackson” can activate “Accuracy of Arrows” upon 6 CD:

The Monster launches a 3x extra attack. The Monster launches one more extra attack every next Round, to the max 5 extra attacks. The Skill stays in play until no groups of 6 or more Heart Runestones are dissolved. Put him into the “Sakura” team to easily meet the runestone dissolving requirement!

  •  Arena “Denise” into Fire Dragon


When reaching specific rank in the Arena, you can get the rare character “Rookie Knight – Denise” (Skill Lv 10) x1! Starting from 12:00 pm, 14 Oct (Mon), Earth Human “Rookie Knight – Denise” can be evolved into Fire Dragon “Draco Knight of Bravery – Denise”!

  •  Soul of the Knight – Dragons” ── Attack Up; Recovery Up; Turning into Dragon Runestones

Fire Dragon “Draco Knight of Bravery – Denise” has the leader skill “Soul of the Knight – Dragons”:

Dragon Attack x 5.  Monster’s Recovery of each Member +500.  When the Craft Apparatus is fully charged, Dragon Attack x 1.5 additionally.  For each Attribute of Runestones dissolved, turn 2 Runestones of that Attribute into Dragon Runestones at the end of the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

  • Emblem of Dragons” ── Explosion; Dropping Dragon Runestones in 1st Batch; Monster’s Attack Up


Draco Knight of Bravery – Denise” can activate “Emblem of Dragons” upon short 5 CD:


  1. By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements, Runestones of that type will be exploded to generate Runestones not of that type. For 1 Round: II. The first batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Dragon Runestones. III. The Monster’s Attack x 6.

  • Master of Qi – Norvi” Outfit into Arena Redemption in Version 18.1

Upon version 18.1 update, Summoners can redeem Norvi’s new outfit with prize point in the Arena!

  •  Brand New “Minerelves” Series Debut!

Version 18.1 “Tales of Minerelves” will be released on 21 Oct (Mon), featuring a new force of “Elf” into the realm! Characters of “Minerelves” will be included in the Diamond Seal “Enchanted Crystals”!


Minerelves” have their own signature skills. Now we’re gonna introduce “Volcanic Blade – Obsidian”, “Unbridled Ego – Ruby” & “Timid Prodigy – Sapphire”! As for the rare characters, please stay tuned next week!

  •  Volcanic Blade – Obsidian” ── 1st Elf with Unlocking Skill


Dark Elf “Volcanic Blade – Obsidian” can activate the active skill upon 5 CD:

Combo count +2. Release the locked Skills of all Elf. This Skill will not be locked. The more members unlocked, the more combo count will be added additionally, to the max + 12 Combos for 6 members unlocked.


  •   Unbridled Ego – Ruby” ── Freeze; Turning into Enchanted Fire Elf Runestones; Extra Attack

Fire Elf “Unbridled Ego – Ruby” can activate the active skill upon 6 CD:

Freeze all enemies for 3 Rounds. When this effect is in play, enemies’ Defense will be reduced to 0. Turn 6 Runestones other than Fire & Heart Runestones into Enchanted Fire Elf Runestones. For 1 Round, for every Heart Runestone present upon the end of Runestone-moving time, the Monster launches an extra attack, to the max 6 extra attacks!


  •  Timid Prodigy – Sapphire” ── Ignition; Attack Up

Timid Prodigy – Sapphire” can activate the active skill upon 5 CD:

Ignite all enemies for 3 Rounds. When this effect is in play, enemies’ Defense will be reduced to 0. For 1 Round, Elf Attack x1.6. The less the time spent on moving Runestones, the higher the Elf attack, to the max x 2.6 for 4 seconds left.


  •   Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle” ── Skill Demo

“Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle” will be in the ultimate stage “Speed of Demon” at 10pm, 18 Oct (Fri)! In this demo, “Wheel of Dismemberment – Speckle” will team up with “Eve” to show his signature skill.


  •   Wild Shooter – Jackson” ── Skill Demo

Wild Shooter – Jackson” will be in the Horror Stage on 14 Oct (Mon)! In this demo, “Wild Shooter – Jackson” is put in the elf team led by “Sakura” to bring continuous extra attacks on enemies!